In Christ Alone

I recently had the privilege of hearing a powerful message from Christine Caine on the topic of Christ being the only satisfier of our souls. Here’s my paraphrase of her message.

We say:

In Christ alone (plus a husband)… and I’ll be satisfied.

In Christ alone (plus losing 15 pounds)… and I’ll be satisfied.

In Christ alone (plus major home improvements)… and I’ll be satisfied.

In Christ alone (plus better friendships and relationships)… and I’ll be satisfied.

In Christ alone (plus the healing of a loved one)… and I’ll be satisfied.

So, is it in Christ alone or not? 

Stock photo of the back of Jesus

It dawned on me after hearing that message that I do this very thing. I sing In Christ Alone with passion but then put my hope in other things for my wholeness and happiness.  I envision that when these things come, like a husband or losing those final 10 pounds, that I’ll just be able relax and live the life.

What a lie that is.

I listed in my journal the things I seek to bring me satisfaction, wholeness, and happiness. What are yours? How would you fill in the blank: “In Christ alone (plus _________)… and I’ll be satisfied.”

It’s worth thinking about.

And what if we were to change the name of the song to those things for which we chase? “In Starbucks alone, my hope is found,” or “In Jeff alone, my hope is found.”

Nothing can go in that line except for Christ himself. He is the only one who can satisfy.

If you’ve been single for any length of time, you might know what I mean when I say that Valentine’s Day is sometimes easy. But this one has been hard for me.

I think it’s because the enemy is trying to discourage me because of our Galentines event with Mandisa tonight, where singles from all over the country will celebrate this season of life to which God has called us. And we will celebrate with JOY because of all that we have in Christ, the great lover of our souls. Our rescuer.

Our redeemer.

God gives us many good gifts to enjoy in this life like family, friends, a good cup of coffee, a newborn baby, and so on. But don’t believe the lie that they are ever enough.  If you have done some life with God, you likely know this.  I just needed reminding today, and maybe you did, too.  His grace is sufficient.

In Christ Alone, My hope is found. PERIOD.  I want to live the song I sing.

JUN_5537-bwPaige Greene is the Director of LifeWay’s Adult Live Events. She loves a hot cup of Starbucks coffee and the mountains of North Carolina and can typically be heard singing her favorite tunes around the office at work.

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