5 Traditions for the Single Girl’s Christmas

Single girl traditions look a little different than married-with-kids traditions. I imagine they are a little less structured (because, as Linda pointed out, kids are big on tradition) and a lot more friend-focused. Because, as any single knows, our closest friends often become our family.

So here are my top 5 traditions as a single girl (in no particular order)!

#1 The Travel Tree 
Just like everyone else, after Thanksgiving I come home and put up a tree. But it’s not just any tree. It’s a little tree to go in my little house. And it’s a travel tree with ornaments collected from every place I’ve ever been to. This tradition started more than 10 years ago when I was doing study abroad in England. I met two girls at a bus stop from Rhode Island (Kristen and Anne Marie) who are still two of my closest friends. Anne Marie had the ornament idea, and I totally copied her. But it has been the most enjoyable tradition I’ve ever picked up. I have so much fun finding ornaments when I’m traveling, whether that’s to exotic location with my Rhody girls or to fun cities where we’re hosting Living Proof Live events. Every year when I put up my tree, it amazes me how many places I’ve been and how much I have to be thankful for.

 #2 The Ugly Sweater Party
Many people have the Ugly Sweater Party tradition these days, but I think my college girlfriends and I do it best. We pick a night when everyone is back in town, we all bring food, and we all rise up to the competition. I have won some and I have lost some, but I have never missed it.

#3 The Christmas Countdown Calendar
Decades ago, my dearest Aunt Linda made this felt Christmas calendar. I remember excitedly fastening the ornaments to the tree each day as a little girl, and I still enjoy the daily task just as much since my mom passed this family heirloom down to me several years ago.

#4 The Pumpkin Roll
I’m not sure what all goes into a yule log, but nothing says Merry Christmas to my family like a pumpkin roll. My parents beg me to make this every time the holidays roll around, and I can’t say that I blame them. It’s not hard, but it is a lot of steps. But Christmas wouldn’t taste the same without it. Find the recipe here.

#5 The Movies
At my house, Christmas is just me and my parents. So we don’t need to have the big Christmas-morning-up-at-5:00 a.m. thing. Traditionally we have an extravagant meal on Christmas Eve, open all our presents that night, and then on Christmas day we go to the movies. We love the movies. And since Oscar season is also in full swing, hitting the theater only makes sense. Last year we saw War Horse. The year before that it was True Grit. I’m not sure what we will pick this year, but if there’s an option with horses or cowboys, I’m sure that’s what we will choose. And I cannot wait.

So, those are my top five. What about all you other single ladies?

Larissa Arnault is the Marketing Specialist for LifeWay Women. She spends her days writing copy and managing projects for all things related to the LifeWay Women brand. After hours, you can find her trying new recipes in her prized Le Creuset Dutch oven while listening to French music.


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