I’d like to take time today to talk about something important…cosmetics. We here at LifeWay Women are all about looking our best, both inside and out. A day doesn’t pass by without a couple of us swapping recommendations on lipstick or asking what nail color one of us is wearing. It’s one of the fun things about being a girl. So, I’m happy to share with you some of my favorite cosmetic and beauty products, and I hope you’ll comment and share yours as well.

First up…

Tresemme Dry ShampooTresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

I’m 31, but my hair is still oily like it was when I was 13. But if I wash it everyday, it gets dry and brittle on the ends. Dry shampoos hit the market years ago, but the powders were messy and unmanageable. Then Tresemme released a dry shampoo in aerosol spray form. You shake it up, spray it on, let it dry, and comb through. Voila! Grease be gone! It’s also great to use at the end of the day if your hair needs a pick-me-up. And it comes in several different formulas for varied hair types.

soap and glorySoap & Glory The Righteous Body Butter

I’m a sucker for body butter. Especially when it smells so heavenly. I discovered Soap & Glory’s Righteous Body Butter through a sample sent to me by Sephora. It was a small sample but I rationed it for a whole week, I loved it so much. I found out that Target used to carry the S&G line and gnashed my teeth when I realized I could have been using this stuff years ago. It’s thick and creamy….indulgent. It smells like peonies and peaches and all things lovely. And somehow it found its way to my stocking this year at Christmas.

seche viteSeche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Okay…  This potentially could be my favorite beauty/cosmetic product of all time. All time. Awhile back, I went on a pretty strict budget and cut out salon manicures and pedicures except on super special occasions. Instead, I went down to a local cosmetics boutique and browsed their vast selection of professional nail polishes. The sales girl saw me shopping and asked if I’d ever tried the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. She said it glides on crystal clear and dries your nails in mere minutes. I was skeptical, but I bought a bottle anyway. That night I painted my fingernails and toes and was amazed at how quickly they hardened, even though I laquered on multiple layers. No sheet marks, no smudges. And chip free on my hands for a week, longer on my toes.

covergirl remarkableCover Girl Professional Remarkable Washable Waterproof Mascara

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie. I discovered mascara sometime in middle school and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. I’m fair complected and my blonde eyelashes disappear. The first thing I thought when I tried on mascara for the first time was, “I have eyes!” Mascara is one of those products that essential to a finished face, but you don’t have to break the bank. Sure, I bet that $27 boutique mascara is fantastic, but why would you pay that when there are drugstore options costing around $6 that are fantastic in their own right. Enter my favorite mascara: Cover Girl’s Professional Remarkable Washable Waterproof Mascara. It comes in a slender, purple tube and it’s quite simply the best, most consistent mascara I’ve ever owned. The brush is full and encourages length, and when layered, gives you just enough body without the clump. And it’s waterproof, meaning I can tear up and it won’t smudge—-yet it’s washable, and wipes off clean at night. That’s called having your cake and eating it too. My favorite thing though is how soft it makes my lashes. No crusty lashes here folks! While I’ve tried just about every mascara on the market, I still go back to my trusty mascara from the 90s. And heaven forbid CG ever discontinue it.

naked2Urban Decay Naked2

Now, bare with me (did you catch that?)… Some of you might be a little uncomfortable that this next item is called, ahem, Naked. But I promise that’s a good thing. This eye shadow and liner palette has the most extensive collection of nude tones, and tones that complement that au naturale look that we all want. By day I wear tones on the left side of this palette. And by night, I get smoky with the darker tones. I don’t think there’s a skin tone that wouldn’t look enhanced with these colors. And while the pricetag is a little steep, look at it this way:  12 eyeshadows, a professional-quality double-ended brush, and a cool, hard case with a mirror isn’t such a bad deal.

makeup foreverMake Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer

When I was in college, my Mom used to tell me that my acne would go away when I turned 30. Well, it didn’t. It’s certainly not as bad, but it rears its ugly head from time to time. For years I searched for a concealer that was oil free, matched my skin tone, and had staying power on my oily face. A Sephora rep recommended Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover Concealer. It’s a professional line of makeup that many in the broadcast television industry use. This concealer glides on smooth, and dries quickly to a matte finish. I rarely have to touch up during the day. And while it’s full cover, it doesn’t feel heavy or thick. I don’t even know I’m wearing it. There’s a shade for everyone. Literally.

