Older and Younger Women’s Leaders Working Together

7c9ebb61-4fc7-402e-8c28-e4e414ee1a68.jpgOne of the components of our 2012 Women’s Leadership Forum  is “The Real View of What’s New…Doing Connections Well”. This will be a panel of pairs of older and younger leaders who are working together who will share what they have found works or not, how they are passing and taking  the baton, the ins and outs, ups and downs of working together between generations of leaders. 
Here is where you can help us. Are you working well with a younger or older leader?  If so, please share thoughts regarding the issues mentioned above.

If you aren’t working intergenerationally in leadership currently, what questions do you have that our panel might address?  You will help us as we plan this panel time so that it is relevant to where you are as a leader yourself. 

Thanks so much for your input and questions!  And by the way, if you aren’t registered yet for our Forum, consider this a personal invite!!


Women Reaching Women

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