I’ve always wanted to ask…

Blog readers, we need your help!

What’s one question you’d like to ask your husband?

Next Thursday and Friday, we’re filming brand new episodes (4, actually!) of Life with Priscilla. One of the shows will feature a panel of married men answering those questions you’ve always had about your man but didn’t quite know how to ask!

So, we ask you again…

What is one question you’d like to ask your husband?  It can be funny or serious! Comment with that question, and Priscilla might just ask it during the taping next week!

Disclaimer: LifeWay Women will choose which questions to receive; not all submitted questions will be asked.


  1. Rebecca Saiz says

    When I’m complaining about something why do you feel the need to point out all mistakes I am making along the way, why can’t you just listen? I’m not looking for you to rescue me every time!!

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