While I could wax poetic all day long about beauty and cosmetics, I’m sure you’re expecting something FREE, right? Well, it’s Friday, so why not?

We’re giving away a $25 Sephora giftcard!

Enter to win by leaving a comment with your name. And, just for fun, tell us about your favorite cosmetic! If you can find it on the Internet somewhere, include a link in your comment so that we can all check it out!

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Update: Congratulations to Lindsay for winning this giveaway!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I have a few favorite beauty products! My absolute favorite scent, lotion, body wash is Philosophy Pure Grace. I own it in every form made. It is so light and clean (soap and water). I use it every day and it always makes me feel better when I smell nice! My favorite foundation is bare minerals foundation. I love the coverage and it is so light that I don’t feel like I am wearing anything. My favorite cleanser is Philosophy Purity Made Simple. Effective but very gentle!
    I too could go on and on about my favorites! The one thing I must say is try Pure Grace you won’t be disappointed ( at Ulta and Sephora)

    • I love Philosophy too, but my favorite is their “Squishy Red Fishy” 3-1 shower gel. It makes you smell like the swedish fish candy! (which might not sound delightful to many, but for me I absolutely love it) It’s actually pretty hard to find now… I was lucky enough to find it at Ulta. If you love the smell of those little fishy candies you need to buy this. I mean need.

  2. Lisa Curtis says:

    Lisa Curtis
    I love Cetaphyl cleanser and lotion.

  3. Love bare minerals and the Garnier moisturizer + serum, but my must haves are a good moisturizer and mascara!!

  4. I love Rodan and Fields eye cream!! It lasts forever and it does not smell!!

  5. Frances Main says:

    OOO body butter! Nice, especially in the cold mid-west where our poor bodies are sucked of moisture!!


  6. I enjoy more natural products and have recently began washing my face with African Black Soap. It is really a great natural way for clean healthy skin.


  7. I am in love with Sephora!!! If I had to choose one product it would be Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing. It is by far the best concealer I have come across, you will not be disappointed.


  8. Tonia Booker says:

    my official entry…
    favorite things…I love Origins Night-a-Mins for my face especially this time of year when it is super dry. I love Philip Thomas Roth’s anti-aging face soap. It helps to brighten my face. I get most everything at Sephora, because who doesn’t love Insider Beauty points, free stuff and samples!!
    I am addicted to all the Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms. I am not the hugest fan of lip stick. I have full lips (Italian genetics) and most lip color dries or is gone quickly. This is a nice tint and moisturizing … love love love them! Can’t beat the price too!
    oooo…I hope I win…love new stuff

  9. I am a Wen girl! I love Wen products! They are sulfate free and smell wonderful! Although I color my hair the conditioning shampoo keeps my hair soft beyond my expectations. I am also a Lush fan! I love the soaps that Lush offer in their boutiques, as well as online. Lush cosmetics are all natural and my bathroom closet experiences the benefit of the extraordinary smells of Lush soaps that are in storage.

  10. Helen LaRue says:

    My favorite makeup is Award-winning bareMinerals® MATTE SPF 15 Foundation….I absolutely LOVE this!!

  11. Sherilyn R. says:

    I recently discovered Tarte foundation–you apply it with a brush–great coverage and doesn’t settle in the cracks!

