7 Things To Do When God Slows You Down

I came into the Christmas season knowing I would have some minor surgery on my foot. Actually looking forward to some “forced down time!”  But here I am, in the first week and already in a bad mood, wanting to be up and moving around, independent again and “accomplishing something.”

Being a member of the boomer generation, one of my biggest motivators is a sense of accomplishment. So, when a day ends without that, I feel like I’ve wasted that day! Can any other leaders identify with me on this?

I received a phone call today from one of our women’s leaders at my church. She advised me to journal and “enjoy” this time. A challenge, but one I needed for sure. So, let me challenge you as well.

If you are a leader and you find yourself in a similar situation try these things:

  1. Thank God for this time of rest (even if you don’t feel like thanking Him yet!)
  2. Watch for God’s work in the midst of this slow-down time.
  3. Listen to His voice and journal what you hear.
  4. Learn to enjoy this rest as a preparation for the time it’s over!
  5. Use this time to pray for others who are struggling.
  6. Do a Bible study!
  7. Pray for the desire to use this time for His glory.

Right now I have to pray for the “want to” in all this, but I know I’ll get it and this time will be sweet in spite of me!  That’s God’s grace.



A Place of Quiet Rest, Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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