How many of you gals out there read Jen Hatmaker’s Seven?  We would love to hear from you if you did.  And, in the meantime, check out Jen’s new Bible study, based on the book Seven, called The Seven Experiment:  Staging Your Own Mutiny Against Excess.

Here’s a note from Jen about the new Bible study:

“The Bible study includes totally new content.  It’s based on the project, so we’re talking about majorly digging into God’s Word on each subject. None of it includes the regular trade book, but you get all the videos and Leader Guide, so DON’T WORRY ONE SECOND about having all this material handled before you can lead. Nonsense. If you can press “play” on a DVD player and keep the subsequent conversation from derailing, you can lead this.”

Check out the video for more:

And because we love Fridays around here, we’re giving away one FREE The Seven Experiment Small Group starter kit.  That includes DVDs with video sessions and a member book with leader helps.

Enter today’s giveaway by leaving your name. And, just for fun, tell us what you’re doing this Christmas season to make it more about Jesus and less about excess.

By entering today’s giveaway, you affirm and acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resource’s official promotion rules found hereToday’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends Tuesday (12/11/12) at 11:59 p.m. CST. You must be 18 to enter, and you may only enter once. The winner will be selected at random. For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Bud Harlan at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-140.

Update: Congratulations to Stacie for winning this giveaway! Thank you to the hundreds of you who entered!


  1. Would love to be entered in this giveaway – have heard great things about this material!

  2. I am just now starting the book. Great stuff!

  3. Cara Kriz says:

    I have not read the book but the study sounds great. I’d love to win it for my ladies bible study group.

  4. We have been discussing this book in our Sunday School class and it has led to many challenging discussions! We would love to do the small group study!

  5. The book was great and challenging. The study sounds very interesting. I’ll have to check it out for my Bible study girls :)

  6. I have heard amazing things about this book and our small group is looking for a study for our women to do while the men break away and do their own study. This would be PERFECT.

  7. I would love to be the winner. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  8. Would love to win this, anything to help me keep close to God, love learn more and new things.

  9. would LOVE to go for this!

  10. Nicole W. says:

    I’d love to win a copy of this to use for Bible study. :-)

  11. Tina Harlow says:

    Haven’t led a study in a while, this sounds like a great one!

  12. Would be very interested in reviewing. To do this as small group study! Thanks for the opportunity to grow!

  13. Would love this for our ladies….doing The Journey by Adam Hamilton for advent.

  14. Pamela Johnson says:

    I love the Lifeway Bible Studies!

  15. Char Lewis says:

    Would so love to win this for our women’s Bible study group!! This Christmas season I’m trying to instill more of Jesus, less excess, to my granddaughters!!

  16. This year we are taking in one more of ” the least of these” – the ones Jesus loves. Today I will pick up a preemie baby girl whose parents are involved in sex trafficking. The Lord has rescued this sweet miss and she will be enfolded into our family, loved and protected. Jesus did that!

  17. andrea t. says:

    I have not read “7” but it seems like it would be a Great Counseling Tool…
    Yes, I would ove to share this win with the women @ People Helpers! <3

  18. CherylAnn Haley says:

    I would love to win this! This year I am out of work which enables me to attend all the free local church Christmas productions with friends and family investing time with them, and sharing the gospel to those who do not know the Lord. In regards to gifts, I am buying small gifts which are hold so much meaning and am wrapping them in a series of boxes or other creative ways to make it fun!

  19. Kathy McCrary says:

    What am I doing this Christmas to make it more about Jesus and less about excess? Good question! We have just downsized so we don’t have a lot of excess. We do need to make it more about Jesus, though. We will work on that.

  20. Sonya Aydell says:

    As a family, we read the series of Advent books that starts with Jotham’s Journey. There is also Bartholomew’s Passage and Tabitha’s Travels. Even my “big” kids love it when they are home. We also limit how much we spend on each child. The first week of e advent season, we also pray for foreign missionaries using a
    The IMB brochure.

  21. Cutting way back on gifts and working on different ways to teach my children to give back.

  22. I would love this study to add to our women’s study collection for 2013!! For Christmas and wanting to do less, I am making most of our Christmas gifts, and adopting a family for Christmas! We also exchanged names in our family so we don’t buy for everyone! Saves a lot and makes it fun, too! Thanks for this opportunity!

  23. Would LOVE to win this study for my book club and ministry. To make it less about “excess” and more about Jesus we are being conscious about what we are spending. I am actually going through my “stuff” that is brand new and I haven’t used and will be going shopping there first! I need to remove the excess in my life because its becoming difficult to see everything that God has for my future. Thank you so much for your Friday giveaways!

  24. We are buying less and making our Advent about Jesus! We have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas season, and having extra stff under the tree seems like a waste. We want this Christmas season to be remembered for our memories as a family. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  25. ranae' campbell says:

    I would love to win this for my ladies small group @ christ Church Camden.

  26. Kayla Maudsley says:

    ‘Seven’ completely opened my eyes up to the materialism that culture has deceivingly kept me in. My small group has been doing our own study on the book, and this month we talked about our spendings. Since I’m already tight on money and don’t want to feed into excess any longer, I’ve been trying to “spend” time rather than money, and give the gift of quality time instead of unnecessary gifts. I’m SO looking forward to learning through more of Jen’s material for this study!!

  27. Rachel Traver says:

    I would love to do this Bible Study in our church. We have been downsizing in our home for about 8 months. Some have been less enthusiastic than others. We have had to make choices about what is most important and what we keep because it is important. We definitely took Santa out of Christmas last year and this year. My six and three year olds know about Santa, but also know he isn’t who brings gifts. And that all things are blessings from God, including the birth of His Son.

  28. The purpose of this book is exactly what I’ve been thinking & going through right now and if there is anyway to bring God closer to me & my loved ones I’m in. Especially, during Christmas time.

  29. Beccy Kirtland says:

    I am reminding the children that it’s not about the gifts they receive this year but the one who they’ve already receive, Jesus. I plan to reduce the busy-ness of the season when trying to do it all, and, instead, increase our family activities. We are also going to serve at our church for one service on Christmas Eve.

  30. Mary Ruth Gray says:

    I would love to win this study. I am a Bible Study leader.

  31. I’m trying to focus less on the giving and receiving of things and more on spending time investing in others this season. We saw Jen speak at the Lifeway Forum in November and are very excited about this new study! We would love to have a copy for our women’s ministry.

  32. I’d love it

  33. Kristin Takemoto says:

    Hi my name is Kristin Takemoto and I am due with our second child Dec 26th with my first being 20 months. He doesn’t understand all the Christmas stuff just yet but we set up the nativity together (one of the few Christmas decorations I agreed to). He actually waited for me to tell him about each piece as we set it up. It was good for this mamas heart. I needed to slow down and just do the simple.

  34. I have gone through the book with 2 other friends and we have a fabulous “council” of 3! We have literally put into action each of the 7 excesses. It has been the most life changing book I have ever done. My eyes have been opened wide to the life I have been living as well as teaching my children. I think it needs to be mandatory reading! ;) Is that too much? We are dying to do the study in January! Would love to win! Also had the privilege of meeting with Jen at dotmom this past September.

  35. Amber Brown says:

    I would LOVE to win this!! :0)

  36. The book was life changing! A little worried about what the study might challenge me to do! :)

  37. I would love to win to do with the high school girls small group!

  38. Melissa Presley says:

    I would love this study! I’ve wanted to read her book! Thank you!

  39. We are cutting way back on “token” gifts & on how much we buy for our son. Trying to make it more about others & about it being Jesus’ birthday.

  40. Would love to win this. Thank you for the give-a-way opportunity!

  41. Pick me! Pick me!

  42. Loved reading “7” and can’t wait to do the study with my girlfriends this summer!

  43. Was hoping to lead this study in February!

  44. hazel walton says:

    would love to receive the free study! we r a small church with very limited funds! we r spending more time with family and friends, concentrating on relationships and ministering to those in need. this keeps our christmas more christ centered.

  45. shannon mcleary says:

    Would love to win this! The book was awesome!

  46. Lindsay Loucks says:

    I would love that!

  47. Love this book! Looking for more ways to expand on it ;) Has really made college life more bearable.

  48. Roberta Wirth says:

    Read the book and loved it! Would really like to lead a small group of women through this study. Pick me, Pick me!!

  49. So excited that the study is ready for this book! Loved reading it and my small group is ready for the challenge! What a blessing it would be to win it!

  50. I’d love this for our new young adult group’s bible study!

  51. Christy Dorr says:

    This was my favorite book all year!! Our ladies’ Bible Study group is finishing up David Platt’s Radical study on Jesus’ command for Believers to have a heart and do good for the poor. I think it would be the perfect, practical application coming off of David’s study, to simplify our lives and free our finances and time to serve and give to the poor. We are Fairview Baptist Church, Mineral Wells, TX!

  52. Kathy McLean says:

    I would love to win this small group. My attitude about things has changed and I want to find out more.

  53. I love Love LOVED the book 7 and even bought some for friends. I still have not been able to go thru the book with a group as a study but would love to! Please enter me in this wonderful giveaway.

  54. Jenn Kujawa says:

    Have heard great things about this book, and know many women who would love to do a study of this with me!

  55. Krissie Huston says:

    Wow! Several friends have recommended the Seven project to me, and I’ve heard great things about it from sisters who I love and respect. As a single mom of four small kids, I have a tight budget and would live to “win” such a blessing :-)

  56. Loved this book and would love to win the kit! I shopped early for the kids so I can focus on doing more family memories and time studying Advent and doing advent crafts with them.

  57. Currently in a group (outside my church) doing this experiment and we are on Possessions this month, ouch but so freeing. I would love to win this kit and lead a group at my church.

  58. Would LOVE to win this…thank you for giving it away!!! On Christmas day, we celebrate Christ’s birth my making a birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday Jesus…our kids love it!!!

  59. Sandy Beetler says:

    Just looked at a sample copy of this study this week – it looks great. One thing I am looking forward to is helping my sister with her annual craft party for her daughter’s 10 year old friends. She’s been doing it for years – teaching the girls to make gifts and experience the joy of giving instead of just receiving. they love it!

  60. Would love to go through this study! Such a great book!

  61. Yes, a thousand times yes, do I want this! After reading 7 this fall, I know that I need to go beyond reading about someone else’s experience and actually experience it myself. Would love to lead a group through it.

    I am reducing the number of gifts I buy, and trying to be more conscious about where I spend those dollars. And the nativity has taken the prized place in the mantel formerly occupied by stockings and pretty stuff.

  62. My small group would love to win this!

  63. Would love to kick off our new life group with this study!

  64. I would love to win this! Thank you :)

    For Christmas we are purging our house and donating!

  65. Krissy Buck says:

    I wants it! I read the book and I talk about wherever I go. I’m obsessed with living simply for Jesus! I have a bunch of women I have talked to who want to read this and I am looking for a way to disciple others. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful way to minister to the human need of wanting a simpler life but introducing the why? I love it!!!

  66. Would love to win.

  67. Would love to win this and share it with a Bible study group!

  68. I loved the book – it changed everything! Would love to have the materials so I can share it with my friends!

  69. Brandee Holland says:

    This was my favorite book of 2012!

  70. Can’t wait to dig into this study. Christmas this year is about time and family and memories, not about stuff. It is hard to get out of the consumer cycle of Christmas, but even the gifts that we have chosen this year have a focus on spending time and making memories.

  71. Please enter me to win this study…I’ve got a group who would love it!

  72. Would love to win. This year I’m making about half our Christmas gifts to each other and others handmade. We also are doing 25 days of activities together as a family or helping others.

  73. Woohoo!!!! I recommend this book to everyone. I would love to delve deeper into it!

  74. Kathryn Cottrell says:

    You’re crazy. I’m in! We’re going back to homemade gifts this year. Putting a little more time and love into our gifts. We always read Luke 2 and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, sometimes we bake a cake.

  75. I would LOVE to win this! Reading “7” was a fantastically, wonderfully terrible experience for me. :)

  76. Would love to host this study for a small group at our church:)) happy Friday

  77. I bought multiple copies to pass around to my friends and we already have a group gearing up to do the study. This would be a great blessing to our little group:)

  78. Heather Burke says:

    I’m doing an advent study, limiting gifts and sponsoring a foster child for Christmas. Trying so hard to teach our children that the beauty and joy really is in giving to others and receiving the gift that Christ gave us w/ His birth. It’s not always easy and we are definitely a work in progress, but we are trying,

  79. Just started reading 7 and it’s incredible. We are going through a lot of things to give away this weekend and looking for opportunities in our own space to give back this Christmas.

  80. I’m so looking forward to this study!! For Christmas this year we are limiting gifts to be able to give more to those in need. We are doing 4 items; something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. :-). Still an abundance but getting closer!

  81. Would love the opportunity to share this study. The book impacted my life greatly.

  82. Trying to teach the kids how much we really do have already and how blessed we are.

  83. I would be most thankful to win this!

  84. Katie Wirth says:

    Trying to convince other family members to donate to cause and not buy useless gifts….

  85. Heather Jessee says:

    Would love to win!!

  86. Loved the book! Would love to do the Bible study to and share this with girlfriends!!

  87. I have a group of women ready to do this! Come on, Jen! We’re SO ready!

  88. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    I read the book with my small group at church and it was amazing! We are already planning to put some practices from Seven into action with the start of the new year, this small group study would REALLY HELP! I just returned from a mission trip to Gressier, Haiti… between reading Seven and experiencing God’s love in Haiti, our Christmas will not be about consuming more but about giving more.

  89. I would LOVE to have this! My husband and I are small group leaders at our church and are looking for something fresh for January! Hooray!

  90. lacey poag says:

    this Christmas we are slowing down to focus on the TRUTH…our 3 & 5 year old amaze us daily with their LOVE for and from God! 7 is a great book….now I am ready to share the study with our small group.

  91. Oh, please pick me!

  92. Lisa Hutcheson says:

    We’re doing the same thing we do every year. We focus less on ourselves and the importance of getting the perfect gifts for our kids and more on making sure they understand the importance of giving. Giving in good faith, giving when you don’t feel like you have much wiggle room, and not expecting anything in return.

    My mom and I have been wanting to get a small group together to do this study. We would be so thankful to win this and share the life-changing experiences we had with others, and hope that they have the same (but different) feelings stirred inside them.

  93. Would love this for our church group!!

  94. Ooh, would ADORE this! My hubby and I were just discussing leading this as a small group at our church sometime in the near future. I saw Jen post it on FB a few days ago and I’ve been stalking/debating it since. :)

    As for Christmas, we have been doing an advent every evening with our kiddos that reads along in the Jesus Storybook Bible. They’re young, but we want to build that foundation early so that they understand the TRUE meaning. We’re also implementing a one “want” gift rule, while donating old toys to those in need to make sure Christmas isn’t seen as a material holiday by them.

  95. Anna Willett says:

    This Christmas I am teaching my 2 year old nieces that Christmas is about Jesus’ birthday as they stay with me while dad is deployed. They are very excited about Jesus’ “happy day”.

  96. Victoria Andrews says:

    I am already planning on doing this with my small group early next year, so winning it would be perfect!
    I am simplifying on gifts, focusing more on family gifts, rather than spending a lot of money.

  97. I am so excited about this study! I can’t wait to complete it with my tribe!

  98. Melody Burroughs Reid says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I am undone by 7. LIterally

  99. Green-land says:

    I would love to win this!!
    And to answer the question, we’ve the number of present our kids get to 3 each, and we try to order gifts that benefit causes that make a difference!

  100. Lauren Via says:

    Would love to win this set! We are trying to focus on what we can do for others this season instead of what we can get for ourselves.

  101. I’d LOVE to win this!

  102. Sami OBrien says:

    We LOVE 7- what a blessing this would be to share with my closest friends! This year, we have cut back on presents and focused more on service, helping others and being a blessing wherever we can!

  103. I loved this book!!!! I know I would live the study even more. It may make my hubby and kids want to disown me :)
    This Christmas I’ve bought several ‘gifts with a purpose’. I feel so guilty buying stuff we don’t need when others
    around us struggle just to make it through the day!

