15 Years of Living Proof Live

After wrapping up our 2012 line-up of Living Proof Live events, we celebrated 15 years of a ministry that has covered all 50 states and impacted over 1.5 million women across the globe.

Jesus has been so faithful to us over the last 15 years of Living Proof Live. We have seen His sovereign hand at work in ways that flat out humble us before His very throne. And we are grateful.

Join us for a journey this year as we take a look back at the last 15 years. We’ll share some fun photos, tell some good stories and even pull a few surprises. I don’t think it’s something you’ll want to miss!

And since we like to give away free things here on Friday, we’re continuing that tradition today.

We are giving way TWO Living Proof Live tickets (valued at $138) to an event of your choice in 2013. This only includes admission to the event itself and does not cover travel, food or any other expenses.

Enter to win by leaving a comment with your name. And, just for fun, tell us if you’ve ever been to a Living Proof Live event. If so, which one? What did the Lord teach you there?

By entering today’s giveaway, you affirm and acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resource’s official promotion rules found hereToday’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends Tuesday (1/8/13) at 11:59 p.m. CST. You must be 18 to enter, and you may only enter once. The winner will be selected at random. For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Bud Harlan at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-140.

Update: Congratulations to Lori for winning this giveaway!


    • Lesa Bullard says

      My name is Lesa Bullard and I have had the privilege of attending a Living Proof Live event with my sister and a few friends. What an amazing time of praise and worship! We attended the event in Charlotte, NC.

  1. Shana Hensley says

    I would love to go see Beth!! I plan to fly out to Daytona and take my mama with me to see the event!

  2. Janice says

    I have been so blessed by all the Living Proof live events that I have attended. The one that sticks out the most is Birmingham Feb 2006. “Make a pact to impact the next generation.” My Mom had just passed away Feb 3rd and this message really challenged me to cherish my past heritage of faith and to make am impact on the younger generation. I have no children or grandchildren so this has really been a ministry to me to reach the younger womenin my life for Christ. Thank you Lifeway, Beth and Travis!
    This is a great giveaway and I would love to win. Thank you!

  3. KarenS says

    I would be overjoyed to get to go to another Living Proof Live event. Beth is my all time favorite Bible Study Author! I attended her Conferences in Birmingham, New Orleans, Pensacola, Nashville and Atlanta but I don’t remember the years!

  4. Lee Patterson says

    Lee, Columbia, SC

    No, I haven’t been to an event. I’ve been really wanting to!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. Heidi Bylsma says

    I just received a flyer in the mail for a Living Proof event and thought what a joy it would be to attend one. I never have (though I did attend the recording sessions of the new Breaking Free in New Orleans).

  6. jeanne says

    I have been to one in Boston, MA. Changed my life! The message was on Treasure – the Lord convicted me to treasure everything in my life, even the painful things, and to hold them close to my heart!

  7. Ashley Hawk says

    I would love to go to another LPL event. The first one I attended was a few years ago at Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY with my mom. Beth Moore spoke on Eat, Pray, Love.

  8. CherylAnn Haley says

    Hi! I just saw a LP simulcast for the first time in September. As Beth suggested, I wrote on Dec 15 on my calendar, Who is it that you are creating me to be God? At first glance on Dec 15th, I did not see a difference but by the end of December I knew God was changing me in ways I never would have expected.

  9. Annette says

    I was blessed to attend Living Proof Live when Beth came to Charleston, SC. What an awesome conference!! Beth and Travis and company were so in tune to the Holy Spirit. What an awesome opportunity to win these tickets!! Thank you for the chance.

  10. jackie harris says

    i have been to SO many events. i had the priveledge of being able to pray with the ladies who came forward at the Kansas City event in 2012. what an honor and a blessing.

  11. Sara Pasterski says

    Have been fortunate to attend a couple LPL events! Will never forget Beth in her birthplace, Green Bay, WI, which is where we live. She taught on delighting ourselves in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our heart. So many notes throughout my Bible from her studies and LPL.

  12. Denise Wallace says

    Have been to two events, and attended two simulcasts. The Lord always speaks to me in a powerful way while attending!

  13. Brandi F says

    I’ve never been to a live event, but I’ve always wanted to go to one. I’d take my adult daughter with me since she’s grown up with Beth’s Bible studies right along with me!

  14. Tracy Bandy says

    I have never seen Beth live but love her DVD studies. I always walk away with so much!! Her passion for The Lord and His word is inspiring.

  15. Carrie Schmidt says

    I have been to LPL events in Bowling Green, KY (my first one!) Evansville IN, Cincinnati OH and Lexington, KY. Love them!! The one that impacted me the most was the one about finding your Promised Land in Evansville, IN so many years ago.

  16. says

    I love Beth! I have been to a number of LPL events over the years and definitely heard from God at each one. Most recently went to Lewiston last November.

  17. Carolyn says

    I have been guided by my Lord and Savior to humbly attend 2 Living Proof events, one in Lubbock, TX and one in Austin, TX. Attendance at these two blessed events was not by accident….no, it was by God’s Providence, His guidance, His plan for me to learn and to experience His mercy through grace. Thank you for this opportunity and God Bless always and in the new year!

  18. says

    I have not attended an event live; only the simulcast of Beth Moore. I would love to attend a Living Proof Live Event! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  19. Sonja says

    I attended the LP event in Columbia Mo years ago, maybe 2001. I will never forget Beth on the floor praying over the word before she started. It was amazing!

  20. Michaela says

    Hi! My name is Michaela and unfortunately I have never gotten to attend a Living Proof Live event. I have attended a simulcast once and it was great!!!

    Thanks for a chance at free tickets!

  21. Penny says

    I have taught several of her Bible studies but I have never gone to one of Beth’s live events and would love to.

  22. Jeanna says

    I have attended several LPL events, though none in recent years. What a blessing they have been to me, like the whole teaching session was prepared with just me in mind. God bless you for your continued sacrifice and ministry to women. What a difference it has made in my life!

  23. Kathy Shouse says

    My daughter and I hope to attend the LP event in Daytona this year. I have been so blessed by her bible studies. Have done 11, one of those twice and am working on the 12th. So hungry for God’s Word!!!! We have been to a few of the Living Proof Conferences and always come away feeling so refreshed. Thank you Beth, for letting God use you to bless all of us!

  24. Karen Amspacher says

    Never been to a live Living Proof event. The Lord will bless me for my faithfullness to him and receiving two free tickets would be a huge blessing.

  25. Paige says

    I have attended LPL in Columbia, Charlotte, and Atlanta. LPL always blesses me and sends me home feeling closer to the Lord and with renewed direction!

  26. Heather Russell says

    I have been to 2 LPL events, in Raleigh and Knoxville. I always leave encouraged and challenged. I would love to go again this year.

  27. Lori says

    What a great give away! I went to a Beth Moore event many, many years ago. Probably one if her first events! I always come away from Beth’s teachings with a desire to learn more and just go deeper with my relationship with Christ!

    Blessings to you!

  28. Megan Brewer says

    Our church has hosted a few of the Live Simulcast events. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to attend in person.

  29. Jennifer says

    I would LOVE to attend an LPM event! I have gone to many, and they are always like a balm to my war-torn and weary soul! Beth ALWAYS “brings it,” and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it…even when her words from the Lord step on my toes!

  30. Patty Alley says

    I have never been to a life way conference looking forward to going in 2013 even if Idint won’t he tickets. Your ministry is such a blessing to me on a daily basis.thank you Lord for these amazing women

  31. Rachel Reinink says

    I have never had the opportunity to attend a living proof event, but I have done several of Beth’s studies! The James study forever changed my life…so much in fact, that i finally decided to attend college for the first time! I am studying leadership and ministry through Grace Bible College. I cannot wait to see what God has planned for me next!

  32. Debbie Meador says

    I attended my first Living Proof conference this past August 2012 in Knoxville, TN. Two days later my husband had a stroke. I have gained strength from God to deal with this each and every day. I thank you for everything you do!!! My spirit was filled that weekend and it allowed me to handle my upcoming trial much easier.

  33. Deb C. says

    I would love to attend another Beth Moore Living Proof L:ive with my daughter who has just been renewed at the Passion 2013 conference. God is doing a work in our family as we minister to Him and love others and serve them as my pastor husband and I serve together for God’s Kingdom Agenda here on Earth…….living for God ……doing life His way!
    Thanks so much for this opportunity! Blessings to all of you at Lifeway!

  34. Linda Marino says

    I would love, love, love to go to the LP Live event in Rhode Island with my step Mom Carol! We’ve been to two simulcasts together – Reaping Sheaves of Joy – Psalm 126 and So Long Insecurity but we have never been to a Live event together. After attending the Reaping Sheaves of Joy my step mom gave to me the audio tracks for my birthday one year.( 4+ years ago, I can’t remember exactly when) and they are still in my car stereo TODAY! Thank you for all you do WE LOVE YOU ALL!

  35. Tiffany says

    Love hearing Beth speak. She has such a big heart for The Lord. I have been to a few of her events and would love to be able to take a friend with me this year. :)

  36. Jen H. says

    I’ve been to Knoxville and Columbus for LPL. The most amazing moment was my mom and I commissioning each other under Beth at the end. A moment I will never forget. God brought me to that place for that moment with my Mommy.

  37. Julie Reynolds says

    I have been to many LPL events and been the coordinator for two simulcasts, I love Beth’s teaching & her genuineness. I think my favorite was the Birmingham event when she spoke on generations, and the Atlanta event-the Good who was, who is and is to come.

  38. Jennifer says

    I just went to LPL in Lewiston Maine. It was such a blessing! I am hoping to take my daughter to RI this summer.

  39. Lori Patterson says

    I would love to attend a LP event, but have never done so in person. I hope to change that this year!

  40. Dawn Barnard says

    I have not been able to attend a LPL event in a couple of years and I need it!!!!! Since adopting a 24 week preemie born in July 2011, my life has been filled with doctor appointments, therapy appointments, and staying home most of the other times to try and keep him well. For the first year, we were not able to leave him with a sitter b/c of his severe reflux and the fact he would choke and stop breathing. He is doing great now and I am ready to get back into regular Bible Study! I have listened to Beth online and TV during this time, but it is just not the same when you are getting interrupted! It’s during this season of my life that I was able to draw from Beth’s teachings from previous events and studies.

  41. Janet Worthy says

    I was honored to be able to attend in Lubbock, TX in 2011 with all three of my daughters! It was just 9 months after the death of my 7-month old grandson, and we all enjoyed healing from the experience. I would LOVE to be able to attend in person again. Our church hosted the Simulcast a few years ago, and I watched every moment of the 2012 Simulcast from my home office, but there’s still nothing like being there!!!

