Ask LifeWay Women

Ok folks…  We know you have burning questions that you’d like answered.  So dish it.  What do you want to know?

Maybe you’re wondering how Priscilla prepares for a live event.  Or where Lisa Harper buys her shoes.

Maybe it’s what kind of hairspray Beth Moore uses.  Or what Kelly Minter is working on right now.

You might even have questions for the LifeWay Women team, like, how you can get some training for being a better Bible  study leader.  Or the color of lipstick we’re all sporting right now.

We’re committed to providing you with All Access.  So fire away.  Leave us your questions in the comment section and we’ll choose a few questions to answer each month.


  1. Shensley says

    I would like to have some online training for becoming a better Bible Study teacher and women’s ministry leader. I am a WFHM and also homeschool 3, going out to training sites isn’t possible for me. What can I do online?

  2. Stephanie says

    The question that is burning in my mind from studying Beth Moore’s ‘Mercy Triumphs’ is, “What is the difference between lack of faith and lack of wisdom?”

  3. says

    Oh yes, I would definitely like to know what products Beth Moore uses on her hair!! Not just the hair spray, but the whole routine!
    Thank you LifeWay Women!

  4. Slayne Tomlinson says

    When are you going deeper than hairspray and makeup?

    What Bible studies so you do? How do you power through when you don’t feel like studying?

  5. Vikki says

    We all that Beth Moore is super-prolific-Bible-teacher-extraordinaire. I have a strong desire to teach the Word and write books. My question is: (1) What is your process for writing a Bible study? How do you start and remain focused? (2) How did you go from teaching Bible studies at your home church to having an International ministry.

  6. Jeannie says

    Do you have any material coming soon that can be used for a ladies’ retreat? We used Angela Thomas’ ‘Wallflowers’ study last summer and are in the process of finding something for this summer. Would also love to see Angela speak at more events! :)

  7. Joyce Izer says

    I really would like to know how to be a better bible study leader. Our pastor’s wife usually leads us, but I volunteered to help her when she became involved in a Master’s program which demanded so much of her time. I lead two studies last year, Beth Moore’s Revelaton and James and feel that I am improving, but know that I have a way to go in being able to help myself and our ladies draw all we can from the well of God’s word. I am disabled and have limited means of transportation so I have to rely on either reading materials or online classes. What are some ways I can improve my leadership skills?

  8. Kim says

    Are you guys open to expanding your speakers/teachers list? Mary DeMuth, Kim Cash Tate, Lisa Whittle and Suzanne Eller are outstanding! They would be tremendous additions to the Lifeway team. They offer raw truth and transparency, and they teach from a place of authentic passion. They are fresh and unique. Please get to know them and their work. I cannot tell you how much I think they would be a blessing.

  9. Cindy says

    I teach a womens Sunday school class and in looking for material and topics I find many very good bible studies that are written by the Lifeway Women writers. Are there any similar studies that are written in the form of a Sunday school study/format? I am always looking for studies that would fit into a 45 minute class time and only requires a short amount of prep time by the class members during the week similar to a traditional Sunday school format. Understandably the teacher prep time would vary but around one hour during the week prep usually works best with my class members.

  10. Sandra Golightly says

    I am also interested in more online training. I’m a busy mom of a teenager, work outside the home and wear many hats at our church. I often hear of really good conferences but they required travel. We don’t have the personal finances to travel for training. Our church doesn’t have the budget to pay for our staff to travel for training. Maybe when there is training offered make it available online so we can access on our own time…anytime. Seems like LifeWay has done this with a couple of training sessions but the replaying of the training had set times that I couldn’t view.

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