  104. What an awesome give away!!! I recently bought the book and love the idea of a study!

  105. me, me me!

  106. Terri Sasse says:

    I’m on the seventh month in the book and have changed gifting ideas for Christmas. My husband gets a gift card to Kiva and a donation made to a local shelter in my sister’s name. Can’t wait to see the video series!

  107. Love this book and want to read it again!!! I’d love to win the package!

    We are remembering that Jesus gave everything so we are looking to donate and collect lots of items for families in need, right here in our community.

  108. lynda mote says:

    Read It. . .Loved It. . .Hated it. . .Ruined Me. . .Challenged me. . .began my own concocted version of “7” in November customized for my own taste. . .now on to December with the “giving away 7 items a day” Tis the Season fa la la la la. . .its changed my life:)

  109. Erin Mizell says:

    I bought this book quite by accident last summer and devoured it in 3 days. Laughed, gried, was convicted. Bought it for three friends who had similiar responses. In January both of our womens groups at Life Journey Christian Church in Bakersfield, Ca. will be doing the study! Praying for repentance, conviction and LIFE! Thanks Jen <3

  110. I haven’t read the book yet-was hoping to read it over Christmas break. I think Jen is hilarious and real (I follow her blog and FB) and I’d love to dig into her material. Thanks for the opportunity!

  111. Amber Martin says:

    I’ve read this book and have been trying to talk my small group into doing the study. This year, we are not exchanging gifts. Heaven knows my children already have more than they can seem to put away, as it is. Instead, we’ve adopted a family and are buying gifts for them. We also filled a couple of shoeboxes for OCC. oh, and we’ve been reading parts of scripture every night to remind us what this season is all about: Jesus’ birthday.

  112. I heart Jen.

    This is our daughter’s first Christmas in the US. Being intentional about not making it about “stuff,” but about Jesus and love and the story of redemption.

  113. Laura bowser says:

    Would love to win! The book was awesome!

  114. Jen Spills says:

    I did the “7” experiment for Lent and ate the following 7 foods for 40 days:
    Black beans
    Brown rice
    Protein power bar
    Greek yogurt

    It was a cool experiment, but when I went to Haiti a few months later, I realized that even eating 7 foods was more than many other people eat on a daily basis,

    Would love to win the kit for my Small Group.

  115. I just recently got turned on to Jen’s teaching and I would love to win! She is so honest and funny about her daily walk as a Christian woman

  116. Tammy Matthews says:

    I would love this! I don’t have the book yet.

  117. Loved 7, would love to do the study!

  118. I read 7 this summer and thought it was such a great book. I would love to do this study with some friends. Thanks for doing this giveaway – the message is so important!

  119. Melissa Yates says:

    Jen Hatmaker rocked our socks off at girl time Life Church Olathe, KS. Her sense of humor is the best.

  120. Kim Campbell says:

    Loved the book and would love to experience it with some friends in the form of a bible study. We are buying minimal gifts this year, not the extravagance of years past. Looking up to Him this Christmas.

  121. Would love to do this study. Tried to do it on my own after reading 7 and failed. Trying to stay more focused on Advent. Meditating on what it meant to wait for Jesus’ arrival and what God ordained for all of it to happen.

  122. I’d love to do this study! Thanks!

  123. We’ve asked our family members to give alternatives to gifts – gathering together as a family, donating to charities, etc. We are spending more time with our children focusing on giving rather than receiving. I’d love to do this study with my girlfriends!

  124. Kristin Stauffer says:

    I would love this. Jen is coming to PHX in Feb and I’d love to do this study before she comes.

  125. I so want to do this study!! We told our kids we are cutting way back on gifts this year and we are really trying to do more service as a family.

  126. oh! i have been wanting this book!

  127. LOVE to win this!! Wrangling up some people now to start this new chapter in our lives in January!!

  128. This would be amazing! We are making this season more about Jesus by buying fair trade gifts and loving others through our purchases. :)

  129. I love “7”!! Honestly, I think Jen and I are destined to become BFF’s…she just doesn’t know it yet! This Christmas we are clearing out and sharing with others and have adopted a family to help. Thank you Jen!

  130. This is so awesome!! I love Jen Hatmaker! This Christmas I am raising $500 to send Swaziland kids to school, spending less on gifts.

  131. ok. I work for a competing bookstore. I am like the dudes on the Progressive ads right now! ;)


  133. Dee Meyers – We are making more of an effort to see extended family this Christmas season – even though we have to travel, we want to be with family. Our kids have picked out toys from their “wish list” to give to a family who is in need of Christmas presents.


  134. Jontie Meehan says:

    I can’t wait times do this bubble study!!!

  135. Toni Gonzales says:

    Me! Me! Me… Horshack style ;)

  136. This is such an awesome book! Would love to share it with my friends :) Thank you, Jen, for the way you continually challenge me. Awesome stuff.

  137. Excited to dig into this study! s
    More about Jesus this Christmas? This year we are cutting deeply back on the “wants” gifts for ourselves and using the same money (spent in past years) to give “needs” gifts to local, national and international Christian charities in the name of our extended family. Our prayer is through these met needs the recipients learn of the love of Jesus and the reason He came to earth in human form.

  138. Lara Hurley says:

    I want it!

  139. Stephanie Curtice says:

    Love this book! Would love to win and share with ladies at church

  140. Judy Riddell says:

    This year I will put Bible verses on name tags for the gifts I give.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! Some of us Ladies are going to be studying and applying the book to our lives this coming January. Very excited!

  141. Lara Johndrow says:

    Read it…now implementing it!! This year we are helping to make Christmas happen for a local family, as well as going the something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read route. Doing Jesse Tree to start teaching the kids now about the life of Christ too!

  142. Hi there! We are talking every day with our girls who are 4 and 2 about how Christmas is because of Jesus’ birthday – how all of this magic of the Christmas season is because we are celebrating Him!! We have cut back our gift budget for the past couple of years so that we have more to give away.

  143. I WANT TO WIN THIS……PLEASE!! Love the book, took the challenge, want to do this study with women in my neighborhood now! :0)

  144. Linda Smith says:

    I have indeed read Seven by Jen Hatmaker and listened to her on Incourage Bloom Book Club … and have read Interupted… and her husbands book Barefoot Church and their blogs and Shane Claibornes book….. well you get the idea. Loved them all and would love to win this!!!!!
    Every Christmas for the last maybe 12-15 years we have not given Christmas gifts to each other in our families.. (3 children and 16 grandchildren). except for gifts to the children. In lieu of this we have given to a needy family (which we sometimes keep throughout the year or until they can stan alone) or we give to organizations like the halfway house where we are volunteers or other ministries.

  145. Jennifer Ryan says:

    I would love this!!! We are doing the Advent Conspiracy and instead of gifts donating to the Charles Mulli Home in Kenya.

  146. would like to win for our bible study group

  147. I read the book and loved it. I made changes in my life and felt as if my focus was on the Lord. Fast forward six months to the holiday season and I feel I need to be reminded about the values you so wonderfully talked about in Seven. Perfect timing for the study. Thank you for making it available!

  148. Juli Jones says:

    Oh how i would love to win this! I bought the book at the last DotMom conference (where you spoke and rocked my world by the way!). I haven’t started the book……probably because I know how it’s going to change my life, and oh soooo how I need to change. I would love to share this study with the women in my church, go through this life changing process with them, together. thank you thank you thank you….for all you do.

  149. Life changing!

  150. Most life changing book I’ve read in years…would love to bring this to my church and do this study!

  151. Read the book in our book club and was totally challenged by it. Would love to do the study with our small group, digging in deeper and putting hard truths into action! Laughing along the way, of course ;).

  152. I would love to do this study! I think i need it. Thanks for the opportunity! God bless!

    Jennifer Goodwin

  153. I had never heard of this book before this blog post. Now I know that I need this concept in my life. Would love to share with some accountability partners! This Christmas season and hopefully right into 2013 we are focusing on living in the real world and not into virtual worlds of electronics. We are focusing on face to face relationships. Blessings to all!

  154. Our little group of ladies decided a few weeks ago that 7 will be our first Bible study in 2013. We are ridiculously excited! :-) We have always been a group that serves so giving back to our community and church is how we keep Jesus as the Center of our Season!

  155. My family participated in a new tradition this year where we “St. Nick-ed” a family (provided a christmas for struggling family without being found out – just like the real St. Nick). But what made is wonderful is learning with my preschoolers about the real St. Nick who loved Jesus and wanted Him to get all the credit for blessing others. It will be a tradition we continue:)

  156. I’ve read this twice & would love to share it with the group I lead!

  157. I would love to start the new year with this study!

  158. Pick me! Pick me! I have heard so many good things about this!

  159. Christy Dorr says:

    7 was my favorite book I read this year! We are just finishing up David Platt’s Radical study in our ladies’ Bible study group at church on Jesus’ heart and commands for Believers to love and serve the poor. This study would be the perfect practical application to simplifying our lives and freeing us up to love, serve and give. We are Fairview Baptist Church, Mineral Wells, TX!!

  160. Cara McMorris says:

    Our family is on month 4 of our own 7 experiment! This concept of minimizing excess in all areas of life has changed our lives! I would love to share this with our friends!

  161. Kelsi Strawn says:

    I love Seven! It’s given me a new perspective on how we do things in America. I would love to do the work book and see the things God changes in the way my husband and I live.

  162. Absolutely YES… It’s time to shake things up here in Western KY!!

  163. We light advent candles and read devotions during family dinners to slow down the rush and escape a consumer mentality.

  164. Jayna Swords says:

    Loved the book!!!! Less gifts…more God!

  165. Laura Watson says:

    This Christmas like last my family writes letters to Jesus about the gift we are going to give him throughout the year. We give gifts of service, attitude, and possessions…it really is a great way to have the spirit of Christmas last all year!

  166. Diana Gardner says:

    I would love to win this study! I’ve been very convicted about making Christmas more about Jesus and less about the gifts. For me, I think it’s more a change of heart.

  167. We would love to win this! I would love to start a bible study in our town with this study!

  168. Robyn Stroo says:

    I love this book! For the holidays, my husband and I have decided to match what we spend on our children’s gifts and give the same amount to orphans around the world. Trying to remember the true meaning of Christ’s teachings!

  169. I’m leading a book club with this book now (7 month long as we are doing the experiment). This would be SO helpful!!!!

  170. We want to do this as a family, and my oldest daughter wants to do this with her high school small group.

  171. I’d love to win a copy of this book. I’m making an attempt to focus less on the “stuff” and more on the spirit this year than ever before.

  172. I read the book. Life changing! Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do this study with my girlfriends!!

  173. Erika Mayes says:

    I would love to win one of these!l We read the book with our church small group and it caused us to think about how we can live more intentionally. This Christmas, I am trying to make things myself, be creative, buy locally, give to those in need, and limit the amount of stuff we give.

  174. Went to breakfast with my bible study group yesterday, we are looking for a study to start in January – pick us!

  175. Dana Brekke says:

    I love this book. Read it on vacation, laughed and cried in the same chapter, and maybe felt a bit guilty about the tropical drink in my hand. Came home and bought copies for my friends. I just had to talk to them about what I read (I have my own council of sorts). Just finished leading it in a book club, so the study guide is LATE in my opinion, but had such a great time will probably do it again. Thank you!

  176. I’d LOVE this study! Read the book last Spring and loved it! Ourfamily is focusing more on Jesus this year by having a daily reading from our Bible and a Family activity for each day on our advent calendar!

  177. I LOVED “7”! Especially the section on stress. This year when we say our nighttime prayers with the boys we make sure and thank God for giving us the only gift we’ll ever really need when he sent Jesus at Christmas.

  178. Dolly Mink says:

    I want to win!! I want to win!! We are hoping to do this as a ministry in the spring and I would love to win this to prepare to share with my sisters.

  179. This year we’ve started Shepard’s Pouches. In years past we’ve always picked something out of the World Vision/Compassion catalog as a family, but the kids (9,7,3) didn’t seem to really get it. This year a small pouch/stocking is on display along with a bucket of quarters and dollar bills. When they are caught doing an act of kindness, putting others before themselves, etc they receive money for their pouch. We are also giving all our quarters that we receive from chores to our pouches this month- knowing we will have lots of presents under the tree while others do not. On Christmas Eve morning we will as a family count up all out money’s together and purchase whatever we can from the WV catalog. The more money they earn the more options they have.

  180. Jennifer Smith says:

    Trying to make more family moments and times my kids will cherish. The gifts they will forget, but those moments linger.

  181. Woohoo – I’d LOVE to win this leader pack – I’d totally get a group of friends together to do it with! Christmas without excess is easy here in Bolivia! :)

  182. This Christmas I am buying fewer and less expensive gifts and spending more time writing personal notes. I’m also making it a point to connect with friends I haven’t seen in a while and discuss our spiritual lives.

  183. Emily Grimes says:

    I would love to win this! I was just researching it the other day & it looks amazing! My husband & I have been talking about this concept lately and when I stumbled upon it I couldn’t believe it! :)

  184. Would love this! I’ve always been a fan of Jen’s work :-)

  185. Elisabeth Cridlin says:

    I love Jen Hatmaker and 7! I really want to do this study with my church! This Christmas my family is focusing more on Jesus by filling a Operation Christmas Child shoebox for the first time and searching for gifts that give back.

  186. Melanie Cooke says:

    I got the book at the Women’s Forum not knowing what it was about, but after hearing Jen speak her heart ~ I knew she had something to say from the Lord and I wanted to know more!! I saw the sub-title “an experimental mutiny against excess” and knew it was for me! I’ve started reading and look so forward to see how God is going to change, use and challenge me and whomever comes along for the ride! YES!! I want to teach this study!!!! :)

  187. I want to win! I thought I was living a simple life as a humble missionary in a foreign land. Bah. I am moving today. I have serious issues with stuff. Clothes, shoes, books, CDs, furniture. All too much. I think that woman, expats and missionaries alike, would benefit from studying the material because we have fooled ourselves into thinking we haven’t brought our mindset and our stuff with us from the US.

  188. yes! yes!! yes!!! my hubs and i read it this summer and looking forward to bringing it to our sunday school class whether i win here or not! thanks for the opportunity to win and for making the study materials!

  189. The women on our church plant launch team would love this!

  190. I devoured 7 and Interrupted and cannot wait to get my hands on the study!
    I am hoping to continue placing the emphasis on family and service this season, instead of gifts. With a 4 year old that’s just getting the concept of Santa and just celebrated his birthday last weekend – gits are definitely his short term focus right now.

  191. Think this would be a great study for me and my gal pals….Can’t wait to see her in a few weeks!

  192. Kara Kincaid says:

    This book is life changing!!!!

  193. This book transformed the way I thought about the church- and the world. Her honest and authentic voice, engaging stories, and courage are incredible. Someday, I hope to go to a conference where Jen Hatmaker is speaking. In the meantime, I would love to win the Study!!!!

  194. Would love to win this set! Merry Christmas!

  195. Jenny-Guess I should have finished reading the instructions before I got excited and started posting a comment! In our family, we keep gifts simple and meaningful and this year our big focus is food….stuffing ourselves less and feeding more people who need meals and never get snacks. When we’re in the snacking mood, we start looking for opportunities to give a holiday treat to family in need.

  196. Kirsten Bell says:

    Ooh! I won’t name names…but I know a gaggle of ladies that this study would rock their worlds in a mighty way!

  197. Melissa meyer says:

    After going on a couple mission trips to Haiti my husband and I feel very passionately about simplifying our lives and living below our means to increase our level of giving instead of our level of living. We would love to do this study with our home team to kick off our new year in a counter cultural way. We are trying to make Christmas point to Jesus this year by having people spend the money they would have spent on our gifts to sponsor the children in the orphanage in Haiti where we worked. Also we’re doing micro loans for people instead of buying gifts for our family. It’s amazing how already by removing the material gifts from the season this year has helped us focus on the true meaning of the season!

  198. Sheryl L Plott says:

    Having done the experiment myself and surviving it with a changed heart and mind, I would love to be a part if this giveaway so that I can share this experience with some great gals I know!!