  42. Kelly Green says

    Hi I’m Kelly and I haven’t been to a LPL event yet but am super excited and will be attending the event in Oct. 2013 in Springfield, IL.

  43. says

    I have only been to one simulcast, not a live event. But I have gone through several of Beth’s studies, some twice! I would love to attend an event live.

  44. Angie Norton says

    I have never been to a LPL event, but have done several Beth Moore Bible studies. Would love to see a live event!

  45. Maria Bridges says

    Hello I have not attended a Living Proof Conference. But I do want to attend the one coming up in Duluth, GA. I am a pastors wife and I am head over heels in love with God…

  46. Monica says

    I’ve been to three. One in NJ. I learned about Joy in Psalm 126. Also a Deeper Still(Does that count?) in Atlanta. I rememember Kay speaking out of Jeremiah, Beth out of John 1, & Priscilla out of Exodus. Also, TN. Beth taught out of 1Corinthians 6. All 3 were wonderful. I felt like the heavens would open right up during the praise & worship too & God’s loving arms around me. God is so good!

  47. Heather McDaniel says

    I have done all of her studies, but never gone to an event. What a blessing they have been in my life, I am so thankful that she allows God to use her. :-)

  48. Carol says

    Hi! I went to the event in Charleston last year. It was awesome! Would love to go again this year. Daytona Beach this time!
    God Bless!

  49. Carrie Cushing says

    I have been to 1 live event in Rapid City, SD. I took my mom – it was her birthday present! I think she was a little overwhelmed at first, but only because she felt the LOVE from everyone there! I am planning on going this year when you come to South Dakota again. I cannot wait. Love Living Proof Live!

  50. Amber Oatman says

    I have never been to see Beth but would LOVE to see her when she comes to Oregon this April! We have done many of Beths studies in our Womens group and she is such a blessing!

  51. says

    I haven’t been to a live Living Proof event, but I did attend a simulcast a few years ago. It was awesome, but a live event would be such a great experience! I remember it (the simulcast) quite well, too. I purchased and read Beth Moore’s book, “Get Out of That Pit!” Loved it!

  52. says

    I have been to 2- San Antonio & Shreveport. One thing I always walk away with is the faithfulness of God to me. I can believe Him and trust Him. And the power of His Word – Parise God for it!

  53. Kaitlin Kroese says

    My name is Kaitlin and went to my first living proof live last year with my mom in Kansas City! It was an amazing experience and I would LOVE to do it again!!

  54. says

    I went to the Kansas City event last year with my daughter ( 17 yr old then) and we loved how God used that experience to guide us in our ministries. Loved it. Would love to go again!

  55. Kathleen Velez says

    I have never had the opportunity to attend one of the living proof ministries conferences however I would so love to be able to praise and worship and hear the Bible teaching from somebody as gifted in teaching as Beth Moore! God has purpose in the fact that I even saw this post as I am positioned at such a time as this to be going through a self confrontation study and following up teaching Beth Moore’s Mercy! I pray that whomever wins, is able to walk away from the conference refreshed and renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit!

  56. Kelly Snodgrass says

    Yes!! I love LPL events. The last one I went to was Knoxville. What I remember most is Beth saying “the gospel can’t spread if you ain’t got no Cred”!! Love the event & Travis’ choir!!

  57. Holly Watson says

    I have had the blessing of attending LPL several times and always come away with confirmation of something God is directing me to do and encouragement in my ministry. The last time was October of 2012 in Long Beach. I brought 20+ ladies from my church and my husband. Once again God used that time to confirm His direction for our lives and the difficult changes that needed to be made. If blessed with these tix, I will be headed to Phx and will take a girlfriend who seems content sitting on the fence – that won’t last long! Thank you Lifeway and Beth for your commitment to helping people grow in spiritual maturity!

  58. Tanya Dudley says

    Yes, I have been to several LPL and loved each one. God always speaks encouragement in some way, but also a challenge to faithfulness. Love Beth and Travis team!

  59. Joy Freeman says

    My very first Living Proof Conference was in Greensboro, NC. I believe Beth spoke on the Book of Ruth and the Kinsman Redeemer. I was blessed immensely from this conference a nd Redeemer has become my personal favorite name for our Lord Jesus.- because that is what He has done for me.

    Thank you.

  60. Geri Dietz says

    Yes I’ve been to a Living Proof event, Columbia SC, I left knowing that despite our circumstances God has a plan for my life and HE knows every heartbreak I feel and HE cares. Again we are unemployed but God’s blessing is woven into this time even though its very difficult. I would love to take my 16 year old daughter to her first Livig Proof event.

    Thank You
    God Bless

  61. Suzie says

    No, I’ve never been to LPL event, but I’d LOVE to go to one!! I have done several of Beth’s studies though. 😉

  62. Dawn Mast says

    I was able to attend LPL in Reading PA as well as a simulcast. What I took away from the event was God has a plan for me. My life may not have gone the way I planned it but God is directing my path.

  63. Sherilyn R. says

    I was at a Living Proof event in Columbus, Ohio–what a blessing! Would love to go again!!!

  64. Missy Quittem says

    I went to an event many years ago with my mom. She and my dad went to be with the Lord this past summer and I’m hoping my sister and I can attend one this year in my home town.

  65. Stephanie says

    I’ve been to LPL in Chicago and Grand Rapids, MI. I’ve walked away with a fresher perspective of God’s love for me every time! And the worship….WOW! 😉

  66. Niki says

    Niki…and I have not! And unfortunately I am not available those dates but I would love to give this as a gift!

  67. Christine Crawford says

    I got to hear Beth for the first time in Kansas City in 2012. It was amazing. I was there with my mom, 2 aunts, Grandma, 2 cousins, and 5 of their friends.

  68. Jennifer says

    I have been to one LPL event in Kansas City, MO. It was the most amazing time and I am planning on going again in KC and also Atlanta this year. Would love to go to even more. God speaks volumes through these ladies!

  69. Sarah K says

    YES!!!! I have been to one Live Beth Moore even in N.C. (I am from VA), and have also seen her two other times via simulcast. I love Beth Moore! She is such an inspiration to me, and women everywhere. Beth is a fabulous speaker and Travis Cottrell and the Praise Band are AH-MAZING!! I listen to his two live CD’s all the time; they are so uplifting and I love to sing. One of my great memories of Beth is “Faithfulness is living in the abundance of Christ!”
    Love LPL and thank you for the opportunity.
    God Bless!

  70. Bev Kaestner says

    I have been to a couple of Living Proof Live events and always come away with a new word from God. I would love to share the experience with a friend.

  71. Rowena Brown says

    I love Beth! I have been to several simulcasts and I am always so overwhelmed by the message and with the Praise & Worship led by Travis. It is awesome! I would love to experience a LPM event in person. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to hear Beth & Travis live. Blessings!

  72. Kelli says

    Kelli from Winchester, KY
    I have never been in person. I have been to one via simulcast and it was awesome. I would love to go in person!

  73. says

    Living proof Live becomes real when you walk into the venue no matter where the location. As the music begins, hearts beat double time as women fill the place with open arms reaching to heaven, tears flow from our inner souls. The voice of Travis can pierce your heart with such feeling. The interpreter brings the music & word to beauty. Beth speaks with wisdom like a prophet.

  74. Norma Egbert says

    YES, I have attended LPL 3 times. I cannot express the overwhelming inspiration that Beth is in my life. God’s Word is shared by Beth in such a way, that I can understand how important it is for me to dig deeper myself. She also is so open about her life and the way God brought her to freedom. I always look forward to learn how God has worked in her life.

  75. Katie McWilliams says

    My name is Katie.
    I have never been to A living Proof Event. I would love to. God, thank you for this oppurtunity, may the winner be changed for life. Amen

  76. Christine Rhodes says

    I was able to attend one last year in North Carolina and learned what it looked like to really holdfast to the Lord.

  77. Leslie Tosh says

    Jackson, TN
    Was blessed to attend last year at your hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. What a blessed time and to have God encourage me about the Jail Ministry that I serve in, also the thing (sorry can’t remember name of it) we did holding our friends hand repeating after Beth in oath and commitment…AWESOME! Not to mention the WORSHIP!!! Would be amazing to be chosen to attend another LP Live!!!

  78. Jen says

    Went to a simulcast a few years ago w my best friend — so exciting to be challenged and encouraged to live a free life in Christ!

  79. Stacey says

    I have been to two LPL events (Richmond and Charlotte) and two simulcasts. I have always been blessed by Beth and her teachings. I would love to win to take my daughter-in-law.

  80. Misty Keith says

    I have only had the privilege of going to one Living Proof Live Event. It was a few years back and I cannot remember the name of the church that it was held at here in Southern California. I do remember learning so much from Beth. I sat on the aisle and she walked down the isles and spoke directly to people in the audience. I was able to take my Mom and a couple girlfriends. I would love to attend another event. Maybe this time I will remember the place. :o)

  81. Diane Conner says

    I’ve never been to a LPM Live event but have been to a simulcast. Would love to share the ticket with a lost friend. Always walk away from the teachings of the Lord through Beth Moore very blessed, moved and changed.

  82. Mandy Parker says

    I’ve been to 1 LPL each year for 8 years! Would love to go somewhere out of the southeast this time!

  83. says

    No, I’ve never been to an LPL event, but I would LOVE to go. I’ve seen recordings, but it’s never the same. 😀 Thank you for 15 wonderful years of growing us in Him!!

  84. Annette Rushton says

    I attended my first LPL in Charelston SC this past August. I was amazed by the feeling of unity in the arena. 9000 women celebrating God together was a beautiful experience.

  85. Mandy O'Brien says

    I have never attended a LP event but having participated in many of Beth’s Bible studies, I could only imagine the great things I could and would learn from the LP event!

  86. Phyllis Debrow says

    I have seen Beth twice-in Mobile and Bossier City. I will never forget the feeling I had in Mobile when it seemed as though Beth and I were the only 2 people in the building when she said, “this weekend, someone is going to be called into ministry.” I have been walking out that calling ever since.

  87. Debbie Foster says

    I would love to win two tickets to LPL for my daughter. She loves Beth Moore Nible studied and this would be such a blessing!

  88. Sue Johnson says

    Have never been to live event but have been to simulcast with our church which was amazing. So Long Insecurity wea such an amazing book and lesson, was so thankful for the opportunity. Was also blessed to be able to share it with someone else.

  89. andrea t. says

    Oh, Oh, Oh! This would be wonderful to bless someone with.
    I have been praying about reaching out to another lady…
    The first LPL I was ever at was the first time LPL was in Maine.
    One of the smaller ones but intimate!
    The blessing there was the worship with 3000 women…
    tears :”) of fellowship, growth and ministry to my deep longing soul.
    Would Love to Go to Orlando, Lord!

