Q&A with Priscilla Shirer

We recently caught up with LifeWay Women author Priscilla Shirer and asked her a few questions about her brand new web show, The Chat with Priscilla! Read more to find out what inspired Priscilla to do the web show, what she believes is the most pressing issue facing women today, and what Priscilla hopes women will take away from The Chat.

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Q: You wanted to be a news anchor in college and now you’re hosting a talk show! I guess that dream was sort of accomplished?

A: I’ve been stunned. . and grateful. . . to see how the Lord has woven my love for television back into my life. It’s so fun to sit across from an interesting person who has an intriguing story or area of expertise and ask questions that dig into the details of their lives. And honestly, I’ve always been a nosy girl so the web show gives me a license to be curious and explore!

Q: You’ll address a different topic or issue in each web show (like relationships, body image, singleness). How do you decide what type of content to cover?

A: Show ideas come directly from our interaction with women on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, letters they send to our office, and face-to-face encounters. When a theme keeps presenting itself time and time again from women of different age groups, races and cultures, then I know it’s something worth exploring. When we tape a show, I imagine that the guest and I are sitting across from one other person on the other side of the camera. For one hour, the three of us are just girlfriends having an open, honest conversation over our favorite flavored lattes.

Q: What inspired you to do a web show focused on issues women face?

A: I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing leaders who have such profound insights to share. I’ve also run into some everyday women who have lived through some intriguing circumstances that have taught them the kind of lessons we all need to learn. The web show gives me a forum to share these lessons with as many people as possible.

Q: If you could boil the issues facing women today down to one overarching theme, what would it be?

A: Fulfillment. Women want to find contentment and satisfaction. Sadly, many are searching for it in the wrong places, the wrong relationships, and in the wrong hobbies or activities. The void inside cause their interests to take an unhealthy turn to addiction when they keep seeking satisfaction in something that doesn’t have the potential to offer it. Finding the true source of satisfaction, inner peace and contentment is the quest of humanity.

Q: What do you most hope that women get out of watching your web show?

A: Honestly, I want them to have fun! I want them to grab a cup of their favorite hot drink, cozy up in their bed or sofa, and feel like the two of us are just having a chat together like girlfriends do. My hope is that the conversation will make them laugh, keep them intrigued, and ultimately encourage and inspire them to live a more beautiful, intentional, and effective life.

The Chat with Priscilla  is a two-part web show that airs Tuesdays (Part 1) and Thursdays (Part 2) at 7/6 p.m. CST.


  1. says

    I always love anything “Priscilla!” Having known her as a friend for over 10 years, I know what it’s like to sit and have a cuppa coffee with her and chat…and I love that she is exactly the same on the webshow as in “real life.” Priscilla is as genuine as you can get, and you always come away from time with her feeling uplifted, challenged and encouraged. I’m excited that The Chat is airing because I know women will be blessed and encouraged in the issues they are facing. And they’ll have a fun “girlfriend” time along the way. :)

  2. Anita says

    I was blessed to be part of the audience for the first session with Dr. Caroline Leaf. Priscilla shows great humility and skill as a hostess. She did a great job, bringing Dr. Leaf to the forefront while keeping the show moving and interjecting her own personality and experience with the topic. It was refreshing! Looking forward to more.

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