Christmas Traditions!

As the Christmas season is upon us once again, it causes me to reflect back over holidays past and reminisce over the things that have changed, as well as pulling out of the closet those many traditions that the Denton’s  insist on every year.

>> The Christmas tree always goes in the same corner of the den;  which means moving furniture around and taking items to the attic just to make room.  One year, I remember trying to place the tree in another room of the house, only to be vetoed by all 3 of my children, saying, “It won’t feel like Christmas.”

>> Wreaths are always hung on the front windows of the house….who cares if it’s 15 degrees outside and we let all of the heat out of the house while undertaking the task….no wreaths. “It won’t feel like Christmas.”

>> Shopping on Black Friday.   This is one tradition that was always mine and usually one I undertook by myself.  As the years have gone by, this is one that I’m not so gung-ho about anymore.  It’s just too early.  It still feels like Christmas without me having to torture myself.

>>When my kids were smaller, the house we lived in had a bonus room down a small flight of stairs from the kids’ bedroom.  In order for Santa Claus not to be discovered, we used to hang a sheet at the top of the stairs so if anyone woke up during Santa Claus’ visit, he wouldn’t be caught laying out the Christmas presents.  Even today, in a new house where the den is nowhere close to the bedrooms, my 21 year old daughter still insists on hanging the sheet.  “It won’t feel like Christmas.”

>>The kids setting the clock for 5 a.m. Christmas morning.  At 29, 25, and 21.  The excitement is still in the air.  Not setting the clock for that early hour… “It won’t feel like Christmas.”

>>Sausage balls for Christmas morning breakfast, sitting in the den discovering the contents of our Christmas stockings.  Last year, I suggested a Christmas sausage/egg casserole.  That new idea was quickly vetoed….. “It won’t feel like Christmas.”

>>Wayne reading the Christmas story from Luke.  When the kids were little, once snacks were eaten, teeth brushed and everyone pottied, we would snuggle up all in one bed and read about the birth of Jesus.  Wayne now reads the same story, from the same book of Luke, but reads on Christmas morning before the first gift or stocking is opened…. “It won’t feel like Christmas”

We all have our special Christmas memories that we have created in our families.  But let us not forget what the real celebration is about…the birth of our Lord and Saviour.   Without the birth of Jesus…. “It WOULDN’T be Christmas.”

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions that have lasted throughout the years?



  1. says

    Love LOVE this article! One year when both of my oldest kids were very sick, instead of hanging Christmas lights outside where they couldn’t enjoy them, we hung them down our middle hall that leads into their bedrooms. It was beautiful. Every year from then on we have put lights up in that same hall. They are 18 and 23 years old now and we are adopting a 6 year old. This is her first Christmas with us and my daughter put those lights up in that hall for her….passing on the tradition!

    • Linda Denton says

      Hey Christy, isn’t it funny that often times it’s our kids that turn our tasks into family traditions.
      Hoping you have a blessed Christmas season with your family.

  2. says

    Attending a Christmas Eve service is one of my favorite traditions, baking cookies with my daughters who are 26 and 28 now, but still want to continue the tradition, getting pizza when we decorate our tree, taking a long walk with my husband around our neighborhood to see the Christmas lights. I could go on! I am thankful for many treasured traditions and the memories they give.

    Enjoyed this post!

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