  90. Rhea Dooley says

    I have been to the Springfield, IL event and a Simulcast event at our church [So Long Insecurities] I have come away with so much during Beth’s teachings that it’s hard to just chose just one thing to write that I’ve learned. I will say, that I come away from one of her events feeling more loved and more self Confident in who I am in God. So many times I feel so unloved and so worthless. But after one of her teachings I KNOW I am loved!! Thank you Beth AND everyone who helps to organize and set up these events. Your obedience and love for others is evident!! Hugs and love to you all!! God Bless!

  91. Kim Anstaett says

    I have never been to an LPL event but I have always wanted to go! It would be so amazing to be able to go in 2013!!

  92. Amy Jo Sirianni says

    I attended the first Lewiston ME. event, and learned how dry our bones are here in New England! We are working hard to change that! God willing. I have seen several simulcasts, taken most of the Bible Studies, am doing James right now, and I joined Siesta, to challenge myself to memorize scripture. Today I was able to apply my memory verse to a specific prayer request. Exciting! Well, that is more than you asked for, but in any case, love you Beth and all at Lifeway Women’s Ministries. Amy Jo

  93. says

    Yes, my first LPL was in Hot Springs, Arkansas with my best friend in 2000.. That conference changed my life forever! Over 12 years I have chartered buses to many LPL, was the city coordinator for Reading LPL and now working with LifeWay to promote the simulcasts. What a blessing to be a small part of helping spread God’s word! THank you for all you do!

  94. Melanie Sadler says

    I’ve never been to a Living Proof Live event, but I’m SOOO excited one will be coming to Eugene, Oregon in April! I’d love to go and take one of the women in my ministry group!

  95. Alicia Wilcox says

    Alicia Wilcox and I’ve been to the most recent one here in SLC. It was most impactful as I was dealing MAJORLY with insecurity and the worship was just off the hook!

  96. Debbie G. says

    I was able to attend the Jacksonville, FL event in 2008 and was very grateful for the chance to attend. I love Beth’s teaching, so that is always spot on for me….. but usually the most impactful part of a live event is the music and worship. Having Travis lead “In Christ Alone” with thousands of other women singing always brings me to tears.

  97. Hollie Hart says

    I’ve never attended a Living Proof event live- but have been to a simulcast event as well as done some of the Beth Moore studies! Thru the simulcast event, I was reminded not to give up too quickly on those who I am trying to invest in- but also taught that sometimes you have to let go & let God take the reigns of a situation where the person you’re investing in is draining you to the point of exhaustion.
    I’d love to get a chance to attend a Living Proof event! Thank you for this offer!

  98. Amy Davis says

    I’ve never had the opportunity to attend a living proof event, but would LOVE TO! As a women’s ministry director Beth’s books & the ministry of Lifeway have been an incredible bessing to me!

  99. Lisette Foster says

    Never been to a Living Proof Live event. A friend and I had planned on going to one last year but ended up not working out! It would be amazing for us to go this year!

  100. Melissa O'Brien says

    I attended one in Huntsville, AL many years ago. It was a wonderful weekend with good friends and awesome teachings!

  101. Laura L. says

    I’ve attended a LP simulcast in 2012. What a wonderful experience. I can only imagine how powerful it would be live and in person!

  102. Pat R says

    Went to LPL in Jacksonville, when she came here, in fact I even worked as a volunteer. I came away feeling so blessed and encourage others to try to attend LPL when hear of one in their area.

  103. Erica Green says

    Yes! I went to LPL Colorado Springs – especially meaningful after the wildfires in the area. One of the things that stuck with me: ‘FINISH THE THING!” We start a lot of things, but He who began a good work will complete it as well – we have to finish! And He finished it ALL on the cross!

  104. D'Lynn Tucker says

    I have had the privilege in the past to attend the one in Tulsa… I have also had the privilege of being in a church that had a simulcast… would love to go again and to be able to take a friend that can’t afford it…you always leave feeling refreshed and energized after the worship service and hearing God’s Word taught

  105. Carol Meyer says

    I would love to go, I have been to one a few years ago. Our church has done 4 or 5 Beth Moore’s Bible Study. Just love it.

  106. says

    Diane……I have not ever been to a LPL event, and it has been a long time since I have done a Beth Moore study. I would love to get back to it! Thank you for the opportunity to win these tickets.

  107. Sheila Sullivan says

    Yes! I would love to come again with my Bestie!!! And then can I buy one more seat to our winning tix? I would love to bring my daughter too-she is old enough now :)

  108. Deb Stephens says

    Yes, I have been to A LPL event in Birmingham, AL. I would love to win the tickets for one of this years events!

  109. Kathy Johnson says

    kathy Johnson and I went to one 7 years ago in my darkest days of dealing with my daughter that was dying of brain cancer. Beth was able to lift me up and remind me that God has a plan for everything.

  110. Donna Fearnow says

    Yes, I have been to a Living Proof Event but it’s been right many years ago. I would love to go again because I am always renewed in spirit and I am ready to soar when I leave. I really need that boost at this time in my life!

  111. Jamie Coll says

    I love attending Living Proof Live events. I have been to events in Richmond, VA, and Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte, NC. Always learn so much about the Word and God’s relationship to me. Excited that Beth is back on Greensboro this spring!! Would love to win tickets!!

  112. Rhonda Nale says

    I attended my first confrerence in 2011 in Pensacola. We studied Philemon. One statement that stuck with me was that sometimes we must go back in order to move forward. I would love to win and take my daughter.

  113. Kathy says

    I would love to win these tickets!! I have been to 2 LPL events, one in Little Rock and one in San Antonio. They are life changing and so much fun!

  114. Fondra Magee says

    I have been blessed to go to a Beth Moore event in Spokane, WA! I would love to have the blessing of going again!

  115. Lynda says

    I have been so blessed to have gone through some of Beth Moore’s Bible studies and books. She has helped me to heal from some very troubled memories. However, I have never had a chance to attend a live event. I hope to be able to attend the event in Atlanta this May.

  116. Margaret says

    I have been to events in Little Rock and Kansas City. I was able to bring 2 of my adult daughters with me and we were so convicted and inspired! Thanks for all you do!

  117. Kimberly says

    I would love to go to another event. I saw Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, and Priscilla in Louisville, KY a few years back. Loved it, went by myself because I had no one to go with me. I learned that living a life interrupted is living a life for God..

  118. Heather Holton says

    I attended the conference in Charleston in August. Learned so much about how I try to orchestrate my own plans instead of trusting God to fulfill His promises to me.

  119. Cindy Walker says

    I would love to go to a Living Proof event. I have never been to one, but I have done many bible studies by Beth Moore and a couple by Priscilla S. I have two daughters Christa (19) and Madelyn (17) I would love to take with me!

  120. says

    I have attended at Nashville Tn, Knoxville Tn, Louisville KY, and Greensboro NC. My favorite was Greensboro because my daughter attended with me. It was answered prayer. He is so good.

  121. Lori Johnson says

    I’ve been to a few LPL events. Beth is certainly annointed by God to speak His Word. I’ve heard her speak from Habakkuk, Matthew, Joshua and others. Always uplifted and inspired to live for the Lord daily!

  122. Betty Marschner says

    I went to a Living Proof event in the spring of 2011 in Eden Prairie MN. Beth Morre was speaking at Grace church. I and my daughter got tangled up or lost inMpls andwouldn’t you know she talked about being entangled! Very fitting. I am planning to attend the Living Proof event of Beth’s in Souix Falls SD next Aug and would love two tickets! It will be a 7 hr drive for me!

  123. Brenda S in central Illinois says

    I attended lpl November 2009 in Springfield, il. I am so happy that lpl is coming back in October!! I learned to trust Gods timing no matter the circumstance!

  124. Sherry Wright says

    I have been to several events of Beth Moore’s. I have been to Indianapolis, Chicago, and also a simulcast. I have done almost all of her studies. My life has been forever changed because of the Word that Beth has taught me to love and consume. This year I am a joining in the scripture memorization! God is good and I am thankful that Beth is obedient to His call. If I had a choice to meet anyone in my lifetime, I think it would be Beth Moore so I could encourage and thank her for her faithfulness to God.

  125. Deborah says

    I’m going to my first Living Proof Live event in May (bought my ticket last year!), and am SO excited! Beth Moore’s gift of teaching God’s Word – combined with God’s sovereign will – changed my life forever. I cried out to God for deliverance…just as His people did in the Old Testament; less than two weeks later, my church offered “Breaking Free” (original version). I’ve never been the same. This year, if the Lord allows, I’ll lead that same class in prison ministry. I purchased the very LAST kit available in America last summer, I think. Praise His Name for His Word…and I am SO thankful that Beth developed the gift He gave her, and with it, has blessed our lives SO richly!
    If I won two tickets, I’d try to take my oldest daughter who God brought back from the edge. I’m praying for her rededication and His use of her life for His glory. Blessings to whomever gets the tickets! Thanks for the opportunity to say how much we love this ministry . . . and this family!

  126. Elizabeth Cochran says

    I went to Little Rock in ’11 and KC in ’12. Loved them both! Little Rock literally rocked my world. God healed a huge hurt and kicked me out of my comfort zone to better serve Him. KC was great, too! I got to go with my mama, and we had a really great talk and were able to heal some hurts of our own. I would love to go again!

  127. Marci Parker says

    The last Living Proof I attended was in Boone NC. I learned a lot through her teaching and loved the praise and worship.

  128. Tana Dowell says

    I have attended LPL only once (April 2012 in KC) but that once changed something inside me and I gave my life to Christ at my church the following day!

  129. Gayle Keys says

    Hi!! I have never been to a the live event but I did see a simulcast two or three years ago. It was about kindness. It made me aware of how far even a little kindness goes and how much my attitude really needed to change. I thank God for Beth Moore and the sacrifices she makes daily in order to bring forth His Truths!!!

  130. Michelle Lyzenga says

    I attended my first LPL event this past summer in Moline, IL with my mom. It was such a great opportunity to grow and faith and relationship at the same time. Our family is in the midst of a crisis and it was wonderfully refreshing for us to surround ourselves with godly women, participate in praise and worship, and receive Beth’s teaching. Thank you, LPL! I hope that we can attend a conference in 2013!

  131. Michelle says

    I have only been to 1 LPL event. It was Beth Moore in Indy in spring of 2005.

    I learned that its okay to cry and that friends are just as important as family.

  132. Sheri Roth says

    I have been to several LPL events and each one has been an incredible blessing. I recently volunteered at the live LPL event in Reading, PA. I am looking into attending the event in Providence, RI, if I win the free tickets……..if not, I will definitely be at a simulcast in my area. Thanks for all you do to bring God closer to so many women!!!

  133. Tracey Knight says

    LOVE LPL!!! have been to events in Hot Springs AR, Little Rock AR (twice), Memphis & Prestonwood in Dallas when it was just starting! Beth’s teaching + worship w/ Travis = beyond words!!!

