Beginning a Women’s Ministry… Does Church Size Matter?

I am often asked about church size issues regarding starting a women’s ministry. Teaching the basics of women’s ministry more times than I could possibly count, I always share that there is not a formula or one-size-fits-all plan for women’s ministry. What we teach is a process, not a program.

If you ever have had a chance to attend our YOULead training, you have had an opportunity to attend the basics workshop and learn this process. It is also available in our leadership book Women Reaching Women.

The process works regardless of the size of your church. The outcome will be very unique though depending on not only church size, but the culture of your local community, demographics, and many other factors.

Because a small church is limited in numbers of women and leaders, you might have a “smaller” ministry, but it will still be unique and designed around meeting the needs of your body of women as well as the needs of your community. Also, a smaller church gives you as a leader the opportunity to know most of your women intimately, which is much more difficult in a larger church.

Two things that will help you as a smaller church:

  • The chapter in Women Reaching Women that deals with smaller church issues
  • Each chapter in our leadership book Transformed Lives that talks about how issues are dealt with in the smaller church

So, no matter what size of church you serve, if ministry is to and with women in the church and community, then  you do have women’s ministry. Whatever you are doing for and with women is women’s ministry and is mandated in Titus 2:3-5.

No matter what size church we serve, we have no excuse for NOT ministering to and with women! How do you minister to women in a smaller church?



Women Reaching Women

Transformed Lives

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