  12. Cover Girl . . . .simple, basic, and affordable (most of the time)!

  13. One of my favorites is Clinque, “Moisture Surge”.
    I discovered this one winter when my face was extremely dry due to the cold. I started using Moisture Surge and now I use it year round. It does just was it claims to do. My face doesn’t feel dry or tight after I use this. It has become a part of my daily routine.

  14. I absolutley must share a favorite moisturizer my dermatologist gave me in a sample size …it is great the best I have ever used it is called DML daily facial moisurizer :) I do not know how to attatch the link but I know it can be found on drugstore.com.

  15. I’ve recently become a HUGE fan of The Balm’s “Hot Mama” blush and highlighter. It’s the perfect hue to add a little color to my winter complexion. I also love Essie nail polish…such beautiful colors!

  16. Bailey Young.

    My favorite makeup is Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara. It’s cheap and works great! I never leave home without it!

  17. I love AHAVA skin care products. They use minerals from the Dead Sea and feel amazing. Here is what I use in the winter to help my frozen face stay moisturized.


    I get it on sale at TJ Maxx or Marshals.

    I would love to get some goodies at Sephora too!

  18. Ranee Muirhead says:

    I love mascara- with 4 kids it’s all i have time to put on in the morning!

  19. Love John Masters Organics Jojoba & Ginseng exfoliating cleanser and Mandarin maximum moisturizer…. very “yummy”!!

  20. Angela brents says:

    I love makeup and all things girlie! My fave concealer comes from Avon. It is not pricey and its fabulous. It’s a concealer stick and will last forever. My fave blush is also Avon mineral blush in blushes rose. It is so light and natural. I must say and I have tried tons, I love physicians formula pressed minerals foundation in 16 hour airbrushed formula. Really makes your skin look perfect. Shout out to Avon skin so soft. No I do not sell it either I just love it. Makeup remover I love good old fashion cold cream. I use Jergens as ponds breaks me out. It moisturizers your skin beautifully. Perfume I adore Coach signature but it is pricey at $100 a bottle. I have found Jennifer Annistons scent is VERY similar but at about $32 a bottle. My last fave thing are the nail polish that is a sticker. Super cute designs and so easy to do. I get compliments all the time on me “pedicure” but our secret I do it myself at home for about$7-10 depending on brand. I love Kiss nails brand. They last and don’t peel off. So there are my faves head to toe!!

  21. Lauren Lowe says:

    Lauren Lowe
    My favorite is L’Oreal Voluminous Lashes Mascara!

  22. My favorite beauty splurge is MAC gel eyeliner. It’s a dream!

  23. My new favorite beauty product is Pantene’s Silky Moisture Whip.

  24. Would love to try Sephora! My favorite makeup is Clinique City Base. I have extremely dry skin so I use the Clinique Moisture Surge underneath and then this base cover which holds the moisture in.

  25. Lisa Shuler says:

    I love Arbonne skin care, and stila lipstick.

  26. I second what a previous poster said about Philosophy Pure Grace, I LOVE IT!! I also love Mally eyeliners and eye shadows.

  27. Deacon Phoebe says:

    I love websites purporting to be for women in ministry that have posts on fave mascaras but nothing about SBC anti-biblical positions on women deacons or even the mere mention of the terms “egalitarian” or “complementarian.”

    Does anyone know if that comes in pink?

  28. Paula Hutchings says:

    I love my Mary Kay Age Defining Cleanser and Moisturizer. I have used these products for 20+ years and panic if I let myself get to close to running out because MK has kept my dry skin looking young and supple.

  29. I love Clinique products! I am trying repair wear laser focus, hope it works! Bare Minerals are also a great product.

  30. Candi Oldfield says:

    My favorite cosmetic isn’t a cosmetic at all. It is Burts Bees Res-Q Ointment. https://www.burtsbees.com/other/best-sellers/res-q-ointment.html
    It is the perfect treatment for anything, a scrape, burn, zit, ect….

  31. Kari Cooper says:

    I love Cover Girl!