  134. Tracy peck says

    I have been to 3 living proof live events. Evansville IN, Indianapolis, IN, and Lexington, KY!
    I always come away with a renewed heart for Christ!!!
    Thank you all at living proof for all you do!

  135. says

    I have never been able to attend a Living Proof Live event. I did attend one simulcast. LPL will be in my home town area this year, and I am so excited! We hope to take a group of ladies, and there may be a couple ladies who cannot afford a ticket, so it would be lovely to get 2 free tickets. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  136. Shonda Sonnefield says

    I have attended several Living Proof Live’s. My first one was in Lexington, KY 2004, the topic was Building a Strong Tower. You taught us a name of Christ, El Olam. Then in 2005 Indianapolis, IN. In fact, I was the Volunteer Coordinator helping Stephanie Wright, who is dearly missed, put that event together. I learned more in that 9 months of preparation for that event and how God works than ever before. Nothing like God revealing himself when you’re in the middle of preparing for the event. I also attended Lexington, KY 2010, the topic was Eat Pray Love. That was such an amazing teaching of how to Eat, Pray, and Love God’s Word. I’ve also attended the So, Long Insecurity in Georgia along with many simulcasts. I have been truly blessed by your teaching and love how through God, He can show me something new and fresh and every time.

  137. Tamara Kursave says

    What a generous blessing!! Have only been to one Living Proof Live( actually a simulcast at our church SBC, Hopkinsville, KY). Would love to attend a live one!! May God richly bless Living Proof this year!!

  138. Kathy S says

    Would love to take my sister-in-law to a LPL event. Went to my first LPL in Columbus, Ohio in 2011 and my spiritual life was kick-started back to my first love! Siesta love!

  139. Shelia Sanders says

    I have only seen Beth Moore on television and I am absolutely floored each time how humble she is and how she allows God to flow through her to help women all over the world. Her message is delivered in a way that makes everyone feels personally touched and the results are astounding. She encourages and empowers me. To see her in person would be absolutely awesome. Keep going Beth!

  140. Dell Tamblyn says

    I have never been to a Living Proof Live event, but have used several of the dvd’s of Living Proof Live events as ladies’ retreats for our women’s ministry at church! God NEVER FAILS to speak through Beth STRAIGHT INTO my life!!! I am VERY GRATEFUL for Beth’s ministry…and now the ministry of her precious daughters!!! Thank you for offering this give-away! Bless you!

  141. says

    I have been blessed to attend two LPL, one in Fresno California and the other in Stockton California. The way that God has equipped Beth to lead her studies has helped grow me spiritually. Beth’s journey has inspired me to take the turbulent moments in my life that leave many crippled and use them to show others what God has done to bring me through and emerge a victor.

  142. Brea Burelle says

    Over the years I have gone to LPL that have been in TN, and AL. Making plans to attend the LPL Atlanta, GA in 2013.

  143. Donna Herto says

    I’ve never been to a LP Live event YET, but I did attend a Beth Moore simulcast a few years ago. Over and over again (through Beth’s studies), I’ve seen how intertwined the Lord’s message is for us within His Word…His love, His grace, His mercy, His guidance, His discipline, His plan…it’s all in there through each book!

  144. Heather McNett says

    I have been to one live event where Beth talked about bearing fruit in our lives. I’ve done a few of her bible studies and they’ve all been life changing, learning experiences. Would love to see her live again!

  145. Shonda Sonnefield says

    I wold love to see Living Proof Live again. I haven’t been one in quite some time. My very first even was Lexington, KY 2004, where the topic was Building a Strong Tower. It was the first time I heard a new name of God that I’ve never heard before, El Olam. Then I saw you at Indianapolis, IN where I was the Volunteer Coordinator under Stephanie Wright, who is dearly missed. I learned so much from the 9 months of putting that event together and what God can do and that He is always in control. I’ve also attended another event in Lexington, KY 2010, where the topic was Eat Pray Love. I learned so much about how to Eat, Pray, and Love God’s Word. I’ve also attended the So, Long Insecurity in Georgia and many simulcasts. What a blessing it would be for me and my friend to attend an event again.

  146. Mendy Nichols says

    Could so use a little time with Beth and the gang right now :) The only live event I’ve attended was the 2012 Colorado Springs after the fire event. It was amazing and I won’t soon forget it!!

  147. says

    I have been to a few. I remember one was in Springfield, IL and another in Lexington, KY. I believe there is one more I attended but can’t recall where it was. I do enjoy going especially with my friends. One was Eat.Pray.Live but I can’t recall the others.

  148. Debbie Manthe says

    I’ve been to several, the most recent in New Orleans, LA with a fellow BSF leader. Beth is awesome and encouraging! Would love to attend another event anywhere, really. But the beach is nice. :-)

  149. Tina Blackwell says

    I have never attended a Live event but have attended several simulcast events. It is always a wonderful day that I look forward too and plan for long in advance. I have always wanted to attend a live event and hope to get to do that very thing one day.

  150. Tammy Baggatta says

    I would love to go to a Living Proof Live event, and would count it as an honor to get to go. It would be amazing!

  151. Paula Halcom says

    My best friend and I made LPL an annual girlfriend trip two years ago. This year will be especially poignant as she just moved to another state this past November. We try and go to a different location each year, having gone to Columbus, OH in 2011; and Knoxville, TN in 2012. We are planning to go to Providence, RI this year.

  152. amybhill says

    Amy Hill – I have seen cute Beth in Providence RI (about 3 years ago), I watched the SO LONG INSECURITY simulcast in a local church, and this year I attended Beth’s Simulcast LIVE in the Sovereign Center in Reading, PA. I can’t even begin to tell you how much the Lord has used Lifeway conferences and books in my life. I have done over 10 Bible studies (Beth/Priscilla) from cover to cover and fallen in love with the Lord and the study of His word. Thank you for your ministry.

  153. Rebecca Krusee says

    I wanted to see Beth Moore live in Fresno this lats time with my Blessings Bible Study, however, I couldn’t afford it. I’d love to win two free tickets to see a Living Proof Live Conference. as I’ve never been before. Thank you in advance. God bless!

  154. Julie says

    I’ve never been to a Living Proof Live event before. BUT I would love to go to one… I just enjoy this ministry so much.

  155. Dana Haley says

    I attended the LPL in Charlotte NC a number of years ago and so strongly remember the passion in Beth’s voice; it was incredible. Then I attended the LPL in Boone, NC in 2007 where God spoke to me and said “Move!” Our family was in the midst of deciding whether or not to put our house on the market; this was my answer! God is always on time with His answers to our prayers!

  156. Michele Bone says

    Michele Bone
    I attended the Charlotte, NC event, and an Atlanta, Ga Live event and a couple of simulcast. Sure would love to attend the event in April in Duluth, GA

  157. Brandie says

    I have never been to a LPL event, they are never close to where live but would LOVE to travel to one! Free tickets would sure help off set the cost of travel!

  158. Shelly Perkins says

    I would love to see Beth Moore in Phoenix az and Listen to her teaching.I have done allot of her bible studies and I love them.It would be a blessing to get free tickets as a Pastor wife it would help and I have a friend that going that I know need this teaching

  159. Kathy Brooks says

    My first Beth Moore event was in Normal, IL. almost 4 years ago. I wasn’t able to afford to go, but God worked it out and got me there. It changed me on a deep level. My earthly father abused me for the first 13 years of my life and then abandoned me the summer before my freshman year. I had always heard from him that I was worthless, stupid, and ugly. Although I have known God my whole life, Beth was talking about her past and said that our true Father loved us unconditionally, thought we were beautiful and perfect and would always be there for us. He is our real “Daddy”. I ended up in tears (as I do at most of Beth’s functions) and felt a healing process beginning. So if I win these tickets, I will use them to bring someone who can’t afford to come in the hope that God will speak to them through Beth, so that they too will find what they are desperately needing just like I did. Thank you.

  160. Jennifer Pearson says

    Oh please pick me! I went to my first LP event last year in Kansas City. I packed up the kiddos and my husband drove me 9 hours to the conference. The topic was the one you have a photo of above “We, You, They” from 1 Thessalonians. It was incredible! I felt so encouraged and refreshed and got new perspective on my own growth as a new Christian. I would LOVE to go to LP again this year and take a sweet friend that could use the encouragement too! Thank you for this opportunity to be considered!

  161. says

    I was blessed to attend an event this past September via simulcast. What a day! Glory! In September 2013, Beth will be in Charleston, WV – about an hour away. It would be such a blessing to get the two tickets and my daughter and I would be off to Charleston to see Miss Beth in person.

  162. Corie Stolhand says

    My name is Corie. I have never been to a living proof live event but I would love to go. I have done several Beth Moore Bible studies. I love her personality and ability to relate to everyone. Praise God for all she does and the many women touched by her teaching.

  163. Heather Williams says

    I got to go to my first Living Proof Live this year in Knoxville TN. It’s something I’ll never forget and can’t wait to go to my next one. It was such a time of refreshing and renewal for me.

  164. Emily says

    My name is Emily Spangler. No, but I have your LPL 9/27-9/28/2013 event already marked on my calendar. My goal is to have James memorized by then….one of the many ways your studies have impacted my daily life. Thank you!

  165. Sara Barnes says

    I went to a Living Proof Live with just Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell. It was an amazing experience and I would love to go again. I just graduated and need some direction. This would be fantastic for me!

  166. Patty Phillips says

    My name is Patty. I’ve only been to ONE Living Proof Conference and it was last year in Kansas CIty. It was packed and a group of women at our church were sitting in the very top row of the arena – it was the only place we could find seats!
    I’m a nurse and I normally work every weekend at the hospital, so for me to be able to go to this Living Proof event was a real treat!
    I’ve been involved in various women’s bible studies since graduating college 15 years ago. My 1st Beth Moore study was in 1998! Since that time, I have completed (I’m pretty sure) ALL of Beth’s studies! My favorite study would have to be Believing God!

  167. Kim Guenther says

    I am originally from Texas and very close to Houston. I finally was able to attend a Beth Moore Living Proof Live event when the Lord moved my family for my husband to Pastor the First Baptist Church of Blowing Rock, NC where I began working in the projects area of Samaritan’s Purse. As an administrative assistant I am afforded the opportunity to attend the Beth Moore Living Proof Live events as a representative of Samaritan’s Purse and Operation Christmas Child. I was so excited to have the opportunity to actually see Beth live but found when attending that there is very little time to actually listen to the message. I did however have the time to meet and enjoy many women who love the Lord which was really cool because we were able to share the many things Samaritan’s Purse does apart from the shoe boxes. I have attended two events over a two year period and both times there had been a major disaster. The first was the Japan earthquake/tsunami and this last time was the week after the Sandy hurricane and I was at the even in Maine where so many women generously gave in order to help those in need. I may have the chance to go to another event in 2013 but it will also be a working trip so I would love to attend an event as an actual guest/attendee. As a pastor’s wife I have facilitated many Beth Moore studies but would love to hear some of the other remarkable women that LifeWay sponsors as we look for more ladies bible studies for our women’s ministry.

