Free Friday: Women’s Forum Tickets!

If you’re like me, you love a good giveaway. Well, friends, this one is better than good… Today, we’re giving one winner TWO tickets to the 2013 Women’s Forum! {Disclaimer: This only includes admission to the event itself and does not cover travel, food, lodging, or any other expenses.}

Last year was the first time I was at the Forum, and now I understand why, around here, it’s everyone’s favorite event! If you lead women in any capacity or just want to grow as a leader, this event is for you. You will be encouraged, challenged, taught, and inspired.

The dates are November 14-16, 2013, and you’ll hear from Vicki Courtney, Margaret Feinberg, Angela Thomas, Esther Burroughs, and our own Chris Adams. Travis Cottrell will also be back to lead worship.

To enter the ticket giveaway, leave a comment a comment with your name. And, just for fun, tell us what you’re doing to engage the next generation of women in ministry.

For the 2013 Women’s Ministry Forum, we are challenging you to bring a younger leader with you. The first 100 leaders who register themselves and register a young leader will be able to register her for only $25! Here are a few stipulations:

  • The younger leader MUST be 35 or under
  • She must also be new to the Women’s Forum (never attended before)
  • You have to register yourself to be able to register her

This is a great way to train up younger leaders in your church! Right now, you’ll be saving $125 on her ticket — a crazy deal if you ask me! One of the questions that we are asked most frequently is how to reach the next generation, so we’re trying to give you the best resources and ideas. Hopefully, this will be a way to help you and your ministry grow and reach younger women!

Who can you bring with you this year? We have less than 50 of these spots for younger women left, so make sure you register soon!

By entering today’s giveaway, you affirm and acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resource’s official promotion rules found hereToday’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends next Friday (2/15/13) at 11:59 p.m. CST. You must be 18 to enter, and you may only enter once. The winner will be selected at random. For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Bud Harlan at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-140.

Update: Congratulations to Heather Snider for winning this giveaway!


  1. Melanie Grace says

    Have wanted to attend this for years, but ….now the chance to win tickets & bring someone with me?!? Thanks.

  2. Marissa says

    This is so great! Being a 20 something myself, I think it’s great you are encouraging young women to attend! It’s not always the easiest to find a strong support system amongst women my own age so I definitely rely on the more experienced Christian women in my church home and in my community. What a great opportunity this is for two women!

  3. Deb says

    My heart has been to encourage and “grow up” the younger ladies in leadership. Thank you for this opportunity, and chance to win these tickets. I have looked at this event for years, just has never worked out for me to be able to attend.

  4. says

    I would love to go! I serve as a mentor to younger women in our church who have a heart for ministry and are engaged in leadership roles. It’s exciting watching them learn and grow and events like this are great opportunities for continued growth.

  5. says

    Kim Turner; I work with college women with an amazing campus ministry. It is the best job in the world and I get to see God transform lives. The opportunity to bring one of my leaders with me to this conference would enhance our women’s ministry and give us the encouragement and tools to be more effective on campus in reaching students or Jesus.

  6. Sarah Staples says

    We are building an advisory team of women of all ages. We have some great young adult women who are sharing with us their insights and thoughts as we pray through and plan for future opportunities for women. We also partner with our college & 20-something ministry that is already thriving in our community.

  7. says

    I lead women’s minsitry with my multi-generational church. Being 38… I’m right in the middle and would love to bring along a younger, emerging leader to being replacing myself while being encouraged and equipped to reach and minister deeply to all the women in my circle of influence.

  8. Jeanna says

    My name is Jeanna Phelps and we are involving our younger women by letting them help plan events and asking for their feedback in everything we do. We also just started Lisa Harper’s Malachi and have our first group of 20 somethings doing Bible study in the same room as our 50-60 somethings. To God be all the glory!

  9. Jen Lohnes says

    Like Sarah, we are building an advisory team as well. We are praying hard and being intentional about asking young women to join the team (aged 20 -35)! I’m excited to see where God leads us.

  10. says

    We have recently started a Women’s ministry called More Than Crumbs. We are reaching out to women to help them learn to avoid toxic relationships, overcome abusive relationships, gain control, become self-sufficient, get life-skills, education, and break those patterns!!! This opportunity to help guide a young woman to lead in this ministry will be invaluable!!!

  11. Debbie Greenacre says

    I just got emailed a link to this forum last night by one of my team members who is away at a conference in Savannah. Someone told her about it after she was talking to them about our struggle to get the “younger” women to engage in Women’s Ministry. So imagine my surprise to find a link to this on my Facebook wall this afternoon. I think God is trying to tell me something! We try to do bible studies and events that will appeal to a wide range of ages. One of the events we have done is an outdoor play at an amphitheater. We packed our dinner and chairs and had a great evening of fellowship!

  12. Judy Hooker Cochran says

    I was director of a great Women’s Ministry at Eastwood Baptist in Marietta when Chris Adams first came to Lifeway. I am now living in Cleveland, Tn and helping begin a Women’s Ministry at my church. I would love to attend the Women’s Forum and take my pastor’s wife with me.

