The Valentine Curmudgeon

We are so excited today to introduce to one of our guest bloggers, Debbie Whisenant! We think you’ll really enjoy her creative and fun writing style. Debbie is a Marketing Specialist at LifeWay and one incredible baker!

A long-time pal and colleague and I have a long-running gag about Valentine’s.

I love it.

He hates it. With a vengeance.


Not because he’s bitter about love. He’s enjoyed a long, happy marriage to his sweet wife and they have four great kids. But he hates that February 14th is so consumer-driven; that retailers have created a day for us to spend money to tell someone—everyone—that we care about them. And they’ve targeted advertising to make us feel guilty if we don’t spend commiserate with our love. No argument there; that’s what they do best. And, the fact that I still enjoy spreading the Valentine love a little, not just to my wonderful husband, but also to my kids, my mom, and my girlfriends, is beyond my buddy’s comprehension.

His contention is that he has only one Valentine—his wife (I’ll buy that)—and no one else—not his mom, or even his daughters—qualify. So, every February 14th, one of us will good-naturedly call the other—me saying that I can’t wait for his card to arrive; him warning me not to hold my breath and mentioning something about pigs becoming airborne.

Naysayer that he is, he still doesn’t kill my Valentine spirit.

I bought my husband’s Valentine gift before Christmas—tickets to an event I know he’ll enjoy. I’ll soon put my college son’s gift card in the mail, and I’m about to wrap up a sweet surprise for my mom. I’ve also filled dainty little pouches with candy for my girlfriends. And here’s why: I think everyone likes to be Valentined—no matter who they are, what their age, or what their marital status. The oldest senior adult—perhaps their own Valentine long gone—glistens at the sight of someone dropping by with a heart-shaped box of candy. The tiniest preschooler excitedly opens a big red envelope with their name on it. And the in-between people like you and me? Well, can you honestly say you don’t love a little love?

This bright, red-and-white holiday lands smack-dab in the throes of the winter doldrums—sandwiched almost evenly between candy canes and jellybeans. And it really requires little more than a card and a flower bud or bag of candy to make someone feel special and loved on a day when they may be feeling a little left out.

Maybe, like my pal, Valentine’s isn’t a big deal for you—and hey—that’s okay. But maybe this year you can make it a big deal for someone else. Valentine’s is a week from tomorrow. That still leaves you time to consider those people in your life who would delight in a little attention that day. A widow or widower at church? The little girls across the street? The harried co-worker who would never in a million years expect you to remember them on Valentine’s? The clerk at the dry cleaners? Your parents?

Give it a try; I think you’re going to like what happens. And you know those little candy pouches I mentioned earlier? I’ve earmarked one for my Valentine-curmudgeon pal. Even he won’t be able to turn that down.

This year on Valentine’s Day, make it a big deal for a single friend in your life! On Feb. 14, LifeWay is hosting Galentines – a girls’ night with Mandisa and friends. The event is in Nashville, but if that’s too far for your friend, she can watch it online for only $10!

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