    Thank you for giving of your lives to minister to other women!

    God Bless you All,
    Kim Guenther

  168. Mandy Holtsclaw says

    I have never been to one of these conferences, but would love to attend with a great friend of mine. Thanks for the opportunity and for blessing one of us. Life change on the way!

  169. Leah F. says

    My mom and I attended a LPL event several years ago in Birmingham, AL. It was such a special time to worship and study God’s word with my mother. I am grateful for that sweet experience.

  170. Cindy Cannon says

    My name is Cindy Cannon, I have attended several Living Proof Events, I can tell you that at each one God has moved and spoken to me in a profound way. It has become a tradition to attend at least one a year, to refresh and restore my soul! I continue to pray for the Living Proof Team, as they continue to serve, all for His Glory!

  171. To Know Him says

    I have been to many LPL events… Each time I come away challenged to live my life more fully for Jesus!!!

  172. Pam says

    I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of LPL events from both sides—behind the scenes and in the crowd. And what I’ve found? Consistency. What you see of Beth and the worship team and even the women who host the event is who they are when they are behind the stage. They earnestly seek God, want God’s Spirit to come down, and want God glorified, not themselves. Would love the chance to be a part of something like that again…

  173. Anne Frewin says

    Organized a group if 60 women for the Lewiston Maine event last year. Best turnout from our church ever! Can’t wait for more.

  174. Megan says

    I love Living Proof events ! I always leave with that wonderful blend of feeling challenged and filled! Thank you all for all the work you do to make them spectacular events. ( Hooray for Portland and for Tacoma!)

  175. Barb Soppe says

    I have never been to a Beth Moore conference and would the chance to see her. I enjoy her Bible studies, and I’m sure the “live” version is even better.

  176. Pat Wright says

    My name is Pat and I would love to go to Beth Moore’s LPL in Springfield, IL in October! I have attended one in Springfield, IL and the simulcast at our church! Both were awesome and so inspiring!

  177. Sandy Bowers says

    Since I’ve been doing Beth’s Bible Studies, there has not been an LPL anywhere close to me. I was hoping for 2013, but still none close. However, I would make a trip if I won two tickets. And I would surely love to get to one LPL soon. I have done two simulcasts and have truly been blessed. Thanks for the opportunity.

  178. Jennifer Klemple says

    I would love to win some tickets to see Beth live. I have done several of her Bible studies but have never seen or heard her in person. What a thrill that would be!!! She is such a blessing!

  179. debra lee says

    Would love to go see Beth.Have never been to any events of hers.would like to go to the Daytona fl.conference in November8-9 Beth messages are so powerful I pray that I will be able to go especially with my 12 year old daughter

  180. Mandy Eley says

    I was at my first in Knoxville in August. It was fabulous. I was reminded that following God is not my way and is not about ease. Since then, I am leading a fifth grade girls small group and am honored to serve in this way.

  181. Aimee Thoennes says

    I’ve been to LPL in Lincoln NE and Kansas City, MO – they are fabulous and I love everything about them and those involved…i.e. Beth, Travis and their “teams”!

  182. Melissa Graham says

    I have been to several LPL Events, but my favorite was in Lexington, KY. where we spent those few hours(that felt like minutes) in Jeremiah. AMAZING!!

  183. Jamie Cooper says

    Summer of 2012 in Lincoln, Nebraska and a Deeper Still in Oklahoma City with Priscilla Shirer and Kay Author. Both sweet times of praise, worship, learning, and time with The Lord!

  184. Carol Lawrence says

    I have been attending Living Proof Live Events since 2004! This year I plan on attending the Springfield, Illinois event.
    I attended last year’s event in Moline, Illinois. Her message contained the book of Ezra. “Sometimes you have to go back to move forward!”
    Loved them all!!!!

  185. Melissa Ball says

    I cannot wait to go! Taking some girl time and getting away with my dear friend! Thank you for coming to Oregon!

  186. Melanie Grace says

    I have been to several LPL events over the years. Lately the Simulcasts have been closer to home, but would love to attend one live again. Either way they feed my soul to the fullest. Thanks, lifeway team for all you do.

  187. Michelle Hess says

    I have had the opportunity to attend LPL in Tucson and Colorado some years back. God is so faithful to speak life into these dry bones and to give me the hope, encouragement, and strength to go back into the world. I have found healing and acceptance at these events and desire the same for women across the world. I love the worship team they bring and cannot wait for the Phoenix event!

  188. Rene Sandifer says

    My first LPL was in Omaha, NE 7 yrs ago. I have been to a handful since then, the last one being here in KS where a couple of these photos were taken. Never to disappoint, the Lord has spoken specifically to me every. single. time. Sometimes He uses what Beth is speaking on, but usually it is is combined with circumstances that paint an even bigger picture than just the teaching that continues weeks after I get home.
    I never miss if there is one in proximity and I can afford a ticket. Thank you for this opportunity!

  189. Pamela says

    I have been to a LPL events every year since 2003, even flying from LA to Phoenix one year. I’d love to have the tickets for my sister, who was out of work for 2 years and now has a barely sustainable job in San Francisco. LPL have changed my eternity, my marriage, my relationships – I am so thankful!

  190. Cheryl Neel says

    I’ve been to one in Nashville and loved it. Don’t remember the year but its been too long. Would love to take my daughter now.

  191. says

    Linda Peel
    Lexington KY
    I have been fortunate to attend 3 LPL events and to visit Houston twice for Beth’s Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration. God ALWAYS uses Beth to speak to me at these events.

  192. Susan B. says

    I have been to several Living Proof Live events, and each one is so special. The last one was in Columbia, SC and Beth taught on God’s “Special FX”. It made me realize there is a bigger picture. And every now and then, we get glimpses into the “super’ natural!

  193. Denise Louque says

    Never been but would absolutely love to go, my friend and I are doing the Daniel Bible study together and Are enjoying it so much…..thank you Beth for writing such awesome, in depth studies, love ya!

  194. Lynn Durham says

    Lynn D. I’ve been almost every year since 1997. Each one has been a blessing with The Lord speaking mightily several times.

  195. Nancy Oliver says

    I attended LPL in Springfield, IL with five high school classmates (from 50 years ago)! What a blessing it was for all of us. I learned so much from a few verses of scripture that I had read so many times but never had the insight Beth gave us. What a gift to help so many women like myself wanting to serve God.

  196. Sandy Hayes says

    I attended a live broadcast of a two day Beth Moore event in Greenwood, Arkansas and it was awesome! My daughter-in-law attended with me and we grew much closer to God and each other.

  197. Mary Young says

    I have been to one Living Proof event years ago. and I just finished Beth Moore’s Esther bible study. I love digging into the word with her.!

  198. Kathryn says

    I’ve never attended a Living Proof meeting, but would love too. I’ve taken several of Beth Moore’s classes, and will be facilitating my first one, Danile, beginning next week. I’m a big fan, and love that Beth has such a heart for God and for us girls!

  199. Linda L. says

    Have never been to a LPL but would love to go! Doing the Mercy Triumphs study now and love it! Thanks Beth and Lifeway for all you do! This is a wonderful opportunity for someone! Will be exciting to see who God chooses to bless!

  200. says

    I’ve only been to one LPL, which was the Ministers’ Wives event in Nashville in 2010. Loved it and sure would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  201. Stephanie Floyd says

    I would love a chance to go. I have been to several events. And always get a word from God. It’s my CPR to get me going

  202. Tara says

    Would love to go and take a friend who’s 2013 goal is to hear Beth live. Attended LPL once- last year. Lifechanging. “H-O-L-D-F-A-S-T God has shed His love upon me!”

  203. Laura Hauser says

    Moved to Montana over 5 years ago. Been planning for a few years to meet my bestie for a girls weekend to Beth’s Arizona Living Proof live event. It feels like forever since I have seen her. Lord willing we will meet up there. Would love to win tickets for that event. Regardless on if I win or not. We wil be one of many faces out in that crowd hearing Gods word and praising Him!!! WOOT WOOT!!
    PS… I am an early bird shower uper…I plan on sprinting to the main floor and Lord willing will be near the stage if not on it….again I give you another WOOT WOOT

  204. Starla says

    I have been to one LPL because they are normally not close to where I live and I loved it. There is another one close this year so it would be great to win!

  205. Patricia says

    I have attended one LPL event & participated in a simulcast. Would love to attend again and take a friend!

  206. Vida Ward says

    What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you? NACHO CHEESE!!!!
    Joy! That’s what I’ve found in you LORD!!! Thank You for my life, laughter, and the sweet voices you have allowed in my life to lift me up like Beth Moore and my precious friend, Denise!!!!

  207. Elyssa Carmony says

    I have not yet attended one, but Beth Moore is one of my favorite writers and she has taught me so much!

  208. says

    Oh my…2007 DS in Nashville with Beth, Kay, Priscilla. It was here that my life changed. I heard the call of God to study the Bible DEEPLY and answered the call into women’s ministry! Talk about a life changer!

  209. says

    How exciting!

    I’ve seen Beth live twice in KC, and once in a simulcast.
    The We You They pic up there is from the KC event this past spring.
    I was privileged to be able to be at the alter to pray with ladies as they came forward …it was life changing!

  210. Jami Holland says

    I attended the event in Boone, NC (where God gets His mail!! woot woot) several years ago. I would LOVE to go the one in Greensboro this year.

  211. Katie Hartshorn says

    I’ve never been too a living proof event, but I so want to go! I love her heart for Jesus, His word, and people! I actually watched her preach through live stream from passion yesterday!:)

  212. Emily Brown says

    I have never been to a Living Proof Ministry conference! Free tickets would be a huge blessing! I was hoping to be able to attend the event at the Charleston Civic Center in West Virginia. I absolutely love reading Beth Moore’s books and even listening to her audios! God speaks to me so much through her. Attending a live event would be so great! :)

  213. Bobbie Hansen says

    I have never been to a Living Proof event but would oh so love to go! I followed the postings from last year and think it would be such an uplifting experience! I wasn’t able to attend any of last years and really hope I can this year.

  214. Traci West says

    I attended charlotte last year and have attended a few simulcasts. I always start a new journal for an LP event because I take so many notes. These notes become study notes for weeks to come.

  215. Olda says

    So appreciate Living Proof events!! Studying the Word with Beth is HUGE blessing! I walk away very encouraged, more in love with Jesus and my soul is satisfied.

