What’s Your Favorite?

Stepping UpWe have a simple question for you today… What’s your all-time favorite Beth Moore study?

My personal favorite is Stepping Up: A Journey Through The Psalms of Ascent. Beth explores the major feasts of Israel and the songs of these traveling pilgrims on their way to these festivals. In the homework, she asks us to write our own Psalms (songs) to God based on themes each week. I did this study during a very tumultuous time in life, and spent many days in prayer and petition as I worked through difficult circumstances.

So tell us your favorite and why. 1, 2, 3, go!

And, if you want more information about Stepping Up, check it out here!


  1. Kristin says

    I enjoy Believing God. It was the first Bible Study I led with the women at the church where my husband was an interim pastor for 6 months. I have many precious memories of the ladies at Ellery Baptist Church.

  2. carolyn says

    My favorite Beth Moore Bible study is the one I’m doing at the time the question is asked. Every since one is pertinent to what I’m experiencing or will experience…God does have a plan!

  3. Jan says

    Living Beyond Yourself and Believing God. They were both life changing studies and loved the 5 pledge statement in Believing God and doing the Fruit of the Sprirt verse with hand motions (we added a new word each week till we had the entire Galatians verse with hand motions). Loved the motion for self-control…pulling in on the horse reins!!

  4. says

    James…that study was so convicting, stepped on my toes in so many ways and brought that book of the Bible to a real, personal and relevant to my everyday life aspect!

  5. Wanda Tyler says

    I have two Esther & Inheritance! Really all of her studies are great! No matter where you are the right study always comes along!

  6. Susan Thomas says

    Without a doubt , Daniel! The depth of this study and the parallels to our present time where so convicting. I could not stop talking about this study when I took it. I told EVERYONE what I was learning! The amazing sovereignty of God, prophecy fulfilled, and a plumb-line to live by, are just some of what I gleaned from this one. Loved it so much that I was compelled to lead it at my church. I was actually thinking today about when I could do it again!

  7. says

    My favorite Beth Moore study is always the one I’m currently doing! She has such a way of making the truth she’s currently teaching come alive that I ALWAYS encounter God in the process.

    But I would have to say BELIEVING GOD is my absolute favorite…because that’s the one that helped me root out my pockets of unbelief and get traction with God like never before. My life has been an adventurous roller coaster ride of FAITH ever since!!!!!!

  8. says

    My favorite Beth Moore Bible study is “Jesus – The One and Only”. Another favorite Bible study is “Womanhood: Becoming a Woman of Virtue” by Rita Kroon.

  9. Kim says

    A Woman’s Heart is such an amazing study. It’s definitely up at the top of my list. Although, I must confess that Breaking Free is most excellent.

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