  199. I am a missionary in Haiti and a group of other missionary women here are wanting to start this study for the new year! We truly believe this study will help us strengthen one another and encourage us in our different missions here in Haiti. I have already read the book and I am ready to start this transformation with my Christian sisters. To win this kit would be such a blessing to us!

  200. Beth Rogers says:

    My Bible Study just finished the Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study and we LOVED it. As a single almost 30-year-old who just bought my first home, I have to watch my resources closely. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year to celebrate, typically with homemade gifts (cost-effective and they mean way more!).

  201. Stacy Espinoza says:

    I’d love to win this! Our bible study group will be doing this study in the coming year….they just don’t know it yet, lol

  202. The book was very challenging. I was already a minimalist in my own mind, but found out quickly how much more I could do to put my faith into action. I’d love to win and share with others!

  203. This sounds like a great study for women. Our small group would love to win it.

  204. It feels kind of weird to talk about how we are cutting back on excess while stuffing my face with a HUGE cinnamon crunch bagel (with honey walnut cream cheese!) from Panera Bread, but…
    we truly are trying to make better everyday decisions about what we buy and how much we buy and from whom we buy, and at Christmas, it has simply meant being more intentional in our gifting, doing more research and refusing to buy “filler” that would make our stockings bulge and cause the area under out tree to overflow like one in a magazine.
    I guess what I’m saying is, we’re going less Disneyworld and more “Little House on the Prairie”.

    They still did Christmas on the Prairie, but…it meant something. And that’s what I want for my kids.

  205. Among other things, we’re letting our children help us pick out gifts from the Compassion International gift catalog.

  206. My small group at church would LOVE to do this study. We have read the book but want to really get “into it” by the study!!! I am trying to not buy so much “stuff” for my kids but instead do meaningful things with/for them. Stop junking up under the tree and instead make memories!

  207. I hope to make some long overdue visit to people I love that live far, far away; sharing life and Jesus with them.

  208. What a great giveaway. I’d love to do this study.

  209. This book is amazing and has completely changed my way of thinking!! Please enter me into this give away, our Bible study group would be blessed to have it!

  210. Catrina Dawson says:

    We are still talking about Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for each evening. We are NOT talking about presents and wish lists. My son is 3 and my husband and I both have Christmas birthdays, so we talk about how Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

  211. This would fit perfectly into my plans for January! Free, even better. Have a fabulous day ladies.

  212. Nancy Underwood says:

    Loved the book ad would love the video series!

  213. Lee Patterson says:

    We are trying an Advent calendar this year. We are doing scripture and less shopping, more family time.

  214. I NEED this study! I have 4 children and it’s easy to be in excess just because we are a family of 6, we have more. This Christmas season, I am trying to reduce what we do, wanting my children to understand that less is more. And we would enjoy the season by doing less. Also giving more.

  215. LOVED THE BOOK – and have been anxiously awaiting the study. There is a whole group of girls that would greatly appreciate this study.

  216. courtney eller says:

    I would love to win this!

  217. Would be perfect for our mom’s group at church!!

  218. Christa Eggimann says:

    I’m really looking forward to doing this study with some of my girlfriends!

  219. Jennifer Meybaum says:

    I’m reading the book right now and would love to do it with my Christian Book club group next! I hope to win!
    As for this Christmas, we’re doing the Advent devo from Thriving Family on the Names of God and also putting those names on mini chalkboard ornaments to decorate the tree!

  220. Would love to share this study with my girls, hard stuff but so needed.

  221. Carmen mitchell says:

    Less is what I strive for. Would love to get others on board

  222. Excited about the opportunity to possibly lead this study. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  223. Would LOVE to win and share with my group of girls!!
    The drawing is a day before my birthday… What an AWESOME gift that would be!!!
    Merry Christmas all!!!

  224. Janet Worthy says:

    This study sounds extremely interesting and relevant:) At least severely needed by me!

  225. amy hardesty says:

    For Christmas this year we are not giving gifts to each other but blessing others in our community with money that we would have spent on ourselves, we are hand making the majority of the gifts to our families

  226. Sign me up!!!! I loved the book and have been trying to live it out, with some degree of failure….

  227. Would love to win this for my bible study!

    This year I made daily verse cards for advent for the kids to look up and read after dinner. I shared the cards I made with everyone on my website. :)

  228. Would like to start a bible study in the new year with ladies from my community. This would be a great start!

  229. Jodi Strittmatter says:

    7 is an amazing book and so deeply spoke to me. I was so excited to hear about the bible study! I have a group of women who want to do this study together, so winning it here would be an amazing blessing!

  230. We are planning to do your study at our church plant once we can get our hands on it. We came and heard you speak at a church in Whitehouse TX. I now follow you on Facebook. Our ladies love how real you are and your boldness for Christ. What a blessing it would be if we could win this! Thank you for opportunities of blessings like this. Thank you for being obedient and challenging us in Seven.

  231. Sarah Humphrey says:

    Absolutely loved the book!! I would love to win the study!!!

  232. I would love to win this. Our women’s group plans to do this study in Spring 2013.

  233. Michelle Morgan says:

    Would love to be able to share this with other ladies. Our family is buying less for each other & being community to our neighborhood.

  234. Christie McDaniel says:

    Me! Me! Me! Pick Me!!! I would love to share with my MOMSnext/MOPS group down in the Sunshine state! Thank you for the chance!
    Our Christmas was WAY out of hand in the past….so we scaled WAY back this year, and we’re hosting a small birthday party for Jesus instead! So amazing how less stressed I am without all the “fluff”…Love it! Our choice charity will receive a little more this year instead of buying a bunch of junk, too!

  235. I have been wanting to read the book for awhile! And, now I’m super excited about the study!!! :-)

    This Christmas, I’m eliminating excess in multiple areas. And I’m sharing advent readings with my husband and daughter to continuously keep our focus on what Christmas is truly about.

  236. I have been praying about being able to do this study in January to start off the new year…would so much like to win !!!

  237. Brooke Cole says:

    This is a perfect Bible Study to start the New Year, I would love to share it with my Women’s Bible Study group. In answer to your “just for fun” question; This Christmas season we are focusing our family more on Jesus by spending time twice a day on our Advent scripture. Our children also adopted a family and are purchasing clothing and toys for them.

  238. I have a group of girls that want to do this! I can’t wait.

  239. I’m Melody Powell, love Jen’s work and her voice on the epidemic of excess. This advent season we are spending the day with the children of our church after the Christmas parade. Christmas in Motion is about giving and serving those in need in our community. It will be a nice way to take the focus off the list for Santa and put it on serving others!

  240. I thought the book was great! Would love to go through the study!

  241. Jen Patterson says:

    Oh! Me please!!! Our women’s bible study is hoping to start this study in the Spring and winning this would cut down on cost for our ladies!!!

    This Christmas we are using the Jesse Tree advent and opening 25 Christ centered books- one for each day leading up to Jesus’ birthday! I’m also hoping to host a Happy Birthday Jesus party for my neighbors!

  242. I loved this book! We have a small group of ladies that want to participate in the study. For Christmas, we are focusing on advent. We are doing crafts with our kiddos to teach them about the reason for the season — Jesus!!

  243. Mary Josephson says:

    What a bleessing it would be to win a chance to share a wonderful bible study with a group of women. Thank You Jen!

  244. 7 ruined me in a lot of ways… It has been a long time since I’ve read a book that not only inspired me, but changed me. I read it as we were going through an international adoption…a double whammy! (still going through the adoption) This Christmas season, I picked two crafts to do with my kids, and let them each pick a kind of cookie to make… this isn’t something I normally do- I’m not crafty. Also reading Jotham’s Journey to the kids before bed each night, a novel written for kids for the Advent season.

  245. We’ve always been intentional about buying very little over Christmas for ourselves and others. Also, we frequently listen to Behold the Lamb by Andrew Peterson. Can’t get much better than that!

  246. We are doing a family advent calendar that keeps the daily focus on the real reason for the season.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I would love to win the study for my Bible study group.

  247. Would love to lead this with my friends!!

  248. I loved the book and would love to win this!

  249. I was so excited to see this book made into a study, and I plan to lead a group, starting in January. We have been in a process of simplifying a lot this past year, and this Christmas, we are doing a lot to focus on Christ. We are doing Random Acts of Kindness throughout the Christmas season. Our children only receive 3 gifts, to represent the 3 gifts Jesus received (and even those are fairly simple – they are easy to please!). We participated in Operation Christmas Child, and we let our children choose and send gifts through World Vision. Our church is participating in Advent Conspiracy, where we are raising money for orphans in Ecuador, victims of Hurricane Sandy, and providing food to those in need in our community. I am so proud of my children and their giving hearts! I can’t wait to do this study to stir the hearts of others – to LIVE the word, not just talk about it!

  250. Stephanie Chandler says:

    I read ‘7’ and would be so honored to win this bible study so that I could share the amazing lessons with others. Thank you Jen!

  251. I loved the book and would LOVE to get my hands on this! For Christmas this year, less is more. Fewer presents, fewer decorations, fewer activities… more time together focused on the right things.

  252. Pam Knight says:

    Loved the book “7”!!!! Would love to go into even more depth with the Bible study! As for Christmas, we try every year to make changes that put more focus on the real meaning. We have already cut back on some of our gift giving so that the focus is more on spending time with family and friends. We began celebrating Advent and counting down the days till Christ’s birth with meaningful Bible studies and lessons. Also, our children know that Santa is pretend and is based on St. Nicholas. Don’t get me wrong, we still have a long way to go but, we are trying!!! :-)

  253. Would love to win. :) My kids and I are doing a RACK (Random act of christmas kindness) each day leading up to christmas. We love it!

  254. I was blown away when I read 7 last summer and have already called dibs on leading the study for a women’s group at my church this upcoming summer. I got my entire family on board to pool our money we would normally spend on gifts for each other and funneling that into a different charity each year picked by one of us. This way, we aren’t cluttering our houses with more stuff we don’t need and we are learning where the passion of our hearts lay at the same time.

  255. Ruth Tracy says:

    Oh my, I would love to have this as my sister in laws and I have been planning on doing this study with some friends. At our house we are having our children buy each other their stocking stuffers so they can get the concept of giving vs receiving. And talk to them constantly about what Christmas is all about and we will read the story of Jesus’ birth at our family Christmas.

  256. Stephanie Gulliver says:

    I just finished Seven and told my husband that we should buy the ‘guide’ :) winning it would be amazing!

  257. Our little group is SO pumped that the study is out. Between our adoption and this book, I am forever changed and I can’t wait to challenge that with an in depth study. We Nashville Girls would LOVE for you to pick us!!!!

  258. sarah novak says:

    Inspired by my 5year old…we are giving a cow to people in india whowho “don’t have any milk” (her words) fully knowing this will mean far fewer presents. We have been really teaching her that we have been blessed with abundance and to give generously.

  259. Jen welch says:

    I was just talking to some friends about doing this and would love to be able to lead us in it!!

  260. Stacy Jehle says:

    This book rocked world this year. I would love to dive even deeper with this study.

  261. Heidi Barden says:

    I would live to start a bible study group at our church with this set.

  262. I read her book & have shared it with so many of my friends because it is a “must-read” book! I would love to win this set.

  263. Marcy Emmelkamp says:

    Loved this book and would enjoy sharing it with others at my church!

    Our small group has really enjoyed adopting a family in need for the holidays and buying almost everything off their list. In our own family, we buy a few small gifts for the kids but spend more time talking about the birth of Jesus, how he loves us, and giving to others in honor of him.

  264. Melissa Major says:

    Loved this book! It rocked my world! My husband and I are small group leaders and this study is on our agenda for the New Year!!! Would love to win it!

  265. My children will not be with me this Christmas, so it will be different..they are grown and we are mpty nesters..hope to visit after Christmas…the older I get, the less PRESENTS I want and the more PRESENCE of God I do want and need.

  266. Jana Burleson says:

    Reading Jen Hatmaker’s “The 7 Experiment” of course! :)

  267. I would love to do this!

  268. The study sounds great. I’m doing a 30 devotional about Jesus and how he is the reason for the season.

  269. This year my family will be helping the truck-stop ministry serve Christmas dinner to drivers.

  270. Monica Grubbs says:

    Loved the book & would love to own the study & share it with my church.

  271. Loved, loved, LOVED Jen’s book, 7! Read it twice and bought it to a couple of my own Girlfriends for them to read. So very convicting! We definitely started making changes in our lives to give more space for God to move, but would love to do the study.

  272. I LOVED the book (7) and would love to have this Bible Study guide! Love Jen’s heart for the orphan and so happy she’s using her voice to bring about orphan awareness and inspire other believers to live out James 1:27!!!

  273. Annie Bock says:

    I’m a young woman looking to start a study with some other women. I’ve heard such wonderful things about this material. Also? Jen Hatmaker is my hero. ;)

  274. Brenda Torres says:

    So cool!

  275. We’re doing Advent activities with the kids.

  276. I would love to win!

  277. Looking forward to this one!

  278. Autumn Biedermann says:

    I loved the book and would so enjoy doing the study!

  279. This summer 6 of us embarked on the journey after I had read the book first. It was so powerful to see how each of our stories and journeys followed the same road but had different results. The change has been profound in my life. Would love to win this and share it with another group of women. Less of me Lord, More of You!

  280. I read the book and would love the study. Jen Hatmaker is a life-changer.

  281. We light the advent wreath every night, read and sing a carol. We are also very intentional about limiting gifts and setting a budget.

  282. I would love this – it’s right up my alley as a Certified Family Manager Coach!

  283. I’d love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  284. tommie vance says:

    I would LOVE to win this set for a study group!

  285. Doing a Bible Study in January and would love to do this!

  286. would love to win this and start a group within my church!

  287. This would be great for our church plant. I love the material and the message Jen is promoting.

  288. This year we are going to be making Jesus a birthday cake. I have an 11, 9 and 7 year old who can really still relate through birthdays and so I wanted to have the focus come from that angle this year.

  289. I loved the book and have started on the food portion! This Christmas we are giving 4 presents to our kids. One being a sponsorship of two children from Compassion International.

  290. Shawn Patterson says:

    LOVED the BOOK, excited to see the study….and a little scared too….if you know what I mean. Thanks Jen Hatmaker for making me uncomfortable ;-D

  291. I would LOVE to win this!

  292. I would LOVE to win this study. 7 rocked my world! I am at the moment begging our small group leader to do this study next semester.

  293. Kari Bristol says:

    We are only doing 3 presents this year because that is how many Jesus received.
    I lived the book and would live to go through it with my Bible study girls!!

  294. Jennifer Ellis says:

    Love this!

  295. Would love to win this :) We are a homeschool family with 8 kids (although only 6 live at home). This year, we are taking the money we would have spent on “stuff” and giving it away. We are going to look for a coffee shop or someplace open on Christmas day, get some hot chocolate, and leave a huge tip. We figure that people who work on Christmas *really* need to work so they could probably use the extra money. We have enough stuff. This will be much more fun than opening presents :)

  296. oh wow… would love to win this. thanks for the chance!

  297. I wanna win, I wanna win! Pick me! Read the book and did small study on it with college girls but WE ALL WANT MORE. Great opportunity to take our sweet Sam Houston Bearkat girls (slight plug) through the challenge of “7.

  298. I read the book and wow!!! Knew I wanted to go through a deeper “experiment” with friends as soon as I finished reading it. Looking forward to the book and would love to win the set to better facilitate discussion and growth with the girls in my small group.

  299. Read it. Loved it. Gave several away. Still enjoying the pauses. Sharing pauses with some special gals. Can’t wait for the bible study – thanks Lifeway!

  300. Candy Cervenka says:

    Entering the giveway. This year we are not exchanging gifts. Instead we contributed to Toy for Tots and purchased food for the Food Pantry

  301. Loved the book and The Lord has rocked my word through it. Christmas is much simpler in our home this year. No Santa and way less gifts!

  302. Would LOVE this study for my 60 bible study girls I lead each Wednesday! We are working on GIVING (world vision catalog, needy families) instead of bringing Toys R Us to life in our house:) And my kids LOVE reading bits and pieces of the Christmas story in Luke!