  32. Heather Williams says:

    My favorite line of cosmetics is bare minerals. I’ve used them for a while and have seen improvements to my skin. My new favorite product is bare minerals prime time neutralizing foundation primer. I have a lot of red in my cheeks, nose, and chin that this really covers. I only have to use minimal or no concealer now!

  33. I’m all about the e.l.f. eye shadow. (http://www.eyeslipsface.com/) It’s really inexpensive, so if you want to try something trendy, you don’t feel like you’re out a ton, and it really does go on well. I’ve found it in stores at Target and Walgreen’s (although I’m sure they are other places, too.)

    Although, I must admit, I do love Urban Decay and Smashbox. The Smashbox cream eye liner lasts forever, and goes on so easily I thought at first I must have been doing something wrong. And I’ve yet to find an eyelid primer better than Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. It’s a little more spendy, but totally worth it.

  34. I love the Benefit cosmetic line that can be found in Sephora….they have clever names for their products…some kind of gorgeous is an amazing foundation as is Hello Flawless, Hervana a fantastic blush, and Fine One One is a great blush type highlighter, the POREfessional is great to minimize the appearance of pores, boi-ing is the best concealer ever…looks natural and doesn’t form creases during the day, and hoola a bronzing powder are my most favorite products.

  35. Sherry Bruner says:

    At this point in my life I have to have a concealer in my possession at all times. The skin around my eyes is becoming darker as I age.

  36. Molton Brown Eucalyptus warming bath & body wash is the bomb-diggity!!
    It is invigorating in the shower in the morning and relaxing in the bath at night!
    A total Spa experience!

  37. One of my MUST HAVES is not a cosmetic per se but it sure does make my hands look and feel GREAT!
    It’s “working Hands” http://okeeffescompany.com/index.php?page=working-hands
    I first purchased it for my husband who has trouble with his fingers cracking, but one noght I noticed how dry MY hands had been getting (with those nasty hangnails as well) from all the paper I handle as an artist, so I thought I’d give it a try….I will never EVER be without this product! In ONE NIGHT of use I noticed a huge difference and now after repeat uses my hands, finger, and nails have never looked better.

  38. Ashley Johnson says:

    The lip gloss I can’t live without is C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine from Bath and Body Works: http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12986021&cp=12587010.11228507.17083496

  39. I received a sample of Pevonia C Evolutive Eye Gel and love it….squeezing all I can out of the little tube since it is so expensive.

  40. I love the Philosophy skin care line, especially the Purity cleanser. Best make-up remover/face cleanser ever!

  41. Jenni Johnson says:

    Clairsonic Mia 2 is remarkable…and I love the bare minerals skin care and make up!

  42. My favorite cosmetic is the POREfessional from Benefit cosmetics! I love how smooth in makes my skin look and gives a great base for my make-up to shine! http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/product/view/the-porefessional

  43. I love the Tresemme fresh start dry shampoo. Love being able to stretch out my time in between straightenings!

  44. Deb Stephens says:

    My favorite is Loreal Voluminous Mascara and Mary Kay eyeliner.

  45. My favorite is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It has just the right consistency and coverage to even out my skin tone and give a nice glow without looking the least bit cakey.

  46. My new favorite is Bare Minerals Ready Foundation. I will never use anything else!

  47. Lydia Finger says:

    Right now I have a tie for my favorite. I absolutely love Burt’s Bees lip products, and I also love Mary Kay’s Lash Love mascara.

  48. Seche vite top coat is a definite fav. The other is “stray dog” eyeshadow by urban decay. I use it in conjunction with naked2 pallets.

  49. Nightingale N says:

    My favorite is Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer:


  50. I love Merle Norman Timeless foundation!!

  51. I love Clinique Resurge moisturizer. At 58, I am wrinkle free!!!
    And, I love Kate Walsh’s fragrance, Boyfriend, available at Sephora!

