LifeWay Women Live at Women’s Forum: Transforming Women’s Ministries: Why Apologetics?

If you missed our first airing of this webshow, it’s not too late! You can now catch up on the LifeWay Women Live Archive.

Why is apologetics so important and needed in women’s ministries at this time? Women need to be honest with themselves about why they believe in God. Honesty about their beliefs (and doubts) helps women live transformed lives that affect other people. It also helps them answer questions people may have about belief in God without feeling intimidated. Believers need to gain confidence in their faith. We can do this by creating safe environments that allow for the exploration of questions about faith in  women’s ministries.

Join Chris Adams, Paige Greene, and Mary Jo Sharp, author of Why Do You Believe That? as we discuss how to help leaders answer these questions that will transform women’s lives.

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