  303. JoAnne De La Roche says:

    So wanting to share the concepts of Seven with my small Bible Study group. It’s life changing….

  304. Love Jen! She makes me laugh like no other AND she challenges me often more than I would like ;). I’ve read the book but I’d love to have the chance to go through it again with some friends in the new year.

  305. Jen Sheridan says:

    Loved/Hated the book. Thanks for wrecking our lives, Jen. I am trying to give gifts this year that will also have a global impact for orphans and widows working to escape desperate situations. I sure hope I win the starter set!

  306. Sheri Lichty says:

    I loved 7 and hoping to do the study this spring in small group, so winning a copy would be awesome! We are teaching our kids about advent this year, focusing on people, and limiting presents greatly. Merry Christmas!

  307. Erica Storey says:

    I have been waiting for this book to become available at the library … would love to have the set!

  308. This book changed my life. I would love the opportunity to share it with others!

  309. Stephanie dingle says:

    I’d love to be entered in the drawing. Going through this process now with a group of amazing women in Richardson, Texas, and am loving the raw brokenness that comes from such a journey. Pick me, Jen, pick me! Please and thank you. Much love.

  310. Bernice Gulbro says:

    Loved this book and would love to do it as a study with my small group!

  311. Tish Luciano says:

    Entering the contest. Loved the book “7”. Some of the women who work with me at our church have decided Jrn is our new best friend!

    Also love free stuff. I promise to rid my office of seven other books if I win!

  312. I would love to win this for a small group study! Thank you for the opportunity! We are reading through different scriptures throughout the Bible referring to the promise of a Savior.

  313. We are exchanging gifts by giving to others. One sister wanted her gift to be buying chickens for Gospel for Asisa, the other (and me) decided to direct our gift money to a struggling, single mom.

  314. We are focusing on celebrating the Chrsitmas season with new traditions and helping those in need through ministries such as angel tree, etc. and spending less. Each year we try to think of new ways to make it more about Jesus! I loved “7” as it was a big part of my eyes opening!

  315. Jill DeTavernier says:

    Our small group in Omaha, NE would LOVE to win this!! We are keeping the focus on Christ by reminding each other what is REALLY important each day- sharing love with one another!

  316. Dawn Wagner says:

    Dawn Wagner – A few of my friends and I heard about this book and would LOVE to do the study together! I’m keeping my mind on Jesus this Christmas season by spending time with Him, listening to Christian Christmas music that glorifies Him, and getting Christmas shopping done early.

  317. Oh my, please please let me win this!

    This Christmas season my husband and I have planned experience dates leading up to Christmas as our own advent. We have also been reading passages of scripture in the evening about the Christmas story. As our first Christmas married that doesn’t involve a college break and going home for 2 weeks, it’s been great to set up our own traditions.

  318. Pam Walter says:

    Please enter me in the drawing – I would love to win!

  319. Kristie Nelson says:

    I would love to win this study! Thank you for the opportunity.

  320. Jennifer Roach says:

    I would love to win this!
    We are making Christmas more about Christ by trying to focus on Jesus, and not on consumerism. It’s hard in today’s world, but so worth it.

  321. Wendi Hadley says:

    This intrigues me! I’d love to win it and share with my bible study group!!

  322. Would love to go through this study with some friends. This year we are trying to buy gifts that give back.

  323. The book was SO great! I would love to bring this study to my church out here in West Texas!

  324. Lori Looman says:

    Would love to win this, sounds like a fabulous study. We are trying hard to focus our children on the true meaning of Christmas this year, limiting presents, and doing a Advent celebration.

  325. I follow Jen Hatmaker’s blog and she is great! Have heard awesome things about “7” and would love to lead a small group using this material!
    For Christmas, we are using the days in the advent calendar to do good deeds/nice things for friends, neighbors and family. Ex. Write a letter to your teacher thanking them for all they do, donate one if your toys to charity. My daughter is having so much fun and leaps out of bed each morning to discover what her “task” for the day is!

  326. Meghan Grantham says:

    This book changed my way of thinking and how my family of five lives. I would love to share it with our small group. We’re all young families trying to have a positive influence on our kids and the community around us.

  327. We limit our gift-giving and make the excitement of the messiah a frequent topic of conversation. -Randi

  328. Would love to win this for our women’s ministry at church…great for a small group study, and oh how challenging! We live Jen!:) Anyway, on my blog this year I’m doing a 12 days of Christmas featuring a different person, ministry, missionary, etc. you can give to instead of buying those gifts that you find under the couch! Anyway, you could check them out so far…make an eternal difference in the lives of other! Can’t wait to see who wins!!

  329. Vicki Judd says:

    I’m not working this year and that makes our budget significantly tighter – and not just at Christmas. I’ve reduced the number of presents I buy (the grandbabies must have a little something!), we chose to give a gift from the World Concern gift guide, and I’m doing daily Advent readings to keep my heart and mind focused on Jesus. So far, so good!

    I read 7 last spring and I have continued to think about it and try to put it into practice. Such a challenging book. I’d love to do this study!

  330. Heather C. says:

    I would love to win this group study for the new women’s group at my church!

    This year for Christmas, I made sure to get all my gift shopping done before Advent started. Now I can just focus on God’s Word and promises during this season without the material-ness at the same time. My sons (3 and 6) and I are also using any extra money we have to bless others, such as toys for the Toys for Tots collection or buying food for the homeless we see around town. We are trying to listen for God speaking to us in the small ways this Christmas!

  331. Yeah for or free Friday and Jen Hatmaker!

  332. Christine Reyes says:

    I would absolutely love the opportunity to be gifted this great material. I’ve really been wanting to read the book, but money is very tight. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!

  333. I would be very blessed by winning this! :)

  334. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Loved this book! Just finished teaching Interrupted and plan to go right into 7 with the New Year!

  335. Have read this book as well as “Interrupted”! They came into my life at a time when God was challenging me to sacrifice and learn what that truly means. After reading “7”, I felt God leading me to sign up for my first international mission trip, where I learned what poverty really is. Would love to share this study with my friends!!!

  336. Mary Lester says:

    Lots of great ideas! I was inspired.

  337. Mary Foster says:

    Loved this book and am so excited to do (and lead) this study!! We have a fabulous advent calendar we use to bring the focus back to Jesus each night in Advent. We also spend lots of time discussing as a family how we can gift others since we were given the ultimate gift in Jesus. Merry Christmas!!

  338. I am on my last month of my own 7 experiment. It has been a good journey. I would love to lead others through the study! YAY! Merry Christmas to me if I win!

  339. This would be perfect for my small group!

  340. Would sure love to win this for my Moms’ group!! :-)

  341. Traci Moore says:

    Our twins will be turning one in less then a week. Since their birthday and Christmas are so close we want to start from early on that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, not just another day for presents. So will will be singing happy birthday to Jesus!

  342. First of all, I’m planning on doing this study. Does that count? :-)

  343. Beth Kahler says:

    This would be a great study for us. I hope we win.

  344. I loved the boom and can’t wait to do the study! I hope I win. :)

  345. Oh yayyyyy! A friend and I are reading and participating in her book right now! We’re about half way through. This would be so great to have as well!

  346. I have read the book, and it is just fantastic, convicting, challenging, yet so encouraging. I currently am in the giving month. I would love to be able to do this as a bible study with my next disciple group. To deepen my relationship with Jesus I believe that these resources could be a huge blessing. Please enter me in the giveaway!

  347. I loved this book…..can’t wait to do a study on it. It changed the way I looked at Christmas. I recently read a great idea about having kids make a list of the gifts they already have instead of a list of the gifts they want.

  348. kris bridges says:

    LOVED this book! Would love to share it with my sisters in Christ!

  349. Annie Simms says:

    I would love to win this to be able to lead it going into the new year!!! I have been reading seven and God is truly using it to change my heart! This Christmas I am focusing on being thankful for all the things I have and that God meets all of my needs :)

  350. I loved Jen’s book. And I would love to lead a small group study in 2013 to share it with others.

    This Christmas Season we are talking to our families about not buying toys to spend a certain amount of money. Just buying the girls something that will bring them joy, but not two things because it doesn’t equal a certain amount. We are encouraging the girls to think about their lists and their needs. And also going through our things to give to others who could be blessed by things we have.

  351. I have read the book once and look forward to reading it again at a more leisurely rate to take it all in. I love the depth of the book and Jen’s humor that is interjected throughout. Would love to do as a Bible study. Please enter me in the drawing. Blessings!

  352. Jeni Martin says:

    I would LOVE to be the winner!! This is one of the best books I have read! God is using Jen in an amazing way and He has used her to completely rock my world! Love it!!!

  353. Janet Lloyd says:

    I have been planning to get this book to read in anticipation of using it in Bible Study. How wonderful if I could win the whole set!!! Bless you for doing this no matter who wins, we are all blessed by you and your ministry. Sending Floydada hugs!!

  354. i never tell people to read specific books, but after finishing 7, i demand it of them. i want to get a group of us to regularly meet up and change with each other… looking fwd to the study…

  355. Angela Lawrence says:

    spending less, spending more time as a family, NO SANTA!!!!
    Thankful that my Savior came :)

  356. My roommate came home from vacation and told me her new goal for her life: Simplify. I immediately thought of Jen’s book and ordered her a copy right away. What a gift it would be to be able to share this with more and more people!

  357. Allison Martin says:

    My friend and I read 7 last year and we’ve been talking about how cool it would be to use the book for our small group this year. Having all of the parts and pieces of the study to share would make it GREAT! Love your work and your comments crack me up on a regular basis. =)

  358. I would love to study this with some of my coworkers.

  359. Without a doubt, the book _7_ has had an impact on my life as I am released from “the stuff of life” and no longer bound to material objects. Many friends and family members think I am nuts fto give so much away, but there is freedom in owning less and being able to have both a free mind and heart. Woo hoo! Ready for the study!

  360. My ladies small group and I would LOVE to win this! Continued blessings on Jen’s ministry. She’s awesome and her Facebook statuses bring a smile to my face every day.

  361. April schroeder says:

    I would looove to win! Please enter me, thank you so much!!!

  362. This year, we are only giving stockings to the kids and giving them a budget to buy presents for Jesus’ birthday. We are giving them catalogues from organizations like Wycliffe and Compassion and letting them choose things for the least of these.

  363. Tiffany Stein says:

    Love you, love the book, would love to have the study. :)

  364. Nikki Winterberg says:

    I’m not even done reading the book yet(but it won’t be long, loving the book!) and I’m planning to hold a mutiny against excess, along with some friends, beginning in January. Planning to purchase regardless, but what a wonderful bonus it would be to win :)
    This year we are planning to give our children 3 gifts only, centered around the 3 wise men and the gifts they brought to Jesus. We have also been studying virtues from the bible each day alongside our advent calendar.

  365. I would LOVE to be able to provide the ladies of the Southern Illinois area this study open to all the community. We are having Jen come speak on January 11, 12, 2013 at our women’s conference and MANY have been waiting for this study. My husband and I are part of a church plant The Journey in Southern Illinois so funds are tight between that and just starting our non profit org. Crowns Ministries This would be a GREAT BLESSING to reach many of the lost and broken. Blessings~

  366. would love love love to do this study…have the book already and would love to be able to do it with some ladies i do Bible study with

  367. Cindy McBrayer says:

    Love this book. Have already taught it twice…would love to have these additional resources!

  368. We are having experiences together over giving gifts :) the kids will still have one thing to open (probably a book) but we are doing things together instead (seeing a play as a family, leaving the kids at grandmas for some married time etc)

  369. me, me, me, would love to win this!! We are doing an angel tree child, NO credit card use for gifts, and for our 3 kiddos they get one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing to wear, and one thing to read :) Also doing advent devotionals this year!
    Stephanie Nelson

  370. About a year ago my church went through this book together and did a shortened version of the fasts together. I had a baby who was very sick for several months and missed the first 4 weeks of the group experiment. I didn’t feel that I should just join in, but read the book and ask God how he wanted to speak to me through it. I meet with a sweet group of ladies each week for coffee and conversation- all of us attend different churches and are in different places in life, but enjoy the fellowship and we decided to do the fast as a group… and then a friend from across the country did the same…. and another friend a couple states away. We started a facebook group and had about 18 women from all over the country doing the fast in whatever way worked for their group. We posted what we learned and how it affected our lives and I can happily say that the lessons we learned from staging a mutiny against excess have stayed with each of us in some way. My husband and I are teaching our 3 boys that Christmas is about giving- following God’s example by sacrificially giving his son. We do exchange gifts, but we focus on how we can give to others far more than in what we will get. We do advent every night and are very involved in our church and the outreaches from that platform. Christmas in our home is truly about focusing on all we have already in Christ and being thankful.

  371. I would love to do this study! I read the book on my own already! Good stuff!!

  372. MaryAnn Waltz says:

    Would love to win this study!! For Christmas this year, our family is committed to doing more together (3 teenagers – that’s a big deal :) ), instead of spending our money on gifts no one really needs.

  373. I never win anything.

  374. Great giveaway!!! Would love to win this set :).

  375. It would be an honor to win this set and lead a group a women in this. I had already thought about starting a group in January. I flat-out do not have the money to provide the materials myself…

  376. I would love to win this to do with the women’s bible study I lead at church!! We teach our kids every Christmas about the real reason for Christmas by limiting the presents under the tree to three…it was enough for the King of Kings it is enough for us:)

  377. 7 changed me & the way I am raising my family. So good & so hard all at once. For Christmas this year we participate in Operation Christmas Child. Packing a shoebox of toys for a little boy in another country with my tearful 3 year old was precious.

  378. I am very interested to see and use this material. My family already lives a fairly minimalistic lifestyle, but I know there are more things we could do to simplify. I also would live to do this in a group setting and challenge my sisters in Christ to support each other in living more intentionally for God and others. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

  379. Joani Ross says:

    Loved the book and would love to do the study with my Bible study group!

  380. Just started reading 7 and love it- have a group of gals this Spring that we’re considering going thru it together. To reduce excess this year, our family is just staying home, enjoying peace and quiet, & committing to living out 7! :)

  381. I loved you in Nashville last month at the leadership conference and can’t wait to start the study!!!

  382. Pick me, Pick me! (hand raised, big smile, bouncing in my seat) I started following Jen recently at a friend’s suggestions and LOVE her humor! Would love to do this study with friends. I love a challenge!

  383. I love this book! We went through it together at work, and God spoke to each of us in such real and personal ways!

  384. Angela Gilley says:

    I would love this book.

    This Christmas we are helping our daughters clean their toys out to give to those in need. We are doing a good deed everyday up to Christmas and then having a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas day.

  385. Amazing book! Our LifeGroup read it and it moved us into a personal accountability process that has really been God-driven. We’ve been greatly blessed, and hopefully a blessing to others. Very excited by the study and we can’t wait to see what else God has for us.

  386. All in! Would love to do the study with our community group.

  387. Would LOVE to win this set! To cut down on things we don’t need this Christmas, we’ll be giving our kids only 3 things, since Jesus was given 3 gifts.

  388. I would never ever want to lead a women’s Bible study…..unless it was this one.

  389. Michelle Montgomery says:

    Loved the book Seven! Opened my eyes! Would love to share it
    as a study with our women at church. This Christmas we are collecting shoes
    as part of our Christmas play “The Christmas Shoe Tree.” The shoes will be used in
    ministry and given away. We have all been super excited about this and have collected
    lots of shoes. “More blessed to give than to receive!”

  390. When I bought Jen’s book last year I gave it to a friend a few days later as she needed a good book to read while on vacation. My friend called the day they returned and screamed in to the phone “did you read this book … It is life changing”. I hadn’t, so I did and it IS. My husband thinks I work for Jen on the side because I can’t stop telling people about the book. I would love to win the package and go through Seven together with my study group. Thank you Jen and LifeWay.

  391. Rachel Sanders says:

    I am so excited about this. I absolutely loved the book. It is one of my favorites.

