Women, Let’s Talk about Mentoring…

I am so grateful for Kay Harms’ post on this constant women’s ministry topic. Whether you are 25 or 75, you are older than someone and have a biblical assignment to pour into the lives of women. Be encouraged in your own mentoring responsibilities as well as equipped to help your women grasp the importance of this mandate!


I’ll admit it. I’ve finally realized I am indeed an older woman. The truth is I’ve been older than someone most of my life. But most of that time I felt ill equipped to offer anyone advice, and I felt like I still needed help from those further down the path than me. How could I possibly get my act together enough to offer another woman advice or wisdom?

You, too?

But in recent years the Lord has opened my eyes to a precious truth. Here’s how He put it to me:

“Kay, I’m not asking you to share your wisdom; I’m insisting that you share what I’ve taught you.”

Indeed, God has taught me much that is invaluable to women who are a few steps behind me on this trail. If I’ll double back and link arms with a younger woman, I can help her navigate the section of the path she’s on.

So why do we hesitate?

  • We feel inadequate.
  • Getting involved with another woman on such a personal basis feels risky and time-consuming.
  • We don’t know where or how to begin.

Here are the facts about mentoring:

  • Biblically, older women are to intentionally encourage and train younger women in marriage, parenting, housekeeping and character development. (Titus 2:3-5)
  • The integrity of the gospel is at stake in our obedience to this command! (Titus 2:5)
  • Many younger women are open to and eager for mentoring from an older woman.
  • Biblically mentored women are more likely to parent well, stay in their marriages, grow in character, and use their homes for ministry than women who are not mentored.
  • Mentoring boosts the confidence and effectiveness of both women.
  • Personal mentoring is one of the most fulfilling ministries you will ever undertake.

Where do you begin?

I don’t want to stand before the Lord one day and have missed the opportunities He gave me to invest in younger women. So here’s what I did to begin fulfilling this directive. I prayed and asked God to open my eyes and heart to one or more younger women He would want me to begin a mentoring relationship with.

He showed me three such women! Turns out, there were already three young women who had been asking me to meet them for coffee, pray for them, etc. They had already shown an interest; I just needed to reciprocate! I invited each woman to meet with me…one for coffee, one at the playground with kids, one for lunch. I asked them individually if they would be interested in meeting once or twice a month for easygoing conversation where they could pick my brain and I could challenge them in a few things. They were all receptive!

How do you fulfill God’s plan for older women to invest in younger women’s lives? 


Kay HarmsKay Harms, Off the Beaten Path Ministries,  loves teaching women how to apply the ancient words of the Bible to their modern lives. Kay felt a distinct call into women’s ministry in 1986 and has enjoyed the journey God has taken her on ever since. Her ministry has included being a pastor’s wife, writing for Christian publications, mentoring women, writing and teaching women’s Bible studies, peer counseling, speaking at retreats and conferences, and discipling teenaged girls. But the heartbeat of Kay’s ministry is equipping women with the truth so they can live obedient, fruitful and joyful lives.

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