7 Tips for Women Asking “Am I serving God all I should be?”

I recently got an email from a young woman, mother-wife-employee, who was wondering if she was doing all she should be for the Lord. Was she supposed to be using her spiritual gifts in more ways than she was currently?  That is a question we probably have all asked ourselves at some point. “Am I doing all God is asking me to do at this point in my life.”  “Should I be serving more/differently/better than I am now?”

My response was to say, “You are a busy mom and wife, also working outside your home all while sharing your faith and ministering to others! You are serving the Lord!”  Don’t rush through these days and be sure you don’t put family on the back burner to “serve the Lord elsewhere”. Family is a primary ministry! But as you continue faithfully serving, watching for open doors and praying for wisdom, I believe God will continue to work in and through your life and ministry.

I remember when I was a young mom of twin girls, I so wanted to raise them well, be a good wife, and also serve the Lord. As I served in my church and was involved in women’s Bible studies, God began to open doors to serve in many ways. One way that stood out was in the area of women’s discipleship. Back then we didn’t have women’s ministry but as several of us had a vision for helping women grow, God began to open more doors and my volunteer position became a very part time job and eventually grew to full time at my former church.

It was never my goal to have a career or full time outside the home job, but as my girls were in high school that calling to serve women became a career. For most of the women I know in full time ministry it happened similarly.  They were serving the Lord faithfully in their church and community, often while raising families and sometimes holding down other jobs, and God began to open doors and "pressure" them to go through–often, like me, kicking and screaming "I can’t do that!"

Doors have not needed to be knocked down to serve.  They’ve opened as women were already serving in small ways and God prodded them to expand their ministry. This quote has stuck with me ever since I first read it: “Don’t expect God to make you a lighthouse somewhere else, if you can’t be a candle where you are.” (Unknown author)

Luke 16:10
(HCSB) tells us:  Whoever is faithful in very little is also faithful in much, and whoever is unrighteous in very little is also unrighteous in much. Lord, please help us to be faithful where ever you have us right now, any way you want to use us. Make us ready to walk through all doors you open and ask us to step through.

Here are 7 Tips I shared with this young woman:

1.    Keep growing in Christ and asking Him daily, "Lord, what would you have me do TODAY" and then do it!

2.     Keep living for him in your community and workplace.

3.    Grow first and foremost in Christ as a godly wife, mom, employee, daughter, friend. (Don’t rush other things at this stage of life. You cannot recapture this time!)

4.    Watch for God’s open doors if service.

5.    Serve faithfully in your local church, watching for ministry growth and opportunity.

6.    Whenever and wherever He calls, say yes! But be very sure HE has called and assigned the ministry to you.

7.    Be patient. God is as work ever if we don’t always see it.

When we are following His leadership, He will compensate for ministry time HE calls us to. It doesn’t mean we won’t be busy and at times under stress, but it means we won’t live our lives constantly like that, we will live at His pace and doing His work.

For some women called into women’s ministry, attending seminary seems impossible, but with many on line course and self study classes it becomes possible.  Check out what these seminaries offer for women’s ministry leaders:


I hope this helps a little. I pray God continues to reveal "the plans He has for you". They will be magnificent!

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