  392. I read this book last summer and LOVED it. Our favorite Christmas traditions that fights the excess are only that we give three gifts to our children with a $30 budget for each kid. We got the idea from the wisemen who presented Jesus with three gifts. We also save our allowances for the month and purchase gifts for our sponsored kids.

  393. Rebecca Hubanks says:

    I craved a second reading of 7 as soon as I finished it, and the book has now spread like wildfire among my own “council” of girlfriends (5 of us). We have each been inspired and challenged in different ways.

    Today is my 30th birthday and marks my baby son’s 1 week milestone ( born last Friday). For my husband Mikel and me, welcoming our first child so close to advent revolutionizes our perspective on the meaning of a gift – and suddenly material wealth is recognizably fleeting… This Christmas, we are holding dear our son in full recognition of what God sacrificed by giving His for us. We are giving away footprints and photos (memories and words of thanks) in place of purchased nonsense.
    I would welcome the chance to complete the study in full with my dear girlfriends. What an opportunity for impact it would lend. Thank you!

  394. Sunshine E. says:

    Would loooove to win!!! We keep gifts to minimum. We also give or make gifts with meaning….something that may help someone else as well or a gift to an organization in their honor.

  395. This Christmas we are working to give more to those in need and focus less on our own wants. Would love to win this study.

  396. would love to win. my fave book i read this summer!

  397. Crystal wallace says:

    I would love to win this!!! I finished the book 7 a few weeks ago and have been letting it “marinate”. It helped me decide to make as many gifts as possible, instead of buying everything.

  398. So if I win, I guess I should take that as a sign from God that I need to actually DO this… not just read and think about it… :)

  399. Simply Shannon says:

    I would love to win this study!

  400. My community group and I just finished Jens’s Interrupted book and were praying about taking on 7 full force. This would be a great opportunity to use the study guides! My church has been encouraging our congregation to pray through the Christmas excess and so my family and I are not doing gifts. We are all adults and there really isn’t anything we need. Instead we’re doing homemade gifts or ornaments and using what money we would have spent on gifts to support missionaries across the US and world. I am a former North American Mission Board missionary so it’s a very dear ministry and I know their people could use the funding. I have found myself getting more excited about this years Christmas than previous because it is genuinely about Jesus and serving Him and not what’s under the tree.

  401. Marci Parker says:

    Would love to win this book. Heard about it this week in our staff meeting.

  402. I would LOVE to win this. My husband and I read the book together months ago and it is helping to re-shape our lives. We are trying to do more charitable gifts this year instead of buying things our family members don’t really need. We are shopping through PureCharity when we do shop and we are committed 100% to only fair trade chocolate in all of our recipes and at all of our gatherings. We have made fair trade versions of chocolate milk mix for the kids, hot chocolate mix for us, Chex Mix Puppy Chow, s’mores, and we’re making homemade fair trade nutella today.

  403. Heather Terhune says:

    I’m still pondering what to do this Christmas to place the focus on Christ and not on excess. In the past we have given away our Christmas bonus or bought for another family. I have yet to know what God has laid on our for this year.

  404. Loved this book and would love the study! We have been going through the Advent reading with the Jesus Storybook Bible. Our daughter has been loving it!

  405. I would love to win this! For Christmas we are spending less on each other and giving to a family in need.

  406. I would love to win this!

  407. Diane Olson says:

    I would love to win! I have read the book TWICE, but would like to go over it again in study form with some others in a group.

  408. Katherine Johnson says:

    The book was very thought provoking and I think about it when I shop. I would love to do the study with friends.

  409. I would love to win a copy of this study! It is on my to-get list and I have a list of people who want to go through it with me. We all read the book and are looking forward to the study taking us deeper!

    For this Christmas being more about Jesus and less about excess – we are keeping our focus and talking with our kids about having/getting less and doing more with our time and resources.

  410. Loved the book…..would really love to do the study with my friends!

  411. I would LOVE to win this!! I am half way through seven and it is rocking my comfy little world! I plan do the study in the spring and this would be such a blessing! At Christmas we give to charities that are close to our hearts and give to those who don’t even have their basic needs met. We give our children small, simple gifts. We want them to be cheerful givers and to give JEsus gifts at Christmas time! Even though they are young we know they will soon understand and that God is already working in their lives!

  412. I would LOVE to win this study. I’ve read the book and been wanting to do it with my Bible study group. We have asked each of our kids (ages 3 & 5) to go through their toys and find a few things to give to kids who won’t be getting anything for Christmas this year. It’s been fun to watch them go through their “treasures” to find something to share!

  413. I looked into this study when Jen announced it. I’m envisioning leading this in the home we’re moving into. We are majorly downsizing and this book is helpful in getting our hearts right to let go to bless others.
    We do the advent, we shop for those less fortunate, like through the angel tree, and we pack shoeboxes for Operation ShoeBox. It has been so great to do that as a family. Our hearts are so moved by the videos showing the children receiving their boxes.

  414. Brandi Griffith says:

    I haven’t heard about this book until just now. I’d love to hear more and do the study with my group!
    This year for Christmas I decided that all Adults on my lists get only homemade things. So i’m staying out of the Mall and the Trap!!

  415. For Christmas this year, our family is planning to devote time each week to an Advent Scripture and find at least one way to show love to our neighbors each week (cookies for the fire department, a bag of necessities for people we see on the street, an act of kindness for the people next door).

  416. I read the book and have since shared my copy and convinced my small group to go through it, I was so excited to hear there was a bible study coming out and would love to win this kit. My husband and I have recently made plans to move to Portland to follow God’s leading. We are planning on moving there in February of this next year. Since reading Seven and preparing for our move to Portland my husband and I have been trying to make less of us and more room for God. Christmas for us has always been less about gifts (I love gifts but my husband isn’t much of a gifts guy) we usually plan on one gift per person, but this year we were thinking about instead using that money to buy out of the World Vision Gift Catalog. I’m not trying to be ‘look how great we are’, honestly, we don’t need or want any more stuff! The book Seven helped our thinking on stuff and the concept of the fasting and the feast.

  417. Oh Yes! I want want want the seven experiment! This Christmas I am choosing to focus on family and what it really means to have God’s son in the flesh come to us… amazing God! I have decided I have more control on my attitude about things then I do all of my situations and circumstances with family and excess. So I have chosen to start with my mind, keep myself from “caring too much” about how Perfect everything is. Enjoy my gifts (kids) more, and refuse to get sucked into the worry of “have I bought enough” … baby steps, but steps indeed.

  418. Love the book and the whole idea of educating us all to live simply and focus on Jesus, others and the truly important things in life.

  419. LeAnn Maroney says:

    I soooo need to win this!!!

  420. Vicky Oakley says:

    Loved the book, totally life changing! Hilariously funny! Cant wait to do the study but know Im gonna hate it!

  421. We are playing a game for Advent “Get. Give or Go.” Every day the kids draw a card. Get is get a gift that day. Give means they give a gift to someone else. Go cards are service activities for different people/places in our community. Our kids are LOVING that instead of the focus being on themselves it is on Him.

  422. Hey JEN! Seven rocked my world and I would love to lead the women in my church, so it can rock their world as well. The Jesus in me loves the Jesus in YOU!

  423. Going away for a few days with just husband and kids. Less presents and more together time! Christmas eve celebration at church.

  424. Not sure what the odds were but I’d be pretty thankful and excited to win :).

  425. Umm yes please! I am reading this book now and would love to do it with my bible study group!!

  426. Angelina Littrell says:

    This Christmas we decided to gifts from world vision. We bought one set of niece and nephews a goat for a family in Africa and our other niece we bought half of a pig for a different family.

  427. Sara Quarnberg says:

    I read 7 after returning home from my first mission trip to Africa to visit an orphanage where I sponsor a child. Your words had me laughing, crying and nodding in agreement to the emotions that I hadn’t been able to verbalize. While the ladies at my church aren’t ready to travel to Africa, their interest in my experience shows me they are ready to study your book! I would love to lead this study and with your guidance would be a pleasure! Also, I kinda want to be your friend, you sassy, sarcastic Jesus freak you :)

  428. Wow- that’s a lot of comments already, and therefore slim chances to win! However, I thoroughly enjoyed reading 7 and would definitely be up for a group study on it. Am mentioning it to those who choose the material for our spring women’s bible study groups!

  429. Keri Wyatt says:

    Me please!!!! :)

  430. I would SO love to win this for my group!

  431. Would love to do this study! God has been talking to me about our excess, and one way we are making Christmas about “less excess” this year is by buying FARRR fewer gifts. For our kids we are doing 4 gifts each: something you want, something you need, to wear, something to read. I thought it would be a huge fight, but so far they seem perfectly fine with it! Just another example of how our children learn what we TEACH them….including excess! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  432. Can’t wait to do this study!!! Book was great!!!

  433. My home church is doing a special Christmas day dinner for the nearby homeless shelter. I’m excited to help out with that event.

  434. what an awesome giveaway!!! i’m doing an advent w/ my kids each night … The Truth in the Tinsel … and I’m doing an daily advent devotional. Praying that this year I will making it less about me and more about HIM.

  435. I am finishing reading Seven today. We picked it this month to discuss in our book club meeting tomorrow. I have never laughed so much reading a very contemplative book. I appreciate all that I have been challenged to ponder, but also ponder in such a way that it leads to action. I am not exactly sure how my life will change, but I am confident that it will. My husband and I moved to Chicago this past June and there are a lot of needs to be met in this beautiful city. I think the Bible Study would be something incredible to share with my friends as we pursue what it means to live Christ-centered.

  436. I would LOVE to win this!!! I read your book – totally loved it!! I’m in the process of obtaining the other books that you & brandon have written as well as the ones that you’ve recommended!!! A bible study would be amazing!!!!

  437. Jessica Blackstone says:

    LOVED the book….. lifechanging in so many ways. Already cleaned out my closets and donated tote-loads of stuff to the needy! Am looking to get this series so I can spread the word this amazing book has to share!

  438. Loved this book and would love to dive deeper. We are giving our kiddos each 3 gifts and then a 4th that is money for them to give to someone in need to curb the excess.

  439. I was just reading about this study and wanted to preview it for the women. I would LOVE it if I could win this giveaway! Thank you and be blessed today!!! God’s Word does not return void.

    For this Christmas Season my sisters and I are surprising our parents (divorced) with a photo shoot, which we haven’t done ever since we all got married and had kids. I can’t wait! We are sharing family time and baking and cooking together, and rejoicing in the LORD!!! Hallelujah!!!!

  440. Shelly DeBoer says:

    A group of girls and I just met to chat about how we wanted to do 7. We named our group seven doing 7. We would love the study guides/dvd’s. Thanks for the opportunity!

  441. Tonia Booker says:

    please oh please…doing this in Feb. with my group. This Christmas we are doing the usual-giving tree at church, handing out roses and candy canes at the mall for hard working sales people, and we filled boxes for OCC. But the difference that 7 has made is that I am trying to spend more time with the kiddos and less money. It’s tough but it isn’t worth the stress I watch my hubby goes through to cover the bills!

  442. I would LOVE to win this!!!! Read 7 and devoured it!!!!!!! I can’t wait to read your other books and books that you’ve recommended!!! Winning a bible study on 7 would be incredible!!! I am so tired of the excess!! The scales are finally being removed from my eyes!!!!! I think a bible study on this would help tremedously!!!!

  443. Erin Vande Lune says:

    It is one thing to read a book and allow yourself to be changed…it is another to enter into the action steps and the accountability involved in making that change with fellow sojourners. Would love to win this study to have it be the first action step in that process!

  444. Oh, I would love to win this to use for our adoption fundraiser online auction!!!

  445. Tammy Waters says:

    I love Jen Hatmaker, I had the opportunity in October to hear her speak at a women’s conference for my church, what an amazing woman. Can’t wait to share this bible study with my friends.

  446. Oh I need this, perfect for the New Year coming up!!

  447. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Would love to win! Although I must admit the idea of leading a study on this material makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit…

  448. Julianne van Kalken says:

    I would love to win this!! I’m a newbie when it comes to bible study and this would help SO MUCH!! This christmas I’m bringing Jesus into my life by finally getting baptized! My family also plays Santa for a child in state custody who would otherwise get no gifts!

  449. 7 changed my life – and still is! I would love to win this set so we could do a study at our church. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  450. This Christmas Season I am making it more about Jesus by sharing the gospel with my parents – core of my immediate family! God is changing their hearts and moving in our family. Reminding my parents that Christmas is not about Santa Claus and buying presents in excess for our family, was not an easy task! They have never given money to charities or understood the importance of giving back. Leading by example and showing them the pure joy of serving a loving God and giving to those in need, has had a profound effect on them. They are now sponsoring 6 children on the Angel Tree! I have witnessed a huge change in my mother’s heart and my dad is not far behind. I give God all the glory! Without having him present in our everyday lives, we would not truly know the meaning of CHRISTmas! I would love to do this study with my family and show them how they can live a God filled life!

  451. My moms’ study has done Tune In and now Interrupted. I love Jen’s style and perspective. Seven has intrigued and scared me…

  452. This book has really given me a new perspective on how I spend my money and my time. I’d love to share it wit others!

  453. LOVE the book, would love the study! My family doesn’t do much for Christmas gifts- Besides sending Christmas gifts to the members of our family who are on the mission field, everyone brings a $5 (or so) gift for a family bingo game, and that’s pretty much it. I love it!

  454. Joanne Viola says:

    Read the book & LOVED it. Would love to do it as a study! Thanks for the chance!

  455. love love love the book – would love to do the study with the mom’s small group Bible study that I lead!!!

  456. Cara Coleman says:

    yes please!! will hopefully be doing this study soon with a group of ladies.

  457. Elizabeth Hodge says:

    I would love, love, love to win this! We are just trying to be very intentional this season about pointing out every opportunity to give just like our Lord gave us Christ.

  458. I’m reading this with a small home group right now (we’re on Media – so apparently it hasn’t kicked in yet…), and I think it would be great to have a small group at my church do this, too.
    As for Christmas, we cut our Christmas spending dramatically a few years ago (thank you, Dave Ramsey) and give more to others. Our Sunday School class has made “corner bags” – bags of goodies like gloves, lip balm, snacks, and gift cards – to give to homeless folks we encounter as we are driving about town. (We decided to do this quarterly, and what we include changes with the season.) Our kids are helping us give these out as we encounter folks who could use them. Our children shop for gifts/clothing for children their age, knowing those items will be donated to someone who is less fortunate. We have a bag that we always use to collect items for donation (toothbrushes, non-perishable food) – so that we are always ready for food drives or helping people in need. At school, the kids are participating in food drives and penny campaigns. I don’t know about other moms out there, but I have found myself asking for fewer “wants” and saving my “needs” until Christmas if I can. I simply want less “stuff” (um, thank you Jen Hatmaker). I also want the things I do purchase to support others, so I’m shopping differently (etsy fundraisers, The Mighty River Project, and similar).

  459. I am almost done reading the book. I am so totally inspired to make changes in my life. I cannot wait to share what I have learned. What a great opportunity!!

  460. Would love to have this for our small group!

  461. Kat Porter says:

    Wow. There’s a lot of commenting going on, but here goes…
    (hand raised) Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me.

  462. Lindsey Crawford says:

    Loved this book. The fam this Christmas is helping & loving on two families that need to see the love of Jesus. Hoping this helps keep things in perspective.

  463. God has used the book to bring new freedom in my life and new opportunities to love well. I’m buying the majority of my gifts from specific causes like Sak Saum and a woman who is adoption fundraising.

  464. I read Seven over a year ago and have tried to get others to read it. I LOVE this book and its honesty.

    As far as Christmas, we are doing an Advent calendar with our kid and we are continuing our tradition of buying NEEDED items for others instead of just spending money on “stuff” for us. We love it!

  465. Andrea Sara says:

    Thanks for this opportunity! I loved 7 and can’t wait to share the study with my small group!

  466. Lindsay S. says:

    I loved the book and imagine the more in depth study would be great. We focus a lot on giving to others with our children to keep the focus on Christ.

