Michelle Hicks is a Team Leader in Adult Ministry Publishing. She guides the team responsible for putting out short-term studies like Beth Moore’s James, Mary Jo Sharp’s Why Do You Believe That and other women’s studies.

This is a rare and unusual photo of my guitar pick shaped table. It is clean and everything is neatly in place.

But I am most thankful for this table when it is surrounded by people, food, projects, and a big mess!

It is a gathering place in my home. A place where people talk and laugh and argue and work and pray and study and dream and just spend time together.

I am so thankful for this unique guitar pick that brings life and music into my home!

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  1. I ahve a few “favorite things” in my home. One- though not unique at all… my floor pillows are of my absolute favorite things. They sit stacked on the family room floor and the kids walk in and plop down on them and tell me about their days. I’m not even sure the kids know I have them conditioned to do that with those big wonderfully comfortable pillows. Shhhh… don’t tell them :-)

    I also adore my nativity set that comes out on Black Friday yearly. It is the original Willowtree set with the large creche and a host of farm animals. It makes me smile and revere God daily thruout the Christmas season.

  2. Hi Michelle! Love your table!! While our kitchen table isn’t as unique- it is a gathering place for game night!! We love playing board games as a family. Catchphrase, Boxers or Briefs & The Game of Things are our favorites.

  3. Rebecca Anderson says:

    Our three boys are now grown with lives and families of their own – but whenever they visit, we always end up together at the kitchen counter…gathering to remember great meals and conversations – and to create new ones! We’ve had many serious discussions here through the years – plans for the future, falling in love, God’s way in difficult decisions, and simple talks while preparing meals. Brings back lots of great memories just describing it:D

  4. Kellie Shulruff says:

    The kitchen in general is a “gathering” place…it alwasy just seems to be that way. But my sewing/girl room is my “quiet place” I treasure so very much*S*
    Hello Michelle…it is great to meet you…LOVE ALL YOU GIRLS AND SO THANKFUL FOR ALL YOU DO!!

  5. Susan Daggett says:

    I have a Peanuts themed holiday!

  6. Shirleen Wills says:

    Hi Michelle!

    My husband is a guitar player….he would love this table in our kitchen! :) For us the kitchen would have to be the place where we gravitate to. I love to cook and bake, and some of our best conversations happen in the kitchen.

  7. Michelle,

    Love this post and your dining room table. I love the antique buffet in my dining room Decorating it and tucking the small nativity among the garlands adorning the beautiful English Walnut shelves is always my special joy. The mirrors inserted between the shelves reflect the twinkle lights and remind me of how bring the sky was when the angels sang the Glory song upon His birth! Love and hugs, Linda David

  8. Our fireplace always creates a wonderful place to visit and share.

  9. Sarah Staples says:

    We have a 9 ft. long couch. When I purchased it my goal was to find something that people would sit down and not want to leave. We have used it as a bed for travelers, a cozy spot for family movie night, and the cheering section for football games.

  10. Lauren Baxter says:

    I love your table! We don’t have a fun shaped table, but at our house we do all of the important things around ours. Our one rule at the table is, “Always be positive, leave the negativity at the door!”. It’s a great way to teach my children to find the good things in the stuff that they don’t like (like their meatloaf or homework).

  11. The kitchen counter. We like to cook or bake together.

  12. Kathryn Hart says:

    Love your cozy table, Michelle! While the table does being us all together as a family I’d have to say the tub is definetly more qualified! We have 2 young children under 2 and baths happen every night. We watch them laugh, play and splash and create special memories together!

  13. Our little girl loves climbing up on our bed in the morning or evening and pretending to sleep. Also, we can all cuddle together on our couch.

  14. Kelly Boudreau says:

    Hey, Michelle!! So glad to see your beautiful face!! Our gathering place is the kitchen bar. Our table is in the next room and is a gathering place too, but we are more likely at the bar. We are looking forward to being around Grandma and Grandpa’s table this week!

  15. Rebecca Saiz says:

    My favorite item is my grandmothers China Cabinet. So many memories of what was in there. It just brings up special feelings.

  16. A lot of mornings our kids will end up in the bed with us while we’re all trying to wake up to meet the day. Love that cuddle time for the little while that it lasts. A 3-year-old and 1-year-old don’t stay still for long.

    By the way, to whom it may concern, just finished the James study with the iPad app and enjoyed the experience. Please release all future studies with an accompanying app! I would also love to see a Mac app. That would be so much better with all the typing and all. Also, if there were some improvements to the app (more streamlining, less options, fewer menus, reliable backup, print option), it would be the perfect experience!

  17. Carrie Frink says:

    We just recently acquired a kitchen table that enables our family to eat dinner together as a family (instead of in front of the TV)…we are able to talk about our day and enjoy our time together as a family!

  18. We did our kitchen over & since then, the center island, which we had not had before, is our favorite place to hang out & cook & eat & talk all together.

  19. Love that guitar pick table!!!!!
    I just picked up my guitar after thirty-four years!

    I am most happy when I am surrounded by my children and my beautiful, creatively made grand-girls, ages, 11, 9 and 6! I love those girls so much!!!!!! and they know it!!!!! But the Lord loves them more, amazing.

  20. The “girls” always seems to gather in the kitchen at the table to make the Norwegian cookies and desserts for both holidays. Love my mammas kitchen table! :)

  21. Sharon Weldon says:

    I would say our kitchen table. When ,my husband and I were first together we would spend hours around the table. My daughter and her girls stayed several months with us. I think the girls were 1st and 2nd grade so we did homework at the table and had fun family meals

  22. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Our kitchen table also brings us all together nicely. It’s a long long rectangle table, I just knew it would fit our family perfectly!

  23. I don’t know if it’s all that unusual, but God blessed me with a beautiful grand piano a couple of years ago….our grandkids love to “play” it and sing….what a blessing….

  24. Qurstion for Michelle, where can I find a similar table? I love the shape but it also seems like it will work in the eat-in kitchen of a home we’re downsizing in. I have never seen a table like that, I love it, thank you for sharing, Michelle!

    • Michelle Hicks says:

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And thanks for all the comments! Hope you are enjoying a great day around your table with family and friends wherever you are! FYI – We got this fun table at Ashley furniture several years ago…nothing fancy. You can probably find something like it at any chain furniture store. Blessings!

  25. I love that my bookshelf brings people together. I’m an avid reader, and friends old and new love to hear what I’m currently reading, look through my books, and sometimes borrow them. It’s a little nerdy, but I’m okay with that. :)

  26. I love your table! Kitchens and tables in particular are such a wonderful gathering place for friends and family. Imagine all the wonderful stories, life adventures and testimonies of how God works in our lives have been shared around kitchen tables. If our tables could talk, oh the stories they could tell!

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