Women’s Ministry Q/A #40: 7 Tips for Dealing with Balance & Guilt as you Lead Women’s Ministry

Recently at a YOU Lead women’s leadership training, we had a panel of leaders answering questions submitted by attendees. Several past and upcoming posts address those and try to help answer them. 


Today’s question:  As a woman burdened for women and doing numerous things to reach out, how do you balance the “guilt” of knowing what and what not to do? I see needs everywhere! I know the scriptural answers-I need the practical answers.

Many of us have felt just like this leader haven’t we!  If we look at ALL the needs, we get so overwhelmed. SO, what do we do….knowing first the spiritual IS the most important part. Praying, seeking where God is at work, reaching Scripture, and LISTENING to where God is specifically asking us to minister individually and as a ministry team.

SO, with that out of the way…what do we do next?

1.    Evaluate the current ministries/needs being met.
2.    Analyze what ministries are most effective.
3.    Decide where you are spending the most time serving.  Is that where you see God at work?
4.    Assess which activities are having little to no impact.
5.    Discover the passions, gifts and skills of your leaders.
6.    Do they intersect with needs you are seeing? If so, focus there.
7.    Raise up future leaders. As you minister to a woman, have the future in mind as well as her current needs. Help her see how she can take what she is learning, finding healing, and growing in Christ to reach another woman.

Remember, God has others to meet needs to. He never calls us to meet them all, but He does call us to meet some. As we listen to Him, we see where and how God’s moving us to serve to meet SOME needs.  Then pray and ask Him to bring others alongside to meet more needs, in His timing, and with His strength and wisdom.

Yes, I know we really do understand that, but do we PRACTICE it as we lead ministry?

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  1. says

    :) I think this was my question at the conference 😉 Thank you for answering and giving the points! I work best when given a list of things to ponder.
    Thank you Chris for this blog. See you in November!

  2. Chris Adams says

    It may have been. It was a good one and one many of us have dealt with. But I think this one came from our California YOULead.

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