  52. I haven’t tried any of these products yet!

  53. My favorite mascara is Dior waterproof and my favorite moisturizer is Oil of Olay Regenerist.

  54. Jessica Stewart says:

    I am obsessed with my NARS blush in the shade of…..well….orgasm. (more awkward names) its a rosy gold color and looks so great! I have the powder, but the stick form is also wonderful! Perfect color!!
    Pricy but, totally worth it, it will last a while!

  55. My favorite thing right now is Boscia’s BB cream. It does everything (spf, even out skin tone, reduce pore size and much more) all without looking “make-up-y” and it blends perfectly regardless of skin tone so I can wear it from summer to winter without having to buy new. They sell it at Sephora:)

  56. BioSilk- Silk Therapy for my hair. My hair changed a lot after having my second child. It went from super straight to frizzy. This cuts the frizz and makes my hair shiny. It also smells really good. It’s a little on the pricy side but a little goes a long way. I believe they also sell it at Target but it might cost more.

  57. Anything Clinique is my fave. Except for mascara. Give me good old Maybelline any day!

  58. andrea t. says:

    I am a covergirl as well, girls.
    mascara is the bomb!

  59. DermOrganic Argan Oil is the best! It makes my hair smooth and shiny! If you have dry or frizzy hair this is the product for you! I mix it with Garnier smoothing Creme and it makes my hair so soft but not oily at all!! I Love it!! I also love Trader Joes shaving Creme- mango! It’s the best.

  60. As someone with curly hair who lives in an extremely rainy environment, I’ve had much trouble finding a product that showcases my curls without making them feel like a helmet. Finally, I found SheaMoisture. This is an all natural/organic product, and I absolutely LOVE the way that my hair looks and feels. I use their conditioning milk (http://www.target.com/p/shea-moisture-coconut-hibiscus-curl-style-conditioning-milk-8-oz/-/A-12239779#prodSlot=medium_1_3) and the hold and shine moisture mist (http://www.target.com/p/shea-moisture-coconut-hibiscus-hold-shine-moisture-mist-8-oz/-/A-12239245#prodSlot=medium_1_4).

    For my face, I’ve always had to be careful. I have very sensitive skin, and many products burn my face. I have recently found Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Anti Blemish face wash works great for me along with their Light Night Cream at night and their SPF 15 day cream during the day. At night, I take my make up off with their calming make up remover wipes. My face has never been better than it is now!

  61. Sonja Wood says:

    LOVE this Clinique Lip stuff! http://www.clinique.com/product/1588/5163/How-to-Guide/AM/All-About-Lips/index.tmpl helps these “old” lips survive the elements! A rare treat but Valentine’s Day is coming up!

  62. I have to have fun nail polish in lots of colors!

  63. Carrie Brown says:

    Just purchased some wonderful new Aloe based lotion from the Norway store in Epcot!
    Of all places :) Love the scent, named Laila after the designer’s Mom.
    Love Sephora too! Did you know that it is now a Louis Vuitton owned store? Oui! Oui!
    That’s enough french for today!

  64. Maggie Planer says:

    I love the minty fresh smell of Origins products!

  65. My friend makes her own makeup line and I absolutely love it. It is all-natural, mineral based makeup and it is something even our teenage daughter can wear with confidence knowing it is good for her skin (coconutbaycosmetics.com)

  66. I have the Naked 2 palette and love how blendable the colors are! I’m interested in getting the first Naked palette, too. Right now my favorite makeup item is an orangey-red Mary Kay lipstick that I bought a while back. I don’t think they make it anymore since I hear they have a new lipstick line, but you better believe I’m going to find out, especially since an orangey lip is supposed to be a trendy color for 2013.

  67. Jennifer Bice says:

    I like Clinique moisture surge !!

  68. I LOVE the Sei Bella line of cosmetics from Melaleuca ……..all natural and Sei Bella means you are beautiful.
    The skin care products are wonderful

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