  467. Tia Edwards says:

    Loved 7 and would love to dig into the study with a small group!
    This Christmas we are making a lot of handmade gifts, focusing on spending time with our loved ones, and looking for ways to give and show Jesus’ love this season!

  468. Maggie Baker says:

    I loved the book and i did the food month already which was great for my life with Jesus. This Christmas I am refocusing on the season of God giving us a savior and the grace that he has abounded to us. I will be making sweater mittens for gifts for my fam-jam members to promote recycling and sustainability! woot! Thanks for being obedient to God Jen. I think we as a body have appreciated your authentic living.

  469. This would be a great study for our church!

  470. I love this book, laughed and cried my way through. I read Interrupted before 7, which introduced me to Jen Hatmaker ‘s heart, so 7 made me love her even more!!!

  471. This sounds like such a great bible study. This year for Christmas we, as a church family, are rallying around 40+ families in our area and giving them Christmas on 12/23. They will get food, clothing, a present or 2 for the kids, etc everything they would need to have a great holiday and we’ll share the love of Christ while we are doing it.

  472. Kylee mcalmond says:

    I would LOVE To win this study! It sounds exactly like what I have been needing!

  473. I would love to win this. Trying to simplify is not an easy task, but so worth it. Last year I gave away 2 Christmas trees and many other decorations, etc. We now have one tree and fewer decorations. The most important is our nativity. This year we’re going to ask our kids what they’re giving for Christmas instead of what they’re getting.

  474. Sarah Broyles says:

    I would love to win something like this to study with my small group!

  475. I just bought “Seven” yesterday in anticipation of wanting to do the study when it comes out. My best friend and I wanted to find a study to do after the first of the year and this was the study I was going to suggest. I would LOVE to win this!

  476. Loved the book, can’t wait to do te study! This year after taking our 6 year old to Africa with us to love on orphans and widows we are giving our daughter for Christmas her own child to support at the orphange we stayed at. We already support one as a family but giving her the little girl she became best friends with will make it truly a lifelong friendship.

  477. Would LOVE to do this with a new womens accountability group we are starting… great way to bond together!!

  478. Jen and I are sisters separated at birth!! One day I hope to hangout with her but I suppose the incredibly challenging 7 experiment will do!! Love to do the challenge with some ladies!!

  479. Best experiment of the summer ’12, want to share it with my “Council”. Pink Thursday Council.

  480. LOVE IT!! One of my all time favorite books!!!

  481. We are buying less, not because of finances but because of a shift in our hearts. We are abundantly blessed.

  482. I read this book and loved it. I am donating more to charities in people’s names and buying less material items this Christmas.

  483. I love your book and have been passing it around to all my friends. I would love to do a study on it.

  484. Yes Please!!
    Our group is planning on doing in Jan.

  485. Kerri Simpson says:

    I’d love to win! I’d buy it myself, but we aren’t spending any money on media ;-) and someone’s got to win, right!!

  486. I would love to win!!

  487. vicki hood says:

    I loved this book and it has challenged me in so many areas. I lead a small women’s bible study and i would love to use this material. Ty!!

  488. I would love to win this! For Christmas, we are buying less in order for it to be more about Him. We are doing Advent readings as a family and waiting in anticipation for His coming!

  489. This year we are going to Africa. Focusing more on serving and giving and less on getting.

  490. I absolutely loved reading 7 and am still being changed from having read it. This Christmas is about time and money that I am trying to give more freely. I definitely feel more mindful this year of those in need than I have probably ever felt before and believe that this is going to be the catalyst for some major changes in my life this coming year!

  491. We’re spending less so we can give more!

  492. jada schiessl says:

    oh my heck, when i saw this i was brushing my teeth & almost spit out my toothpaste. i could cloud up this entire blog with reasons why i would desire from the roots of my heart to win this & it has zero to do with me. not to sound campy but 7 changed my life regarding materialism. i gave away almost all of my clothing to a maternity home, so if you knew me that was huge. i cried the entire time.
    our small group needs this, my husband needs this. we would be a family of husbands & wives led to serve together & change our kids lives further for the future. we’ve also opened our small group to the homeless/less fortunate in our community as well & after lifegroup we do church, then we do lunch—-i think this would open them up to a whole new outlook on the stuff they don’t own & how it truly isn’t that important.
    Re: christmas excess, my husband will not exchange, instead we will adopt an adult from the streets who we’ve grown to love & buy him necessities, rather than shower my kids, we’re limiting them & with the remainder i am sponsoring a world vision child in rwanda, the gifts we purchased for family have primarily come from amazima, open arms, etc. gifts that give back!
    i sing 7’s praises from the rooftops because living just like jesus or trying to, is the most awesome life ever & my heart is on FIRE to share Him & this study with others!!! sorry for the rant, i got amped!

  493. Saunseray Benjamin says:

    I’d love to win this for my small stay at home momma Bible study group! You are amazing and I think this would be fantastic for us for our next study to start the new year off with :)

  494. Pam Nelson says:

    Would love to start a discipleship group and use this material to follow up on my commitment to Radical: Multiply!

  495. Jennifer W. says:

    I have been waiting for this group study so I could do a small group study at my church. Winning it would be amazing. We have cut back on the number of toys we are buying our children this year. 90% of their gifts are crafty type stuff we can do together.

  496. NO! Stop! I can’t take any more stretching! I’ll start again in January :)

  497. deanna valdes says:

    I need this! I am so wanting to do a study with some ladies in january. You know, right after we overindulge? groan… This years advent countdown is about others rather than us. Random acts of kindness, giving etc.

  498. I can’t wait to do the 7study! I have several ladies wanting to do it with me too.

  499. Please please please pick me!!

  500. I’d love to win the study! I recently completed the book and it inspired us to rethink how we do Christmas this year. We are giving one gift to each other and all other giving will go to those less fortunate.

  501. Debbie stevenson says:

    I love to win this study,
    I focusing on giving rather than receiving
    Acts of kindness , intentional advent

  502. This book was awesome and totally helpful in revamping our spending. I’d love to share that with others through the study!

  503. Loved the book. Inspired us to give away some more possessions. We are giving “no clutter” gifts this year, like restaurant gift cards. My daughter and I also contributed to the Christmas Shoebox through our local church. Since this summer after reading the book, I keep quoting Jen, as if I know her. Would love to do this as a study with others!

  504. Love Jen. Love Seven. This Christmas we’re buying very little, doing lots of White Elephanting, and spending Christmas morning at a homeless camp.

  505. Can’t wait to see how this can impact the lives in my small group.

  506. This book changed my life and my perspective on so many things! I’m thrilled that there will be a study to go along side of it! It’s so powerful!
    This Christmas, less excess looks like cutting back on Christmas gift exchanges and just spending time with family. In my extended it will be different to not have gifts associated with Christmas, but I think it will be a good way to focus on the real reason of Christmas – Jesus Christ. Also, I work with the children at our church and as a teacher, I want them to take away the true heart of Christmas. We do fun crafts together that they can use as gifts. I’m trying to teach them that small things matter and they can get creative about giving without spending a lot of money.

  507. Holly Heller says:

    I never win.

  508. Jana Bower says:

    I believe I am the first in my church to read to book so I would to open up more people in my church family to this. Even if I don’t win I think I will be buying this to share with them. Also this Christmas we have donated a lot of stuff to our local goodwill and community center to make sure they are packed with nice thing for others to go in and get.

  509. I believe you have my bible study! :)
    Seriously love Jen and her studies/books such a blessing!

  510. Tenley Dailey says:

    havn’t read them yet would love to

  511. Just filled gift bags for the homeless to drop off when we see a guy/gal on the side of the road with a cardboard sign. Great thing to do with the kids to keep it all in perspective!

    Would love to win this! Just read 7 with a group of young women over the summer. Awesome book!

  512. christina liebler says:

    I just finished “7” the book and thought it was excellent. I’d love to get my own group together after the holidays to study the word and look at the excess in our lives and in our hearts. My name is Christina Liebler. Merry Christmas!

  513. Cannot wait to get a hold of this! Loved the book – totally helped me change the way I think! :)

  514. Would love to win this and share with my ladies’ group! Keeping Christmas gifts simple and purchasing for others through a giving catalog (maybe World Vision or something similar).

  515. Would love to have this freebie in Abilene, TX! A group of women already met once in the fall to discuss the book and we’re excited to start doing the companion book to put stuff into practice!!!

  516. Would love love to start the 7 & bring the goodness to AZ!!!

  517. Tanya Ibarra says:

    I loved 7. God led me to it at a time when the excesses of life were becoming such an obstacle to my walk with God. It was inspiring, hilarious and totally relevant to me. While my family is still wrestling with excess, we decided this year for Christmas to battle through our closets, storage, and shelving to find anything that we have never used. I gag a little as I say, we found a lot. In fact, we found things with tags still attached, never worn, played with, or even opened…gag…ugh. As a police officer, my husband often meets folks who could use some kindness and a glimpse of Jesus, so we decided to give these things away to people in the name of Jesus. Once winter break begins for my kids, we will be putting together blessing bags (ziploc bags with soap, deodorant, toothbrush/paste, snacks and other goodies) to hand out to those in need. While I’d love to win the study, I also know that God has one person in mind who He knows could use the study the most. May the study be a blessing to all those who commented, and have a Merry Christmas everyone!

  518. pick me, pick me, pick me! :)

  519. Sarah Kellogg says:

    We are doing 12 days of Christmas Nativity. We let her have a couple of pieces of her little people nativity set per day and tell her a little bit of the story at a time. She is hilarious acting it all out with her little figurines. She is only 3 and calls Jesus “Baby God” no matter how many times we remind her. When we finish with the nativity we will be doing the elf on a shelf with a twist. We found a letter from Santa online that reminds the children to show the love of Jesus and to be a good witness to their elf.

  520. Laurie Arritt says:

    Just finished your book last week and was very challenged and blessed by it. Would love to do the whole study with a group of other women!

  521. Oooo pick me! I loved this book!!

  522. I would LOVE to win this As soon as we get home from Africa, our small group is ready to start a new study and I love Jenn!! For Christmas this year, we will be celebrating in Uganda. We leave next Wednesday. This CHRISTmas is TOTALLY about Jesus and following Him. Our family of five will be giving back to the orphange workers and loving on them and sharing Christ’s love with the people in Africa!!!!!

  523. Holy cow, pick me!! That would be awesome to get for free.
    We’ve moved to the Victorian model of gifts completely this year (Something you want, need, wear, read) but have added (inspired by Jen’s blog) something to give… each of our kids (2 bio, 2 adopt) will get $25 to give to a charity/person of their choice.
    Other than kids, a niece and a nephew, and our moms – we’re not buying this year. I’m making cakes for neighbors and friends and doing some re-gifting too. I think the more socially acceptable way to say that is upcycling, but it is what it is. Jesus really is the reason for the season!

  524. I read the Seven book with my daughter, and it was a mind blower. I have now moved and am looking for an excuse to open up my new ladies group eyes to the ideas there (and have some girls to hold me accountable). :–)

  525. Still processing the book and would love to do the study! Also, loved Jen Hatmaker’s post about being late on the advent reading. I downloaded my friend’s new advent devotional book, and I’m, well, 7 days behind! Argh!

  526. been waiting for this study! it’d be great to do with some good friends!

  527. Would love to win this for our Mom Monday Morning Bible Study.
    We are spending this Christmas focusing on giving back to others. My kids have been given the challenge of finding 1 thing every day to do for someone else. They have put together care packages, donated to toys for tots, and somedays it is just being nice to their siblings.

  528. Seven has been the one book in 2012 that has kept me out of (or helped me not stay in) the depressive hole one might get in when their mother dies of cancer at age 63. I am daily taking pictures of items we no longer need and selling them on my local FB yard sale site. Thinking of others is the best thing for me right now, and always.
    Would love to have this teaching set and share with our local adoptive and foster care families.

  529. Nicole Ross says:

    This Christmas, we have no presents under the tree. And while we will give the kids presents on Christmas I found that not putting them under the tree keeps the focus on Jesus not on what they are goin to receive. Thanks for the giveaway!

  530. Loved the book – we are hoping to start a focus group at our church in February using Jen”s new study guide. The last several years we haven’t given our family christmas gifts but have given them experiences instead. With one of our daughters living in Haiti where she is serving as a nurse at an orphanage for 60 plus little ones our most looked forward to experience this year is skype time with the family!

  531. Caryn Ruff says:

    My women’s bible study group just finished a study. It’s time for a new one and I would be HONORED to introduce them to Jen Hatmaker!!! These girls in Virginia don’t know you yet,. but they WILL very soon!!! {Huge Fan! Stalker fan!} …..Caryn Ruff

  532. Charlotte says:

    Scaling back in gifts for our 3 kids…. spending more buying for others in need.

  533. Mary Beth Kloiber says:

    I’m reading “7” right now. I’m almost finished with it. My husband is reading it too and starting Jan. 1 we are “doing 7.” For real. This book has messed with me! I love it, I’m terrified of it! I’m so excited, and I’m scared to death! I can’t wait to see what God does as we create more space for the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, our marriage, our family. So excited to tame the wild beast of excess. Even this Christmas we are celebrating Jesus by embracing “7”: talking to our kids, making little choices here and there that add up, spending differently, decorating differently, being more generous. Thank you, Jen Hatmaker!!

  534. I would love to win this for our women’s group at church. I am trying to make not only Christmas, but everyday more about Jesus and less about excess. I am asking myself – “Maybe it isn’t wrong to do this or have this, but is it necessary?” I think on a daily basis busy mom’s and women fill our day timers and to-do lists with so many activities and things that are not necessary. We need a study like this in our excessive over-indulgent society. I hope I win. Whoever wins will surely be blessed.

    Thank you.

  535. I just returned Jen’s book yesterday to the library!! I LOVED it, life-chaning-convicting!!! I would love this study!! I am part of an Advent Bible Study, which is helping to make Christmas MORE about Jesus and less about stuff.

  536. Sara Allen. Doing A Meaningful Christmas each morning.

  537. April Wahl says:

    7 was given to me by one of our pastors that was at the Verge 2012 conference. My outlook on what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus was ripped apart for the good. This book led me to a deeper place with Jesus and has made me fall more in love with Him and people. We have a group of ladies in our church going through the book right now and doing the 7 experiments each month. God is up to something in North Dakota and we just want to follow in His footsteps.

  538. shannon p says:

    Have read the book and would love this. This Christmas we did more shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and are giving some chickens through Gospel for Asia.

  539. I absolutely loved reading Seven and plan to read it while at my in-laws” house for Christmas. My husband and I are focused on decreasing our possessions. It seems like we will always have excess but on the bright side that just allows us to give more away to those who do not! Bless!

  540. Ayla Kolosik says:

    Yeah, me!!! I would love to share this with everyone I know!

  541. Stephanie Teague says:

    I am reading/doing month #7 STRESS during December. It is a wonderful way to focus my attention on the beauty and the simplicity of the nativity. I would LOVE to win this study for my women’s small group!

  542. I have read Seven and would love to do the Bible Study with some girls. This year for Christmas we are spending less on us and will be using the extra money to buy things through World Vision to help others.

  543. Michal Joyner says:

    Would love to win the study!

  544. Kirsten Lascano says:

    Our Bible study is looking to start the year with a study that concentrates on becoming the woman of godly purpose and intention. The ‘Seven Experiment” sounds like it could fit. Thank you for considering our group!
    As a family if 4 this Christmas, we are exchanging names (so only one present under the tree for each of us) and then focusing our time and money each week on a charity or service project. We started the first week at “Feed My Starving Children”. Our kids want to make it a monthly routine:) For us, we are so thankful for all God’s blessings!

  545. Jenn Hughes says:

    I read 7 in early fall; loved it so much I started a book club with the women in our Sunday School class! Would LOVE to use this study guide/DVD with our book club group!!

  546. Carrie I. says:

    This would be amazing to win!!

  547. Marcilla Tims says:

    Would LOVE to share this with ladies from my church!!!! My hubby and I this year are REALLY budgeting for Christmas, making gifts, drawing names (so we don’t have to get as many gifts), and as a family we have chosen two organizations to make a contribution to.