  216. Debbie says

    Miss Beth is simply a gift that God uses to bless me in more ways than I can name. He is glorified in my life through her ministry and I thank Him for it…and YOU LifeWay…thank you for being part of that. And, yes, I have had the amazing privilege of going to Living Proof Live in Calgary, last year. Wow. I needed it sooo bad and God was good to speak the same words He has been speaking for some time — but in a fresh way. Bless you all…real big!!!

  217. Karen Goodwin says

    In the last 15 years I have attended two conferences, one in atlanta and the other in Tallahassee.
    I have also attended two simulcasts, in Saint Augustine and Ocala. The Lord always deals with me in great and mighty ways. Sometimes painfully, but I’m so thankful He does! I’m always blessed when He is involved.

  218. Teresa Stout says

    I have attended several LPL events: Little Rock, AR; Shreveport, LA;
    New Orleans, LA; Memphis, TN; Tupelo, MS; Hot Springs, AR.

  219. Zoe says

    I attended the LPL event in Pittsburgh in June 2009. It was extra special because of the drummer proposing to his girlfriend. Also Beth spoke about God seeing you thru the storms in life. She will be in my home state of WV this year and would love to attend.

  220. Melissa says

    I’m so excited about this give away. I have been to 2 LPL events. They always seem to be right at a time in my life where I need a God boost!

  221. Joann Keatts says

    I attended the Charleston 2012 and the Charlotte one before that. What an experience!!! Was blessed to be able to work the Lifeway store in Charleston and met some wonderful people there. Looking forward to N.C. this year.
    I urge you to sacrifice in order to attend. You will have a life-changing experience. Also, love the video Bible studies.
    Can’t say enough about them.

  222. says

    I have never been to a LPL conference or seen Beth Moore in person, however our church has done most of her DVD studies. This would be a great experience for two of us!

  223. Lauren Frock says

    I attended a living proof event this past summer in Austin with a friend for the first time and was so overwhelmed with joy in a really rough spot in my walk. I would love to go again (maybe cry less this time 😉 )with my roommate who absolutely loves Beth and has never been to a conference of hers before. Would be the best birthday present ever for her and a great time for us to worship The Lord together!

  224. Adele Spil says

    Adele from Matthews, Nc. “Held Fast” for the July 2011 LPL in Charlotte. My Christmas present from my husband was an IOU for the April event in Greenboro (where we met in College). Winning would make it possible for him to come alon. Sure to spark a spiritual and a physical flame at the same time

  225. Kristina says

    My name is Kristina Hyman, and I would be thrilled to be chosen!!!!! I have only had the privilege of attending one simulcast, but have done several of Beth’s Bible studies at our church. God always speaks volumes through her and I glean so much from her teachings!

  226. Janet George says

    I would love to attend the LPL event in Tulsa. I’ve been so blessed by all the DVD teachings but to actually attend an event?! Wow! Totally wow!!!!!

  227. Kayla Godbey says

    I would LOVE to be selected to attend a Living Proof Live Event!!! I had the opportunity to participate at my church in the Simulcast this past fall… but would love to go in person! Thank you for all you do to encourage, motivate and teach women across the world about the sweetest name I know! To God be the Glory!

  228. Candias Chalker says

    I have been to one event in Las Vegas with my daughter. I would love to be able to attend another event with my other daughter. Thanks for this opportunity.

  229. Cassie says

    I had the opportunity to attend a LPL this Summer in Knoxville. It was such a blessing & I was reminded to endure no matter what by leaning upon the Lord & his grace. I learned to keep fighting through the tough times with the armor of God. And I learned that no matte what, I need to be credible! :)

  230. Katrina Hubbard says

    WOW! First of all I would like to thank Beth for awarding so many scholarships for Passion 2013. My daughter was one of the recipients! I love the way you pour into our next generation! it is going to make a difference. Okay, I have been to two LPM events (Charlotte and Charleston)…I remember HOLDFAST …What a powerful message and one that I will always remember…Holding fast to JESUS will help you get through ANYTHING!!! Thank you does not seem adequate enough for the gratitude I have for your teaching . What a huge blessing!

  231. says

    It’s been about 13-14 years since I went to First Baptist Carrollton and saw Beth Moore speak and what I’ll never forget was her interpretive dance to “Jesus I am Resting Resting” and how freely and beautifully she worshipped. I would love to go again and worship with Beth at Living Proof. Thanks!

  232. Maria Mukrdechian says

    Yes I heard Beth in Michigan, I believe it was Grand Rapids,,, It was a very small facility. It was about 6-7 years ago so I do not remember what I learned from the Lord there, (LOL Just being honest) but I never walk out empty. I do remember it because it was the first time I saw here in the upper level…than she would walk down on this side that side and she actually took a walk all the way around the arena to look at our faces. So sweet… we just love her.

  233. Jackie says

    I’ve been to one LPL event in Lexington, KY & have attended many simulcast events at local churches. I would love to attend another one!

  234. Laura Donald says

    I have been to 3 LPL events! My sisters, mom and I make it our girls weekend every year! We have been to events in Columbus, OH Lexington, KY and most recently in Knoxville TN. The Lord has given all of us such insight at each event! It is a highlight of our year! We look forward to attending another event in 2013.

  235. Eric says

    Hi- I, actually, do not want to go to Living Proof Live. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’d be great, and I really like Travis Cotrell. However, this request is for my wife. She loves Beth Moore, watches all sorts of streamed and recorded videos of her, and reads everything she writes. If they’re still available, I’d love to give my wife, Aimee, those tickets.

  236. Gina Terrell says

    Yes, I have been to a LPL in Columbus OH…..it was awesome, through Beth’s teaching, God revealed to me a peace regarding some things that were going on in my life at the time. Thank you.

  237. Dawn Chapman says

    I have been to several LPL events including one in KY and one in New Orleans. It has been several years since I have been and would love to go again!

  238. Stacey Bowen says

    I attended the LPL event this year in Charleston, SC. It was awesome! “You cannot walk in your full birthright as part fraud”

  239. Toni smith says

    My step-mother invited me to one in Birmingham 2 yrs ago & was so overwhelmed that when I got home I couldn’t even begin to explain all God was teaching me with out tears of joy & excitement! I would love to bring my mom to one. She is always doing for others & now that she was forced into retirement (laid off), when she should be enjoying this time, is now caring for my step-dad diagnosed with dementia & Parkinson’s . A renewed spirit through teaching would be great for her!

  240. Alaina says

    I’ve been to two events. I took my best friend to the one in Richmond and the other in Atlanta. Beth, has been in my life on numerous occasions. Thank you for your ministry!

  241. Mendi Catlett says

    I attended the Knoxville event! It was great! I even got to sit by Pat Summit. The Lord taught me that He is in charge!

  242. Melene says

    I have been to one LPL event-in San Antonio in August of 2008. It was amazing and I learned so much from Beth. I hope to go again!

  243. says

    I was blessed to attend the LPL when Beth traveled to Illinois a few years ago. So glad she is returning. I learned about John the Baptist and discipleship in her message that day. Would love to attend in Springfield in October and take a friend!

  244. Carrie says

    I attended LPL in KC, MO several years ago. It was a time of refreshing and renewal. The spirit moves at these events and it was wonderful to be a part of one and would love to be a part of another one.

  245. Daun Brandt says

    Never been! Doing my first ever Bible study at age 46 and it is Daniel by Beth! My got me the Dvd’s and bought me a work book and my very first Bible! Enjoying it and cannot wait to see her live one day!

  246. Rosalie Castleberry says

    I have been to LPL in Knoxville, Lexington, Columbus, and Columbia. I have learned that I have so much more to learn.

  247. Julie Prater says

    I have not been able to experience a Living Proof Live event. I have participated in several Beth Moore bible studies…my favorite has been James ~ though I did not memorize/recite the book :(

  248. donnicia says

    I have attended in Charlseton, SC, Richmond, Va, Raleigh, NC, Boone, NC, Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC. So many wonderful messages.

  249. Pattie Griffin says

    I have attended both LPL events in Portland Oregon —- one of my most precious life memories is from the first event back in 2004 …. I received confirmation from The Lord through Beth that the new relationship I was praying about was the relationship He wanted for me — and we got married in 2005!

  250. Michal Joyner says

    I’ve never been to a live event. I’ve attended simulcasts and many of Brths bible studies. I’d love to attend a live event with my daughter!

  251. Myra Adams says

    My ministry partner and best friend in the world always need a place to be filled after we have poured ourselves into the lives of the women in our church. We’ve been blessed to sit under Beth’s teaching twice before and no one fills our spiritual tanks like she does. She is truly anointed by God! We would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be able to experience this again in Duluth, GA.

  252. Dianne says

    I have attended several living proof events with my best friend. We try to take a BFF trip at least once a year and usually to living proof live, but it has been a few years since we have been able to take one of those trips. We are planning a living proof live trip this year and talked today about which one we would like to attend. We always leave with a fresh word from Beth’s teaching and have had some amazing experiences seeing God at work during our adventures!

  253. Jill Winter says

    I’ve been to the latest one in Louisville, KY – hmmm, two years ago? I help to coordinate the Beth Moore studies at my church, and we’ve done all of them that we can find and some more than once – I get to see women coming to the studies and begin to blossom and develop a hunger for God’s Word. A blessing. :-)

  254. Reva Bowden says

    I went to a Living Proof event in Louisville, Ky a few years back. It always amazes me on how many times I go to an event that God always puts you right where you need to be to hear what he has to say and it is always about something you are going through. Always lots of praise and worship in her events, I am always eager to hear more and love to hear Beth talk about her stories and how God works in her life as well as how he can work in our own lives.

  255. Peggy says

    Yes, I have been to several LPL events in the Philadelphia – New York area. I always learn so much from Beth. The one quote I continually remember is that God is longing to hear from me and talk to me. I remember thinking thatntherenarent too many people who are just dying to hear from me. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to go to another event.

  256. Marie Everhart says

    I would love to win tickets to a Living Proof Live event. I attended my first one this past summer in Knoxville and was blown away! Beth Moore is my all time favorite Bible teacher.

  257. says

    Hi! This is Jamie Brown and I’d love the opportunity to attend a session. I’ve never been but do enjoy growing my relationship with our Lord. Thank you! Be blessed!

  258. Linda k. Seba says

    I have never been to a Beth Moore event, although I have listened to her on radio broadcasts. I have heard my friends talk about what a blessing Beth is and I am sure it would be wonderful to be at an event myself. I am sure there are others more deserving of the tickets, but I would like to extend blessings for an amazing year to all of you .

  259. Annette Correll says

    My name is Annette Correll, I’m from San Diego. I have had the pleasure of attending an event before. I would love the opportunity to bring my daughter for the inspiration to read, cherish and fall in love with the Scriptures through the life-giving teaching and worship of your team!

