LifeWay Women Live Archive: An Inside Look at Outside Expectations

Diets. Plastic surgery. Anorexia. Unrealistic expectations. In a culture that focuses on outward appearance, women and girls alike wrestle with accepting their bodies as created by God. We were so thankful to have Constance Rhodes, speaker, author, and fellow struggler to come and talk about how our culture is impacting girls’ (and women’s) view of their bodies and themselves as a whole.


  1. says

    I’m so glad that you all are tackling issues that are so prevalent in society, especially in the church. Eating disorders are complex and are hard topics… so I appreciate your willingness to dialogue here about it. That is where change begins.
    I love what Constance said about the root issue not always being that we don’t find our identity in Christ, which is often what we are told to combat eating disorders. There may be a deeper issue of abuse or something more horrific and it’s important to understand that when talking with a girl or woman.

  2. Chris Adams says

    This is a tough and unfortunately prevalent issue many are facing. So glad this was a blessing to you, Kate!

  3. Sharron Steele says

    I have attended Living Proof many times, but it’s never enough! I learn something life changing every time I attend and it is awesome worshipping with thousands of sisters in Christ! Love, love , love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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