LifeWay Women Live: Raising Up New Women’s Leaders

If you missed our first airing of this webshow, it’s not too late! You can now catch up on the LifeWay Women Live Archive.

God uses women leaders to impact His kingdom. How do we teach women to lead in today’s church? What does that even look like? Together let’s discover what we can do to raise up an army of women to serve and lead. Join Chris Adams and Jenni Catron, Executive Director of Cross Point Church, Nashville, Tennessee, as they discuss how women can become stronger leaders in the church.


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    This is our goasl for 2013! To find leaders within the church and community who can reach out to others who aren’t at church and have lost their way. To find those women who are living in quiet uncertainty and unsure which direction to go tofind happiness. Lets make 2013 the year to find that army of women and reach bryond church walls and bind together! Thank you for all you do to make this happen!!:-)

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