Meet the Mommy Bloggers

In a few minutes, we’re packing it up and heading down to Birmingham to prepare for dotMom this weekend! I hope we will see some of you there. LifeWay Women will have a cool photo booth with wacky props on the exhibit floor and we are even giving out candy bars! Don’t be a stranger…swing by and introduce yourself!
We’re also excited to host some of the internet’s top Mommy Bloggers at dotMom this year. These moms detail daily life in the trenches and discuss everything from dirty diapers to curfew to nutrition for your kids and couponing. And even cooler, these women share our faith and interest in Christian parenting. So check them out!
Amanda White
Brooke McGlothlin
Christy Jordan
Deb Wolf
Erin Mohring
Jen Murray
Jennifer Donovan
Jessica Heights
Kelli Stuart
Kelly Stamps
Kelly Hancock
Korie Robertson
Mary Ostyn
Nish Weiseth
Ruth Schwenk
Sara Hagerty
Shari Lynne
Stacey Thacker

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