  548. Reading “7” really changed my heart in so many ways – we’re excited for the opportunity this Christmas season to serve those in our community.

  549. I would love to read 7. I’ve heard wonderful comments about it. In our home we have three adopted children. I am trying to focus them in the direction of Jesus this Christmas season by asking them what gifts they can give to others like, helping, being kind, and praying…..rather than telling me what they want for Christmas.

  550. I seriously would love this blessing of a giveaway.

  551. Debbi Loi says:

    I need this!

  552. Rhonda Frazier says:

    I’m leading this study in beginning in January. So excited to see the supplemental material. We were going to do it with or without it–glad it’s done in time for us to use it. Blessings!

  553. Oooooh, this would be amazing! I loved reading the book!

    And we’re hosting a Happy Birthday, Jesus party for friends and their families. We’ll have music, food, the Christmas story, cake and some ways to give food for the local food pantry and money to buy gifts from the Compassion gift catalog.

  554. Kathy Suggs says:

    I loved the book and SOOOOOO want to do the study!

  555. Loved the book and can not wait to do the study! This season we are being much more intentional about where our money goes and what it does.

  556. Read 7 last month and it has rocked my world! Appreciate this giveaway. :)

  557. Megan Snyder says:

    Hi my name is Megan Snyder and I became a “book pusher” because of the book 7. Jen Hatmaker has become a household name in Southeast Iowa now :) This Christmas we are doing an advent calendar with corresponding scriptures from the old and new testament connecting the entire story of the Bible to Jesus’ birth, not just the “Christmas Story”. Many of the activities we are doing are about giving and doing for others. We are also spending less on gifts this year and campaigning to raise money to save Sada’s House in Ethiopia so they can remain open and fully funded for the next year. This house raises girls who have been damaged by sex trafficking and unites them as a family. Our kids are learning (hopefully) that it’s ALL about Jesus, no really it’s ALL ABOUT JESUS! Thanks for doing this study, I’m excited to do it whether I win it for free or not :)

  558. Margi Johnson says:

    Would love to win this!

  559. Christina Harrell says:

    Love Jen Hatmaker and would be interested in her ideas on simplicity!

  560. 7 changed my life…I would love to win the kit so that it could change the lives of others

  561. AHHHHH!! I’m anxiously awaiting this study! Read the book and am now on my own lil “7” mission to reduce excess…choosing 7 commitments/fasts each month in my own 7 categories. A baby-version of Jen H’s 7 journey for sure. Blogging about it as I go and cannot WAIT to get my hands on this study!

  562. Misty thrasher says:

    Favorite book of the whole year!!

  563. Kara Janzen says:

    I can’t wait to use this study guide! I already have a group of girls that want to start it this spring. As for this Christmas, I’m trying to incorporate a lot more of giving to those in need and also being more practical in giving other gifts–for example with some family we are doing a fair-trade/eco-friendly theme. Hopefully we are at least making a small difference!

  564. Lesa Jeansonne says:

    I would love to win this for my Bible study groups.

  565. Michelle G. says:

    I finished reading 7 about a week ago and was thrilled to see the Bible study! I hope I win! We’re usually pretty simplified at Christmas. We don’t have a tree or many decorations. We try to have the Christmas spirit without the trappings.

  566. Jillian Kittrell says:

    Jen Hatmaker is turning my world upside-down in her book 7. To say that this book is “challenging my faith” is an understatement. Instead, it is more like radically altering it. What has it taught me? I have to change EVERYTHING about my life if I am going to truly follow Jesus, truly be a Christian, and truly claim to be a member of His church. My whole lifestyle needs to change. And boy, am I ever ready for this transformation. Currently I am living in Haiti as a missionary. Although that may seem “radical” by many, my heart has a long way to go. I have been blessed to find an amazing community of other missionary women here in my city. We are starting this Bible study after the holidays and it would be SUCH a blessing to us to win this to help encourage us on the mission field.

  567. My church is going to do this Bible study during Lent, and we would be thrilled to have the Leader Kit. I’m celebrating Advent with random acts of kindness.

  568. HI! I read this book this summer with a girlfriend and it really changed the way I think about my stuff and my time. Mostly I left with a desire to put Christ above everything, to serve others as He commanded us, and to know that nothing I have should be treasured because it is all a gift from God. Thanks for breaking open my heart and helping me dig deeper in my faith! I’m about to start leading a small group study of your materials in January so a free copy would be so beneficial!

  569. I love that you wrote a book that helps us draw closer to Christ and NOT materialism. I pray more of us are headed that way!!! Love your sense of humor on your blogs to Jan!!!

  570. would LOVE to get this sweet little study! have a grip of friends who would get SO in on it!

  571. Jennifer Main says:

    Read it, loved it, was inspired by it, recommended it….now I’m ready to lead a study on it!!! Thanks so much for this study and chance at winning it!! Woohoo!

  572. Aimee Guldin says:

    I would love to win this. I’m hoping to do this study with people from my church.

  573. Joy Friese says:

    I would love to win this study. I just finished Jen’s Interupted study with my small group and loved it. We would love to do this one next:)

  574. Kate Neely says:

    I would love to win this set by Jen Hatmaker.

  575. Laura tuel says:

    I would love to win this!

  576. Yes, I read the book 7. Loved it; want to try to live out some of the ideas in the book.

    We are celebrating Christmas very quietly this year, with just my dh and I. We will attend our church’s candlelight & Communion service, then later go to Midnight Mass at the nearby Basilica. That’s a longstanding tradition for us. On Christmas Day, we will just hang out together quietly, resting, reading, and so on.

    The gifts we are doing this season are for others, as unto Christ. We are giving to folks at the homeless shelter, helping out in a nursing home, helping a young single mother, and so on. I have more time than money, so I’m trying to do extra volunteering during Advent. Just gave blood, as one of those ideas.

    We are giving our young adult children the gift of them getting together. Glad they have a strong sibling bond.

  577. Christina Vander Pol says:

    What would a group of missionary women care about excess in the face of poverty around us? More than you know. A daily battle for us “Westerners” no matter where we live. There is a group of us just wanting to do this study here and would love to get the materials free!

  578. I loved this book. It made me think a lot more and feel terrible and good all at the same time. I have been waiting for the leader kit and dvds so that I can teach it to a small group. Would love to win it!! We are scaling way back on gifts this year and going to be giving through Compassion International to some who need more than we do. Celebrating Jesus instead of stuff.

  579. My husband and I are trying to give homemade gifts or give memories by taking friends/family to do activities rather than giving them more unnecessary stuff.

  580. Sarah Eiley Cowherd says:

    Can’t wait to lead this study, whether I win it or not! The book was a powerful challenege to live mindfully. We have tried to make as many of our christmas gifts come from fair trade, ethial companiesas possible!

  581. Cant wait to do this!

  582. We have gathered toys and gifts from garage sales, and am taking on the wish list of “something you want, need, wear, read.”

  583. Kevin Peck says:

    Would love to win this study. This year we are replacing stress with love (we hope). :)

  584. Lisa Davis says:

    Loved the book and am starting a study in January, so the materials would be great! This Christmas our family is “adopting” a local family who cannot afford to buy gifts for their teens.

  585. We really need this study at our church! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  586. Jennifer Pepper says:

    I have been dying to read this book!! For Christmas, my husband and I are incorporating advent traditions that we hope to share with our children one day.

  587. Christine says:

    We are planning to do this study in January! We are buying gifts this year that are needs not wants

  588. Rebecca Saiz says:

    I really would love to lead a group of women in this study. This Christmas we are reading the Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren. This is bring Jesus in our Christmas!

  589. I would love to do this study!! A way I’m doing less this Christmas is to not buy to just buy. I’m trying to buy things I know the person would really like – not just so I can have a gift for them.

  590. Rachel Hausam says:

    Love this book!

  591. We plan to celebrate Christmas with our family which includes 2 granddaughters, 2 years old and 7 months old. Always want to impress on them that Jesus is the reason for the season.

  592. Would love to have this for our small group!!! Pretty please! :)

  593. Erin Fabry says:

    I live in a small town in Western PA, and we have wonderful, supportive group of young mom’s. We love doing all different bible studies and we are ready to start a new one in January. We are an extremely diverse group as far as religious backgrounds go. This would be perfect for us! Not to mention, I’m a HUGE fan of Jen Hatmaker!!

  594. 7 has changed my life! Cutting down even more on presents for the kids and finding ways to serve as a family.

  595. Every year I plan on ignoring the commercialism of Christmas and focusing on the celebration of Christ’s birth, but with three kids and all their “wants”, it gets hard. I’d love to share this with my bible study group of ladies!

  596. Ooh, yes please! I would love to do this study with my group, and to share it with others. I’ve been inspired reading all these comments about ways to simplify Christmas and focus on the important things.

  597. misty gorman says:

    i would LOVE to do this study with a group in my home. i appreciate jenn hatmaker’s heart and what she brings to the book. i cannot think of a better way to introduce Jesus than thru this study in my home. who could not relate to materialism in our day and time?! thanks again to jenn for the inspiration!

  598. I would love to win this study! I will make all of my friends do it with me. :) I read 7 this spring and it along with a few other books have really had an impact on my faith. Had a Garage Sale for Orphans in May and contributed to a safe house. We are still working through the excess in our lives, but God is helping us make changes, big and small, every day. This year we cut our Christmas gift budget to one third of what we usually spend–kids are getting one small gift each instead of three– and the money we would otherwise have spent is going to buy clothes, toys and food for a woman in our community who is raising two grandchildren and two nephews on her own. Best. Christmas. Ever.

  599. Yes please – i think this would be an amazing study for the spring!

  600. I loved the book, would love to do the video series with my Bible Study girls! Hope to win!

  601. Janna Allman says:


  602. I’m leading an Advent Study with Made a fun nativity advent calendar with a story for the kids. We’re handing out candy canes with the candy cane poem. And giving our gently used toys away to those who need them more than us.

  603. I am doing a devotional time with my family linking it to the idea of advent. I have tried to shop with a conscience and shop local when possible.

  604. Lori Brown says:

    I would LOVE this study…going to lead a group of young single ladies in this study :)

  605. April Hoffman says:

    Would LOVE to have this set for a small group in Las Vegas. Read the book while living in Texas with a wonderful group of gals! We loved it!
    This holiday season, my family and friends will be making “blessings bags” for area homeless.

  606. Tracey Steenbergh says:

    I read the book with a few friends, we would LOVE to do the study! Thanks!

  607. Kendall Bicknell says:

    Reading “7” changed me in such a deep way and really has poured a renewed desire to connect with Jesus through being his vessel and offering his service and love to others. I would love to do this study with a small group.

  608. Would love to have this set. I have been profoundly challenged by Jen’s writing and love her heart.

  609. This would be awesome!

  610. This year we’re following the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” philosophy. It really cuts down on unnecessary gifts. Would love to win this study to be encouraged more in our mutiny from excess.

  611. Amber Hinson says:

    I read this book And love it! I would love to win!

  612. Jennifer F. says:

    I read 7 in April. All I can say is it was truly life changing. Would love for my Bible Study friends to get to do this study. For Christmas we decreased the number of presents we used to buy. We have more than enough stuff!

  613. LuAnn Stimpert says:

    We are giving to charities instead of exchanging gifts

  614. My daughter (seven years old) is going to be in the Christmas play at church this year she is so excited. A few days ago she asked to get an angel from the angel tree and go shopping so we did And we bought the little angel a baby doll. I’m shocked by how my daughter (Who loves baby dolls) has been able to see the new doll unwrapped sitting below the tree and she has not once asked to keep it for herself! I grew up in a family that put a lot of emphasis on gifts for each other; Slowly but surely we are changing that tradition. As a matter of fact I have been working very hard the past two or three years in decreasing our “stuff.” I just want the “simple life” where I’m free to serve God without the distractions of so much stuff! :)

  615. I’m Naomi – stay at home mom to 3 wild little boys and wife to a pastor. We’re celebrating Christmas this year by doing Truth in the Tinsel with our preschool/kindergarten age children. We also have participated in Operation Christmas Child and we’re doing homemade/repurposed gifts for family for Christmas. We’ve also limited “Santa” type gifts to 3. It’s fun to listen to what our boys are learning through our readings and ornament making each day! I read 7 and it had a remarkable impact on my life at a very critical time in our family life and ministry. I’d really like to be a part of a more in depth scriptural study about this topic.

  616. This year, we are skipping buying the expensive, over-priced stuff for our kids, and instead doing 4 small gifts each: one thing they want, need, one to wear, one to read. And we’re adopting a woman that works at Target who has nothing and walks 2 miles to work every day. Trying to keep Jesus in our minds and speaking gratitude for all He’s blessed us with!! I love Jen Hatmaker. Her book has totally ruined me.

  617. Carmen Zeisler says:

    OH I would LOVE to win this! SEVEN and Interrupted just simply changed my life this summer! I don’t say that lightly! I have grown so much and would love to be able to dig deeper into seven with the video series!

  618. Read 7! Would love to do the study!

  619. Jennie Wright says:

    Sounds terrific!

  620. Michelle BInkley says:

    I would love, love, LOVE to win this study. I’ve read the book and it’s change my perspective COMPLETELY. I’d love to do this study with some of my girlfriends.

  621. Margaret Erickson says:

    Have JESUS Christmas music going all the time…won’t let myself go by a Salvation Army red bucket without sharing something…Advent readings…

  622. I would love to be entered into the giveaway. I can honestly say that the book 7 changed my life. Coupled with Platt’s Radical, Hatmaker has turned my life upside down (or maybe it was previously upside down and they turned it right-side up?). Bottom line: My family is now in the process of international adoption. Jen, you have turned me crazy.

  623. Nancey Legg says:

    Read 7 and it messed with my head AND my heart.

  624. Trying to finish Christmas preparations early (and less of them) so that I can enjoy the time with family and listen for God’s leading.

  625. This Christmas season, my husband and I are doing an Advent Reading Plan through YouVersion. It’s really helping us focus our hearts in the right place each day. Our small group was also able to donate items to a center that serves the homeless population, and was a really fun way to serve during this season as a group!

  626. Lisa Metcalf says:

    I love Jen’s blog & would love a chance to win!

  627. Melissa Turner says:

    Fantastic book…would love to do the study!

  628. I would love to have this study for our group! The book is amazing, I can’t wait to do the study!

  629. I just ordered this study this week! But if I win, I’m going to share with an area church who doesn’t have the resources to buy it. :-)

  630. I wanna win the set of 7 please? :))

  631. Shani Campbell says:

    LOVE 7!!!!!!! And giving more of my time than money this year in effort to reduce and focus on the season more!!

  632. Loved the book! I belong to a mentoring mom’s group with some women from my church. We were looking for a study to do & I think this would be perfect! Did I mention that there are “7” of us in my group…just saying…

  633. Tracey McMullen says:

    This Christmas we are going late to family gatherings and spending Christmas Eve at church, singing carols and being around other believers. Looking forward to spending time with my first born who left for college this last fall, just loving on him. I have missed him so. Time with family is precious, I don’t plan to waste a moment.

  634. Buying sweaters for little ones in an orphanage in Honduras, hard to believe it gets cold there- but it does for a little while!

  635. Kristen Bulgrien says:

    I would love to win this study to do with some fellow female missionaries in Haiti! Believe it or not, we missionaries in Haiti can fall into the “stuff” trap – maybe not excess (though compared to our Haitian brothers and sisters, yes, excess), but certainly an unwillingness to share our “precious things”! Pretty sure Jesus isn’t into that.

  636. April Abercrombie says:

    I want this so bad!

  637. I could definately use a little…ahem…. I mean a LOT more Seven in my life. So inspirational and necessary in my life right now.

  638. Barb Newitt says:

    Have this on my Christmas list!

  639. Patty Mann says:

    One of my ladies just sent me an email earlier this week asking if we could offer this class. It would be fabulous to get the resource and save our church the money.

  640. I read this book with three friends this past semester. Loved it! I was very challenged by Jen’s writing about Easter in the chapter on Possessions. As a result, we are giving gifts this year to children in Ethiopia through Compassion and Bethany Christian Services. Our children are excited to pick out the specific gifts (water, chickens, or goats) this weekend.

