Rewind: The Chat with Priscilla

Did you catch Part 1 or Part 2 of The Chat with Priscilla last week? Wasn’t it fascinating? Did you learn anything new?


In case you missed it, Priscilla had Dr. Caroline Leaf on the show.  In short, Dr. Leaf is a brain expert! How’s that for cool?

In Part 1 of The Chat, Priscilla and Dr. Leaf talked about turning off the “toxic thoughts” in your brain. In Part 2, Dr. Leaf (and her husband!) talk about how our brains hold the potential to help us in relationships with the opposite sex.

What was one big “take-away” you got from the show?

If you missed it last week, no fear! Part 1 of the show will re-air every Tuesday evening and Part 2 will re-air every Thursday evening, both at 7/6 CENTRAL, for the entire month of January.

We’d love for you to come back and share your thoughts after watching the show!


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