  260. Molly says

    I attended the Living Proof conference in Pensicola, FL in 2011! It was absolutely amazing to learn about Philemon, but most of all, I learned the importance of digging into the Word of God to find out what it was saying and teaching me instead of just reading it on surface level! Life-changing!

  261. Kelley says

    I went to the LPL event in Charlotte the summer of 2011. Such a meaningful experience for me as I really learned what God’s love was all about. I would love to win these tickets and take my daughter…I want her to experience God’s love in this kind of format!

  262. Diane Qualls says

    I have been to 5 LP conferences and my hubby even went with me once. I love to worship with all these women.

  263. Hilary Beebe says

    My name is Hilary, and I have been to a LPL event – in Grand Rapids, MI a few years ago. It was a hugely pivotal time in my life and the beginning of an immense season of healing and change. I had just returned to following Jesus after years of living my own way. I had a lot of bondage and baggage and hurts. That event helped me begin to pursue Jesus for my healing, and here I am, almost three years later, healed. I would love to go again, and take someone with me this time!

  264. Bonnie Claire Wilkes says

    I had the opportunity to go to LPL Knoxville and loved every minute of it! My Sunday school class Made a Girls retreat out of it. It was a weekend to remember!!

  265. Sandy says

    I went to Kansas city last year. It was the most inspiring 2 days. I plan to go back to my home town Sioux Falls this year and go to living proof with my sisters in laws. I also would like to go to Tulsa with my life group this year. Its such a amazing and spiritual time, everyone should go

  266. Bethany says

    I have been to simulcasts, but have never attended a LPL event in person. The one in Sept on Faith was life-changing. Still have my open “oil” jar on my counter. God is faithful to keep it overflowing! Never putting the lid on.

  267. Debbie McLaren says

    I attended the Jacksonville Fl event with my mother in law! I learned that I need to surrender every part of my life to Jesus!!!

  268. Mei Au says

    I would love to have 2 tickets to offer as “scholarships” to 2 women in our church who may not be able to afford to go. Our ladies group will likely go to either Greensboro or Atlanta in 2013.

  269. Tara Jackson says

    I have not had the opportunity to attend a live event. I would LOVE to attend one, though! I did my first full Beth Moore study this year with a ladies group at church, and I’ve been so inspired and encouraged by it!

  270. Sharron Steele says

    I have attended several iving proof events with our women’s ministry from church and 1 very eventful one with my BFF in Little Rock, Arkansas many years back……..what fun! We always come away with such a blessing from Beth’s sharing Gods word ! It is awesome worshipping with thousands of our sisters in Christ. We are planning another trip this year and have not yet decided where……………..however, the place does not matter, we just want to get there. We have learned so many treasures during these events that help us live richer lives for our Lord and Savior. Bottom line…….. HE is all that matters ——the ret is “Just Parsley” !!!!!!

  271. Kelly Goodman says

    I was blessed to be able to attend an event in Springfield, IL a few years ago. My life has been transformed since then! What an amazing experience that I will never forget!

  272. Suzi Fabry says

    I have been to one LPL event and it was for the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio TX. I would love to win and bring a friend. :)

  273. tracie pounds says

    Hello, my name is Tracie Pounds, I had the priviledge to attend a Living Proof Life event in
    Springfield, that Beth taught at. It was amazing. Loved the worship and her humble spirit
    In delivering the truth of Gods Word, your spirit is contagious and your love for God, His Word, and others
    Is evident in your life, God ‘s continual blessings and annointing on your life and ministry.

  274. Nesha says

    Nesha Vest….have been to several events. My 11 yr old son came to one & is ready to go again! Beth really gets my brain thinking and it takes at least a week to absorb the information, but always impacts my daily life in some way.

  275. Sarah Speier says

    I have been to one LPL conference, and the message I walked away with still has not left me. Life changing, just as Beth prays for every time she speaks, is what happened to me. To go again would be……(speechless)….a plentiful, abundant blessing!

  276. Elizabeth Wooten says

    I saw Beth several years ago in Greensboro NC and it was incredible. My background is quite similiar to hers and I always leave her studies, books, blog feeling understood if you will. The greatest gift I have received from Beth is the importance of reprogramming my mind with scripture. It is through this process that The Lord has walked with me showing me mercy and grace. I would love to be able to see Beth again in the Spring and take my 21 yr old daughter.

  277. says

    My first Living Proof event was a few years ago in Boone, NC (where God gets his mail). My friend Charlene and I ran into Beth and Travis in Blowing Rock after after the event. It seems we all went there for lunch! It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends from our church and worship together. I loved the teaching on Asher that Beth shared with us that weekend.
    My second experience was just as awesome. It was in Greensboro a couple of years ago with Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur. I was so moved by Kay’s story. I loved watching Priscilla and how she delved into each verse she shared too. She made me laugh when she said she taught her dad “everything he knew”.
    I have also been to a few simulcasts along the way. I’ve enjoyed each of them and love all of the knowledge of the Bible shared, the worship and fellowship at each of them.
    My job is being phased out this summer, so we’re being more conservative with our funds. I had not made plans to attend a Living Proof event due to that, but I would love to go!

  278. Terri Lovett says

    I would love to have another opportunity to go to an event! I went to the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio then later to an LPL event in Memphis. Before San Antonio, I had lost my Mom and my husband within 6 weeks of each other, leaving me as a young widow and single parent to three young children. Beth taught about our inheritance in Christ, and how everything we go through can be used as part of that inheritance. He is the healer of those broken places, and we will be blessed. Sometimes we just have to experience these moments that only Jesus can come through. When we focus on Him during these times, we learn aspects of His Grace, Tenderness, and Mercy that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to grasp or understand. We get the opportunity to work with Him through it to the great glory of our God and King…. And He gets to work it for our good. Praise be to God.

  279. says

    It has been years since I have attended a Living Proof Live. I have been able to attend a couple of simulcasts since then and would, obviously, love to attend a live event again. I still remember Beth’s teaching from years ago challenging me to remember that God is the God of my was, is and is to come. God has used this truth many times in my life.

  280. Mary Geisen says

    I attended a LPM weekend in Louisville in 2008 after a major devastating event had taken place in my life and I was ministered to in such a positive way that weekend because God spoke through Beth and Travis. The love and strength that was poured out on me during that weekend helped me to overcome what I had just experienced. I would love the chance to learn and experience God at another LPM weekend. Thank you for all you do!

  281. Lynn Roney says

    I attended a Living Proof Conference in Birmingham, AL. Wonderful time of worship……………..and the message the Father had that still resignates today………. “Then I will purify the lips of the peoples, that all of them may call on the name of the LORD and serve him shoulder to shoulder.” Zephaniah 3:8-9 May God richly bless you!

  282. Gayle Young says

    Have seen Beth Moore live at FBC Bartlesville, Ok, Stillwater, Ok, and Ft Worth National Women’s Conf. Have done ALL of her Bible Studies and follow her blog. Love her as well as Priscilla Shirer, Jennifer Rothschild and others. Thanks for supplying us with great Bible Study opportunities

  283. Nichole Huff says

    I have never seen Beth speak in person or attended a LPM Live event. It would be amazing to go! I’d choose Greensboro, NC.

  284. Sonja Wood says

    I’ve been to a few LP events but my favorite has to be the one she did in Knoxville, TN the year Amanda found out she was pregnant with Jackson. I too, was about to become a Nana and I knew just how Beth felt. It was a precious time. Oh, and I learned that it was time to risk it all to learn to love AND that I could do that because of God’s abundant, never ceasing love foe me!

  285. Amy Currie says

    My daughter and I went to the Living Proof Live in Charlotte, NC in 2011. We both had an amazing time! It was so nice worshipping the Lord together. Beth Moore taught on the Torah of Kindness and I truly believe God spoke to both of us in incredible ways.

  286. Katherine says

    I’ve been blessed to attend several live events and simulcasts. I have taken something sweet and precious from Jesus to me at each. Hearing the song “In Christ Alone” for the first time at my first event wrecked me in a good way and it has been my hands down favorite worship song for 7+ years. Learned about His measureless love in Charleston, WV, saw her do the pre-conference for WOF in Washington DC where God showed me that I already had enough for ministry because showing Him off was my ministry… and about all the times “Hold Fast” is mentioned in the scriptures and how TIGHTLY that holding fast is in Charlotte, NC. Got to attend this year’s simulcast in Reading, PA at the live site and was blown away by the precious prayer time at the very end. Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets.

  287. Kirsten Lascano says

    I saw Beth Moore in San Diego a few years ago. She helped me to let go of past demons that God had forgiven me for but I couldn’t let go. I would love to give 2 tickets to some young women in my Bible study. We live in Phoenix and it would be awesome to take them when she is here in March!

  288. Megan Currie says

    I went to Living Proof Live for the first time in 2011. It was an experience that changed my life forever. Talk about an incredible encounter with Jesus! God was in that place and spoke through Beth Moore in incredible ways… And God used Travis Cottrell too. I am so grateful for that weekend and hope to be able to go again!!

  289. Debi Gerbino says

    I attended my first Living Proof Live event November 2012 in Lewiston, ME … and felt SO blessed. It was an amazing weekend for me.

  290. Twila Baker says

    I have attended Atlanta with a sister and my Mom and Birmingham with two of my daughters. Both were awesome and I learn something new every time Beth teaches. Thanks for giving so much of yourselves for us!

  291. Heather Turner says

    I have never attended a LPL event. An opportunity to go would be such a blessing – love Beth Moore and her team!

  292. Vicki Lawrence says

    I have not had the privilege of going to a Living Proof event but have done several of Beth’s Bible Studies have been to a simulcast of Priscilla this year. Also saw her in person a few years ago. These women are dynamic teachers and really bless me and all who hear them. A chance to win two ticket to see them would be a dream come true!
    Vicki Lawrence

  293. melanie says

    What a great give-a-way! I have never been to a Living Proof event live, only through a telecast. I hear that she is coming to my town next year & i would love to go! I have done several studies…………..just did James – wow! Currently waiting for God to turn the sorrow into dancing……………can’t wait for that day! Still need to do the Patriarchs & Breaking Free. Thanks for this contest.

  294. Cindy Moses says

    I have been blessed to see Beth live on several occasions. One was at the smallest of venues in Seymour, TX (I think this was likely booked prior to the understanding that a few thousand people would always want to see her.) My husband of 16 years just announced the week before that he wanted a divorce. She spoke directly to me in those few hours, and I found strength I didn’t know I had.

  295. Debbie Reynolds says

    I’ve never attended living proof as yet, however I’ve been to deeper still in las vegas with my mom and sister. It was life changing. I love Miss Beth passion for God and how shares how we can live our daily lives for God with passion (in our own way :) )

  296. Christi Schrauger says

    I would love to win this! I was just checking out the dates earlier this week for 2013. I’ve been to a couple of events in Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and Little Rock.