  13. Tammy Carr says

    I am getting out there with the younger generation and doing women’s ministry! On Wednesday nights at our church, I am involved in a “Pinterest” inspired small group for women called Titus 2 Wednesdays. I am also encouraging younger women through women’s ministry via radio. I am also praying for God to raise up a new generation of God-focused women in our church.

    I have attended the Women’s Ministry Forum in the past. I would love the opportunity to win two free tickets to this year’s forum! Thank you.

  14. says

    I have heard wonderful things about this conference and would LOVE to attend! I am 35 now, but will be 36 by November so I am part of the younger women. Through our ministry, Living Beyond Ministries, we are reaching younger women with fun girls night out events called Pamper Your Soul. They are nondenominational and hosted by a different area church each time. I am also teaching through the Bible chronologically at the Maury County YMCA and we are seeing a great mix of ladies ranging from 20 somethings to more “seasoned” ladies. Being able to offer this ministry in a venue like the YMCA has been instrumental in welcoming women in from all walks of life. PRICELESS!

  15. says

    Mary Margaret,
    My first time last year too!!! It was great – and planning to come again this year and bring someone with me to catch the excitement. Wanting so badly to involve the younger women in our ministry!

  16. Charlotte Willer says

    I have been a facilitator on DivorceCare for a good many years. I have mentored a young woman for the last two years. Now she is being trained to be a DivorceCare facilitator to minister to women. We need these younger women to pass the ministry onto. I would love to win the two tickets for my mentored and myself. Thank you. Thanks God for you are faithful!

  17. Amy Hogan says

    Would love to attend! I coordinate a weekly Bible Study for women at our church. We have been intentionally over the last several years inviting and equipping “young” women – singles and mom’s to lead small groups. What a blessing it is to be with them and to learn from them as well!

  18. Pat Wright says

    Would love to receive 2 free tickets! I lead a women’s class at church and am part of a women’s group that mentor’s Inner City women.

  19. Angie Estes says

    I would love to be able to attend this with my daughter who is at the perfect age for this. I work weekly with younger women as a mentor and also as we do our normal women’s events make sure that the mix of the many generations invovled are well mingled. It is so important that women from each generation spend time with each other to me so that they can learn from each other so many things young from old and old from young and every age in beteween. :)

  20. Jacklin Drake says

    Currently working with our women’s ministry and youth to create a mentoring program. Would love to go to this event! I appreciate give aways like this. Blessings, Jacklin

  21. Sally Heydlauff says

    Have never been; would love to come and bring a sister. I lead Bible studies (B. Moore) at my church and plan women’s events.

  22. Smirna Evans says

    I’ve been blessed to have attended the 2011 Women’s Forum. It was amazing! I’m excited to have the opportunity to enter this contest for the free tickets so that I can invite a young woman attending our home church. I know it will be a great blessing for her. Thanks LifeWay!

  23. Valerie McKee says

    I have attended the past 2 years and have had a great time learning how to expand our women’s ministry. I am on our church’s leadership team and enjoy bringing back what we have learned to our ladies. We are currently in the process of developing a mentoring program and love all we have learned from the guest speakers at Lifeway’s womens forum. I am hoping to return this year. thank you!!

  24. Marisa says

    Would LOVE to attend and bring along one of the younger women we are tapping to begin leading bible studies and take on other leadership roles at church!

  25. Kate Long says

    I am a Women’s ministry student at Liberty and I have tons of older women pouring their lives into me. However, this weekend I get to partner with an awesome conference team and pour into the lives of high-school/college girls. I am super excited about this ministry opportunity and the chance to learn from these awesome women.

  26. Jackie Dale says

    Loving on and encouraging the women God’s put in my life and my path, from leading a small group, to serving women on their way from homelessness to recovery, to women exiting the sex trafficking industry, to orphans in Cambodia. Every moment is an opportunity to minister and share the beauty of the Gospel!

  27. Sheryl Carns says

    I would absolutely love, love, love to win a pair of tickets! What an awesome blessing that would be! I have never had the opportunity to attend the Women’s Forum. I know it will be awesome!!! Lifeway has some wonderful events! We are getting ready to participate in the Priscilla Shirer Simulcast in April. We are so excited to see God working all around us! Please be in pray for us and for the Simulcast Team as well!
    Blessings for an awesome forum!!! :)

  28. April Bruce says

    Lifeway, I would love to win 2 tickets as well! I’ve been involved with Women’s Ministry a long time, but have never attended a national forum. One way we reach out to the younger generation is to invite the middle and high school girls to our fall kick-off (which is high energy and very fun!) and also to our spring Inspiring Women event. That helps build excitement and encourages them to join us officially when they graduate.

  29. Tammy Kursave says

    What an opportunity to share the God’s Love with the younger generation! Sharing God’s Word through Bible Studies during the lunchtime hour and various other times. Prayers for Divine Interventions. To God Be the Glory!!

  30. Tina Cochrum says

    Tina Cochrum. I work with young women who are turning their lives around thanks to Jesus Christ and Celebrate Recovery. We are currently working on establishing transactional housing and programs which will help lead these reformed ladies to a life closer to Christ.