  641. Konnie Robinson says:

    Mylanta! That is a whole lot of folks hoping to win!
    Well, here is to “Book Babes” winning the study guide set! :)

  642. Read the book and was challenged. Trying to stay focus this year by doing a Jesse Tree, donating to organizations instead of buying stuff for each other.

  643. Wendy Saenz says:

    I’ve heard fantastic things about this book and since I know the author personally, and think she’s great, I’m sure her book is too!

  644. Please enter me in this giveaway, I would love to use it for my small group if I am blessed enough to win. Thank you!

  645. Darlene J Barge says:

    I love your 7 book and would love to win your 7 teaching kit. I’m giving away 7 things a day in Dec. I am finding that I have strong attachment to my stuff. I save things like a child that collects and saves their favorite toys, dolls or teddy bears. I guess my abusive childhood made me hold on to things I didn’t have in my poor childhood? Maybe I’m afraid I’ll never be able to get more things? An enlightening experience. Darlene

  646. Darlene J Barge says:

    Darlene J Barge
    December 7, 2012

    I love your 7 book and would love to win your 7 teaching kit. I’m giving away 7 things a day in Dec. I am finding that I have strong attachment to my stuff. I save things like a child that collects and saves their favorite things. I guess my abusive childhood made me hold on to things I didn’t have in my childhood? Maybe I’m afraid I’ll never be able to get more things? An enlightening experience. Darlene

  647. The book was truly transformational for me. It changed the way I look at life and has led me to launch a new ministry with my church focused on serving our community. I would love to do this study with my small group.

  648. Thanks for helping some of us save money! Just read this book this fall and we did a Garage Sale for Orphans in November because of it! God has definitely used this book to change my life and my family’s lives and am excited about doing it in a small group – free material or not!

  649. Patti Hunt says:

    “7” was a life-changing book for me. I would love to get this study to lead and/or I would love to do this studywith some ladies in the area.

  650. Would love this for our small group!

  651. Denise Ramey says:

    I would love to participate in this Bible study with fellow teachers at my school. I love it!!!

  652. Melissa F says:

    I want to use this study at our church and at my school!
    For this holiday season our family is giving away 10 times more than we are receiving to bless others in need.

  653. I read this book on the beach this summer and practically read the whole thing out loud to my husband because of all the good content! It lead to several great discussions and even a few lifestyle changes- praise God! I’ve told my close girlfriends about this book but would love to do a ladies or a couples study!! This year my family is doing a Jesse tree to focus on the true reason for the season! God Bless!

  654. Melody Warrick says:

    We participate in advent conspiracy at our church. It teaches the kids to give up a present and something is purchased instead for a local charity. It really shows the kids how to love the way Jesus would want us toZ

  655. We have a small group that is planning on doing this study this January! As for Christmas, my husband and I are simply looking forward to just spending time with friends and family that we haven’t seen in a year (since we’ve been living in Haiti). Being away from them for such a long period of time makes us really appreciative of the time we do get to have with them!! So I guess we’re just more excited about our relationships than the stuff we might be getting!

  656. Melissa Hodge says:

    This was a game changer for me this year. Would love to win this and start a great and challenging bible study for our small group.
    Power in our dollar is our theme this Christmas.

  657. This is already on my Christmas wish list for this year! But as missionaries, finances are tight, so winning this would be wonderful!

    One of our family traditions is for each of us to give a gift to Jesus. We write down what gift we want to give to Jesus in the year to come. Last year my son decided to make his gift be reading through the entire Bible in 2012…and he has! We read our gifts to Jesus aloud to the rest of the family and then pray over them as we commit them to the Lord for the year to come.

  658. Loved this book and would love to have this study for my small group!

    We have done Operation Christmas Child boxes and are buying toys for Toys for Tots as well as helping out a couple families in need with our ABF group. Also are doing an Advent calendar for the first time using Scripture and activities that focus on what Christ’s coming meant and the true meaning of Christmas.

  659. Kim Schultz says:

    Would love to win! Just completed our 5th adoption! Need Jen’s help! :)

  660. We are NOT buying my sixteen month old tons of gifts!

  661. Finished the book a week ago and have already gifted one to a friend! Coudn’t. put. it. down! Thanks for the challenge, Jen! Blessings!

  662. This book changed and challenged my thinking in so many ways. I am so looking forward to doing the study at LEAST once to catch things I know I missed the first time around. Winning this would be awesome!

  663. Courtney Headley says:

    I LOVED this book! Hope I win!

  664. Marcy Cummings says:

    So I read 7 right before traveling to Ethiopia to bring our son home to south Texas. It was transforming! In the 9 months since, our newly extended family has moved halfway across the country and I just said yesterday “I need to read 7 again and apply it to our new environment!” I CAN.NOT.WAIT. to get my hands on this study and share with all my barefooted redneck friends here in Kentucky (ok yes I’m being somewhat dramatic…Hatmaker style don’t you think?) Ha! Whether or not I win this little giveaway I will definitely be in line at the bookstore when it becomes available!!!

  665. I absolutely loved this book! We are fighting our mutany against excess and focusing on Jesus by asking for and giving donations this year instead of gifts!!! My MOPS group at church would love this Bible Study!!

  666. We have always tried to keep Christmas simple and focused on faith and family. Jen has an amazing way of sharing Gods vision in a non-insulting, life changing way.

  667. I’ve read the book, it was fabulous! I then sent it to my sister and she loved it too! I am soooo wanting to do the study. I also happened to read “giving Christmas back to Jesus”. Our family has adopted the 4 gift policy this year also. Christmas wish lists have never been so easy! The kids handed in their lists right away. It seemed to really help them decide what mattered to them and what didn’t. Thanks for another great experiment.

  668. My women’s small group needs this!!!

  669. LOVE this book but LOVE the fact that Jen lives what she writes. I have been privileged to hear Jen speak several times and each time I have come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit about an area in my life. Thank you Jen for being obedient.

  670. We’re giving up Santa, giving less to ourselves and giving more to those who are truly in need. Thank you Jen Hatmaker for being the change you want to see and changing others lives as well. I would love to win this for our community.

  671. I finished 7 about a week ago and many in our house church have read or are in progress. It is changing lives.

  672. Susanelizabeth says:

    Oh my!!! I have been waiting for this study to come out! I started a 100 day juice fast for physical healing and what ended up was it also broke my soul open…broken and spilled out, I began to cry out to God for change. During the fast i read Jen’s 7, then Interrupted and it lead me to read other books such as Radical, Crazy Love. I never read much before. Ever because of some learning issues I had. But, Jen changed all that, including my life. I have been very sick for a very long time and I am tired of waiting “until”. Waiting “until” i am better…stronger. I am ready to lead a grp(I used to lead them yrs ago) and I have been feeling led to lead this one for some time. I would love to win this so that I can also spread this amazing material to others, who would in turn have changed lives. As far as Christmas, I and others in our church are RACK’ng folks every day until Christmas(Random Acts of Christmas Kindness”.. We are having a blast leaving gift cards, paying for peoples groceries, baking cookies for the Salvation Army workers, feeding the homeless, whatever. And also this yr, I tried to purchase mainly gifts that would help others, such as buying from organizations, where the money goes for orphans, homeless, etc. I have never loved the holiday so much.

  673. I think winning this at the time of year where excess is in excess would be awesome! We are helping with a community Christmas dinner at our church this year as a way to be more giving to those who are in need or just lonely.

  674. havilahjoy says:

    this year we are “giving” a kiva loan to work colleagues instead of more cookies that no one wants anyway. our small group would LOVE a copy of this!

  675. Robin Ladner says:

    I have never loved a book so much. You are my new BFF and I want to live next door to you. I would love to sit and chat with you, well, for HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe days or weeks. You write so very many things that I think. I am a “Mercy More Than Life” kinda girl and so many people think I am CRAZY. THANK YOU for being so real. Thank you for not being afraid to speak the truth in love. Your book has validated for me that I am NOT alone in my radical-ness! Blessings to you, Jen. Do not ever lose your passion!

  676. Melissa Graham says:

    I just bought the book and want to start a study using this material. I know I have to start to rid my life of excess but I don’t know where to begin. I pray this will provide me with the knowledge and boost I need!

  677. Annette Clay says:

    would love to have a challenging bible study

  678. Monica Henry says:

    Ooh, ooh! Super excited to start this study! This year we’re limiting the gifts to four things per kid: something they want, need, wear, and read. Helps keep things minimal.

  679. This would be awesome. Thank you for the opportunity!

  680. Heather Gough says:

    We are spending more time reading about the “real” meaning of Christmas with my 2 year old ( and 8 month old :) insteadof just hoping they will “catch” the true meaning underneath presents and Santa Clause. We are stressing that it is Jesus’ birthday and not a day for us to receive presents!

  681. We’d love to do this study with our house church.
    7 has had such an impact on many of us and it’s changing our community.

  682. Lori Hernandez says:

    Me! Me! Pick me! I’ve read this book with many of my friends and we are super excited to do the study!

  683. Sherree Hood says:

    I would love to win this!

  684. I would LOVE to win this! I’m already working towards leading this bible study at our church next year, it would be awesome if we could get it for free!

    This year, we are helping families in need that we know, and we are buying gifts through World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse that the kids help pick out, to help people that we don’t know.

  685. Melanie Grace says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. This Christmas I am getting rid of a lot of excess “stuff”….material & mental!!!!

  686. Hey gang, thanks for the opportunity to share ideas on focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. To start, my husband & I attended a church play called ”Come See the Lamb” that emphasized Jesus’ birth, crucifixion & resurrection. We have 2 nativity sets around out Christmas tree to remind us
    of what’s important (and so God will smile at our tree!). I can’t wait to do this study & teach h others. My friend, Julie Schindler, helped endorse this book!! xoxo, Stephanie :0)

  687. Looks like a great study! This Christmas we are doing very little in the way of gift giving as no one can afford gifts and looking forward to just being together with family and friends.

  688. would love, love, love to do this Bible study!

  689. So, Jen and I go way back…back when I was “Miss Understood”! Just kidding but seriously am anxious to read the book but the study would be PERFECT! And after our small group is done, we’ll pass it on to the men!! This Christmas we will sing Happy Birthday and Come Let Us Adore HIM and blow out the candles on Jesus’ cake!

  690. Oh how I loved Seven!! This Christmas, we’re continuing to give our kids (two toddlers) two gifts each. We want them to focus on the fact that it’s Jesus’ birthday and being content with what they have. :)

  691. Meghan DeHart says:

    I started reading this book a little while ago and have already gotten so much out of it that I would love to share and I think this would be a great way!

  692. Penny Sherwood says:

    For a few years now, one side of my family gives donations through the Samaritans Purse gift catalog in leiu of gifts! It took a minute to adjust to not getting gifts for ourselves, but now we all love the simplicity of the “shopping” process and the fun Christmas morning of finding out what others are giving in my honor! :)

  693. Lindsey Wells says:

    absolutely adore Jen Hatmaker’s heart & her ability to attack issues that some people wont even attempt. She brought to light so many areas of excess in my life that I was able to deal with! This Christmas season I will be on a 2 month outreach to Brazil doing mission work-because of God’s will I gave up my holidays at home this year & for Christmas I will be working in orphanges & schools in Recife Brazil to ensure people feel Gods love not just on Christmas but everyday! This study would be a great way for me to connect with people when I get home from my mission work! Would be a blessing! Merry Christmas!

  694. I’ve been hoping to do this for awhile…. heard GREAT things!

  695. My name is Abbey Smith, loved the book, would love the study! This year we’re making Christmas more about Christ by taking days this month and donating toys, clothes, and household goods to a local kids pantry, grocery shopping for our community care center instead of buying gifts, and writing holiday letters to Wounded Warriors. I want my son to grow up with memories of the impact of the season, not what toys he got.

  696. This book wrecked me. Thank you! This year, we have focused on others. Our gifts will be limited greatly. We’ve cleaned out so much excess that we do not need to do bring in more. We have given our kids their own “kids” in Swaziland to sponsor. Best gift ever.

  697. On November 30th I got into a car accident and just last week found out my van was totaled and the insurance company is settling with me. I have committed to purchasing another car that is less than my settlement and will use the difference to 1. Give money to dear family friends of ours who are currently raising money to go on the mission field and 2. Buy food and gifts for people in my community who are hurting this Christmas. Now to just find the car!!!!!
    I would love to do this bible study with my preteens and friends!!!!

  698. Alison Prescott says:

    So exciting! What a great study that would be!
    Alison Prescott

  699. I’m Cynthia and I’m making Christmas more about Jesus by spending less on gifts (giving handmade and repurposed) and giving extra to our church & missionaries & agencies we support

  700. This Christmas we are cutting way back on presents. Instead we’re just baking and making gifts rather than spending a ton of money. We’re also doing Advent for the first time!

  701. I’ve been looking forward to reading the book, and I think this would be the perfect Bible study to kick off the new year! My co-workers and I are donating gifts to a child in foster care instead of exchanging gifts with each other this year. Little by little, trimming excess.

  702. Lizzie boaz says:

    Starting a new small group at church and would love to share this with them!

  703. On November 30th I got into a car accident and just last week found out my car was totaled. I have received a settlement from the insurance company and I have committed to purchasing another vehicle for cheaper than the settlement and using the difference to 1. Help dear friends in their finacial quest to raise money so that they could go to the missions field and 2. Buy food and gifts for people in my community this Chrismas and give out on chrismas eve. 3. Also as a family we are going to serve food on Christmas Day.
    I Would love to do the bible study not only with friends but with my pre teen children to help reinforce what we are doing this Christmas.

  704. Would love to do this study!

  705. I read this book over the period of a few months and it really shook me to my core. Not necessarily because I feel like I have too much stuff, but because I realized (and am continually realizing) that my biggest area of excess is ME. Reading Jen’s book opened my heart to understand what I already knew in a brand new way. I want less of me. I believe this study tool would be a great starting point in a long journey of learning how to follow Christ to a point of selflessness.

  706. I’m reading 7 now and it’s breaking my heart wide open!! Would live to start a small group at my church!!

  707. Our ladies Bible study have chose this for our new study in Jan. It would be such a blessings to receive thisThanks

  708. Thanks for the opportunity! This Christmas season, we’re simplifying our gift giving, simplifying the decor and planning and focusing on LOVING His people! Merry Christmas all!

  709. Heather Rattray says:

    What an awesome give away! We are getting less and trying to teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas with story reading, talking etc…

  710. Ashley Padgett says:

    I just picked up some promo material for Seven on Sunday, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the real thing! This year, my husband and I are participating in a shoebox distribution project similar to Operation Christmas Child in our county. We also participated in the OCC project. We are making Christmas about Christ this year by making Him known to others!

  711. Ashton Sistrunk says:

    I’m reading this book right now. So amazing. I plan on doing a study with this soon!

  712. Meganblaire says:

    Oh this excites me so! I have shared my copy of the book with several friends and have several more waiting for it. I would so love to get everyone together for a study!

    For Christmas, I am participating in the #shereadstruth advent reading plan, as well as using Ann Voskamp’s Jese Tree devotional. Also, I’m trying something new this year; many of my friends are married and are participating in some kind of “12 days of Christmas” with their honey. I’ve decided to try and take the focus off of me and my alone-ness and put together 12 days of Giving; volunteering, donating items, taking dinner to families in need, visiting with those also alone this season. I’m quite excited about it!;

  713. I loved the book! This season we are making sure to talk daily about Jesus being the reason we celebrate this time of the year with the kids.

  714. Carly Klein says:

    The book was amazing! This Christmas, I researched and found gifts that supported real people and served a greater good!

  715. Morgan Duke says:

    Loved the book, would love to do the study with others who are growing in a heart of simplicity as well

  716. More Jesus in Christmas is about doing less traditional things and being more intentional WITH people. No lists, no must-do, no scheduled craziness. Just being and offering services to those we love and giving to those who have not.

  717. Love Jen Hatmaker! This Christmas we’re supporting an effort to build a school in Haiti with helponenow.

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