  297. Mary Beth Brannon says

    I am Mary Beth Brannon, and I attended my first Living Proof event this past summer in Charleston, SC with two sisters and two friends. We had a blast praising God together and getting a fresh word from Him!

  298. Georgina Mayfield says

    I have been to a couple events and I have learned so much. Many years ago Beth taught on the end of times in Florida. I learned to be prepared for them. She got me interested in taking 3 Bible Studies on it.

  299. Penny D says

    Attended at Hot Springs, Little Rock, and Memphis. Learned to worship caring only what my Savior thinks and no one else. I would love to give the tickets to two of my children’s ministry volunteers.

  300. Julie T says

    I’ve been fortunate enough to attend Living Proof events in Atlanta and Charlotte. What an amazing time of worship and teaching!

  301. Patty Klinger says

    I attended and was an Area Coordinator for the LPL event this past November in Lewiston, ME. It was a privilege and an honor to serve God in this way. I honestly do not think that I can put into words what God taught me there it was truly an experience where HIS presence was all that mattered. I thank Beth Moore, the LifeWay Team and most importantly Jesus for allowing me to be a small part of what HE is doing in New England!!! I hope to get to Providence this Summer!!!

  302. Karen says

    I’ve been to several LPL events, live and via simulcast and I’ve always been blessed. My favorite was the one last September—life-changing!

  303. Ms Dee says

    Please enter me for the TWO TICKETS giveaway.
    I have been to one LPM Live many years ago in Albuquerque, NM.
    It was then, I fell in love with Beth and began working on my long time damaged relationship with my mom.
    The healing and forgiveness took five years, but we are now reconciled.
    I would love to share a LPM Live experience WITH my mom.
    Thank you.
    P.S. It was also at the ABQ meet that I was introduced to the talents of Travis Cottrell. I have him on Pandora now.

  304. tabitha says

    I have NEVER been to an event, but have wanted so badly to go to one. My heart has been changed by so many of the authors/speakers/wonderful women and thier books! I can only imagine what it would be like soaking up words of wisdom live.

  305. Joyce Grimes says

    I attended the LPL in Pensacola, FL. Through the message, I discovered God’s unconditional love for me, I can trust Him with my innermost self, joy comes from my relationship with Jesus. He is amazing! I’d love to go to another event!

  306. Jacquelyn Smith says

    I have been to one of Beth’s events when she came to Pensacola Fl. I was about 6 days away from having my baby but loved every moment of it!!!

  307. Debbie Hutchens says

    Hi my name I’d Debbie Hutchens and I have never been to a Living Proof Live event but would love to go!! I’ve taken several Beth Moore Bible Studies at my church and I would love to hear her live!! Would love to win!!! Thanks!!!

  308. Ashley Hebert says

    I’ve never attended a Living Proof Live event. What a blessing it would be to attend. My husband and I have recently transitioned into full-time ministry. We are both hungry and eager to learn and pass on that knowledge to the amazing people in our community. I would greatly appreciate prayer as I move into a position assisting with Women’s Ministy. Thanks!

  309. Julie says

    Julie and I have been to two LPL. One in OKC and the other in Little Rock. So blessed by both and looking forward to many more!!!!

    • Julie says

      I forgot to add what The Lord taught me- at the little rock conference Beth spoke on fulfilling your ministry. I learned that each of us are meant to fulfill a God given purpose. He will lead us to it as we align with his will.

  310. says

    Beth’s teaching impacted me in 2002 I think it was the first LpL where my big takeaway was freedom in Christ. So many women still don’t experience that freedom. Blessings on the winner.

  311. Nancy Nanney says

    While I have been to several LPL events, my friend had never attended. When I found out Beth was coming to Knoxville, I immediately asked my friend if she would go with me. She desperately needed to get away for a few days, to escape the reality of horrible family crisis. It wasn’t until we were in our seats at the conference that I realized she had NEVER been to any type of spiritual conference or women’s event! She was blown away by the experience of worshipping with Travis and his choir, being fed the Word by Beth, in an arena full of the Holy Spirit, joined by thousands of believing women! And I was able to experience LPL anew through her eyes. What a joy!
    My friend emailed me on New Year’s Day and said, “Please, let’s go to another conference this year.” I can’t wait!!!

  312. says

    I have been to hear Beth several times over the years. She has encouraged me so much as wife & mother! She makes me want to dig into Scriptures and has taught me so much. It is very special when I attend because I am almost always with my mom (now 76) and my older sisters. Thank you for this fun giveaway!

  313. Michelle McClain says

    Yes, I attended @ Knoxville, TN in 2012 with a friend and was blessed by Beth’s message and would love to attend another event this year. Love Beth’s teachings!!!! :)

  314. Dianne says

    I went to the Living Proof in Tennessee in August 2012. I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part, and would love being a part of another one! One thing I learned is the difference between true fellowship and friendship. Inspiring!

  315. Deanne Johnson says

    I have been blessed to have attended 2 LPM Live events. I went to the first one in Irvine, Ca in July of 2010 and Long Beach, Ca , October 2012. I learned so very much at both events. The worship was also amazing. I would love to attend another!! Beth is a very talented teacher. Her teachings have helped me know Our Lord better. I am also blessed to have done many of her Bible studies. I am also participating in my second year of Siesta Memory Verse Team. Thank you LPM!!!

  316. Cathy Adams says

    Yes — I have attended two Living Proof Live events (Austin, Bossier City). Would love to attend another one in 2013!!!
    Cathy Adams

  317. Alicia McCoy says

    My name is Alicia McCoy. I have not been to living proof event. I would absolutely love to go. Thank you for the opportunity!

  318. Joey Lynn says

    Good morning, I am from Las Vegas, NV. I have never been to any events, but I would LOVE to be able to go. I am also committing to “Siesta Scripture Memory Team” in hopes to be able to party with “Siestaville” in a year. Wouldn’t be fun if God allowed me to attend 2 events in 2013.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  319. Cari Andreani says

    I have never been to a Living Proof Live but have led Beth Moore Bible studies in my home and in my church for the past 5 years. Love her! And Love how God uses her to show me His will! I have a dear friend who has done these studies with me- right by my side all the way! She is in desperate need of encouragement. We have ALWAYS wanted to go to a Living Proof Live Conference but have never been able to- both of our husbands are in the military- hers is on deployment right now. Would love to bless her with 2 tickets! Wouldn’t that be special! :)
    May God continue to reveal Himself more and more and draw each of us closer to Him!
    Praise Him!

  320. Brooke W says

    My small group bible study ladies saw Beth Moore last August in Columbus, OH. Beth is always full of the Spirit & able to speak the word so powerfully, it’s life changing! I watch her on Wednesdays at 5:30 am on James & Betty Robinson’s program and look forward to traveling to see her in 2013!!

  321. Sarah Goldstein says

    I’d love to attend an event and be refreshed spiritually!! What a blessing it would be!
    Sarah Goldstein

  322. says

    Courtney Cherest
    I have been to several LPLs: Baltimore, Richmond, and then Reading! I have been to one every year for the past 3 years and would love to keep the streak going!
    Just got back from Passion2013 and Beth was amazing during her session there too!

  323. Donita Landro says

    A great opportunity to come and hear what the Holy Spirit wants to speak to my life and the lives of all those attending!

  324. Karen Pray says

    I have seen Beth live in Providence, RI about 5 years ago and this fall in Lewiston, Maine.
    Different is believing that our individual lives make a real difference.

  325. says

    I attended Beth Moore’s live simulcast event in New Hartford, NY. I loved it and I learn so much from her all of the time. We had many from our church who I attended with. I have also taught one of her Bible Studies. The women loved it! I also attended more of Beth Moore’s studies taught by another woman. Beth Moore is fabulous! I would love to attend one of her live events!!!!! :) …..One thing that I learn from Beth Moore is humility. She is very open is describing the conflicts she has had to overcome. It’s wonderful and it gives hope to us all of God’s love and God’s Grace!

  326. Robin Marsh says

    I have been to two LPL Events both of them for Minister’s Wives, once in Chattanooga and then in Nashville. They were times of reflection and renewal in my daily walk with Jesus. Beth’s teaching was challenging and the music was inspiring! The ladies in my church are looking forward to Beth coming to Daytona Beach in November! I am asking each of them to invite an unchurched or unsaved friend to come with them. I already know who I am inviting and would love to tell her I already have her ticket!

  327. Joanne Borchert says

    I would love to see Beth again!! I attended the LPL in Long Beach, CA. It was a “Lifechanging” weekend!!

  328. Debbie M says

    I’ve been blessed to be able to participate in quite a few LPLs either in person or via simulcast all in the Atlanta area. I always walk away with a renewed sense of the victory I have in Him and the grace I’ve received through Him.

  329. Lisa Mottin says

    I attended Living Proof in Baltimore and in Reading. I learn so much both times that I have attended, but most recently I learned so much about fear.

  330. Jennifer Wiltron says

    I have been to one of beths shows, but I have been wanting to go again. I learned that I am not alone. That I am loved. That no one is perfect. I learned so much from Beth’s words. I walked away blessed and feeling full of the Holy Spirit

  331. Misty Brown says

    I have been to two LPL. One in Louisville Ky and one in Memphis TN. I always walk away renewed in my faith and renewed in spirit. Ready to take on the world. As a mother of three, wife, Sunday Shchool Superintendant, youth worker and teacher for a living I am always on the go! So leaving a LPL event always recharges me for whatever God will have me to do next! Can’t wait till the next one!

  332. Tammie Worsham says

    In the last 15 years I have been to 4 or 5 LP events. Each one has been life-changing. Has been amazing to see how I got a very specific word for the challenges of that particular season of life. It has been a few years since I have have been to one and boy do I need a word right now!

  333. Donna Berg says

    I have not yet been to a LP event, but am looking forward to attending my first this August in Sioux Falls. I have been through several Beth Moore studies and have benefited greatly from each one. Thank you!

  334. Charlene Morton says

    Attended Knoxville, TN event last August. Learned that Lord isn’t just going to “take” my habits from me, I have to give them to Him.

  335. Mariposa says

    I try to go a Living Proof Event, even if it is the simulcast, once a year. I have been in person to Arizona and New Mexico. God speaks so clearly through her and I would love to be able to attend live in AZ in 2013.

  336. Amanda Suttles says

    I attended my first event in Kansas City last year and can’t wait for the Springfield Il event in Oct!!!

  337. VICKI says

    I have been to 4 of your LPL Events, Beth, and have loved every single one even more than the last. Thank you for sharing your gift and enriching my life with a passion for knowing and loving Jesus more than I ever dreamed!

  338. says


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