  31. Kara Blankenship says

    I have been mentoring teen girls for the last 7 years, and I am always excited to see God grow them through our time together. I have also served as Women’s Ministry coordinator and love to see Titus 2 exercised! I would love to connect with other ladies at this event!

  32. Candice Eisenhauer says

    What a fun giveaway…My joy is serving a group of high school sophomore study, fellowship, prayer and such fun! Also, still loving on my “graduated” small group girls now in college across the country…

  33. Heather Snider says

    What an amazing opportunity! I lead Women’s ministry at my church and this year is all about creating connections across generations. We just had our first women’s retreat last weekend and it was exciting to see God at work. I already know the younger leader that I would invite. Thanks for offering the chance to win tickets!!

  34. Christy H says

    I would love to go to Nashville for this! And I have just the girl to take with me. It would be my sister-in-law, and we would have a great time!

  35. Cindy Greenleaf says

    Cindy Greenleaf: While teaching high school, my heartache became one for teenage girls and college/career aged women. I have been fortunate to lead a Bible study in my home for the past 2 1/2 years that include these young women, but also “more mature” 😉 women because the younger ladies want our assistance in thi life journey. I also participate in one-on-one mentoring with some of these young ladies. I still have former students/members of the group, who have moved or gone off to college, contact me for various reasons. Summertime is fun because most of them come back to our group. I love seeing them grow in Christ in their own lives–especially when they move away! Oh, I forgot to mention, I quit my job teaching because God has called me to spend more time in ministry! I have recently become my church’s Women’s Ministry Director! Love it and would love to attend!!

  36. Mei says

    Would love to be able to bring our young lady who is 26 years old & started a small group for senior high girls. Our church desperately needs a fresh infusion of the Holy Spirit & church wide revival, especially in our youth ministry. It has not been easy for her to do this week after week. She needs to meet other ladies to encourage her & support her & share ideas.

  37. says

    I have the opportunity to daily pour into young women’s lives! There is one particular young women that has the heart and calling to minister to women. I enjoy working along side her. God has amazing things planned! She is completely content with the single life and is serving the Lord while she waits. She is in the final stages of Foster Parenting Process and we all hope she has a placement in the coming weeks. She is musically talented and lives her life for His glory! It is such a blessing to work alongside her and mentor her as well. Her name is Amy.

  38. says

    Currently, we are working to plan an unbelievable Women’s Retreat for the beginning of March. The name of the retreat is called “rest.” We’re taking God’s Word to heart, to just simply rest in Him. Our focus is on Psalm 46:10 (ESV)–“Be still, and know that I am God.” We want this to be an amazing weekend that not only we can invite our friends, both Christian and non-Christian, but we want it to help completely recharge/restart our Women’s Ministry. We want to come out of it with multi-generational friendships, both younger and older generations coming together in friendship and mentoring relationships. We are super excited for what God has in store for the Women’s Ministry here at NCC.

  39. says

    Attended last year and each week we talk about something we learned and how to continue to incorporate these things! Can’t wait for this year! We are hoping to bring many more women we serve with along with us!

  40. says

    Susan Lawrence, central IL! As a WM leader, I have many opportunities to pour into women through programs, but the one-on-one opportunities I have are by far the most meaningful to me. I was just reflecting this weekend on how varied the experiences I have as I walk beside women. In the past two weeks, I’ve sat beside a mourning mom whose twins were born too early to survive and had another couple stop by my house to tell me they’re expecting twins. I’ve celebrated an engagement and dealt with the fallout of a divorce. Through it all, God is God. I can’t fix anyone’s situations, but I can be with them through the process!

  41. Carolyn says

    Being open to working with young women is first, and ask them to be involved. Encourage them to be involved & being engaged with them in their lives. Ask about what is going on in their life. Many don’t have that support & are seeking it.

  42. Valerie says

    I would love to attend this! We are trying to start a Women’s Ministry at our church and I think this would be a great resource.

  43. Melissa Ponder says

    I would love the opportunity to get helpful information and training. I started our Women’s Ministry about a year ago. Our church has gone from nothing to busting at the seams in just short of 5 years. Right now I feel like I’m just trying to keep up.

  44. Sonja Wood says

    Leading a small group of younger women, equipping them to live life like they are full of Jesus. Working alongside a team of women to equip them to serve the local body of Christ.

  45. says

    We engage younger women by a ministry called Girlfriends cafe… Everyone likes talking with girlfriends … good times… and God’s word… so we put it all together and invite young and older women to come and get to know each other.. It has been awesome! We now have 19 Girlfriend Cafes in 4 states!

  46. Tiffany says

    I enjoy Engaging younger women in ministry by Empowering them and Awakening them to their God-given purpose through Mentorship. Challenging the next generation to IMPACT, INFLUENCE and INFILTRATE the world by first recognizing the divine greatness within them and then UNLEASHING it!!!

  47. Leonie Bond says

    Would love to attend, I have a passion for enpowering women in the word of God and their worth. Lead a mediun size mixed age group of women. Would love to hear new ideas.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  48. Suzanne White says

    Would love to have the opportunity to attend the 2013 Women’s Forum. Would enjoy meeting other women to share ideas, have has a heart for women’s ministry for a long time !!

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