Ideas for Creating a Ministry for Hurting Women

Due to the fact that so many are in crisis today, many churches have initiated ministries targeting needs of hurting women. We must be prepared to minister by doing several things. Equip ourselves and train women to be equipped and prepared. Use resources like Women Reaching Women in Crisis book, Shepherding Women in Pain or A Trusted Friend to prepare to meet the needs of hurting women. Go to a training offered by  American Association of Christian Counselors.

Check out resources in your church (counselors, attorneys, financial advisors etc) and in your community (counselors, safe houses, food pantries, etc) to whom you can refer women when necessary.

Here are some titles for ministries being offered by churches to help connect hurting women with help:

•    Heartstrings: Confidential Conversation for Women-women are paired with women who have come through a similar situation

•     Women In Need-“Need to talk to caring Christian woman experienced in nursing others back to emotional and spiritual health? Leave message and counselor will call to talk privately and confidentially. “

•    Care & Share-“If you would be willing to talk with, listen to, and pray with another woman where she walks where you have once walked, please complete attached profile–lists possible areas of need (addictions, abuse, aging parents, adultery, blended family, teenage rebellion, eating disorders, etc)” Criteria: Must  be able to give clear testimony of salvation, be active member of church, be a good listener,  be able to focus and share w/other women how God brought you through, not necessarily what all you went through, be willing to spend time in prayer with another woman, be willing to attend a one-time training seminar sponsored by Alpha Care

•    Encouragement Network-“Help and a good listener are a phone call away”

•    Called to Encourage– Shepherds women through times of crisis and helps them draw closer to Christ in process: Mending Hearts-death of loved one; HIS-Help for Injured Sisters (sexual abuse);     Someone Cares-post abortion syndrome
What are you doing to help hurting women? 

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  1. Mary Callahan says

    Thank you! God called me to this ministry many years ago and it is not an easy ministry. Sometime I ask God why couldn’t you give me a ministry to sweet children, people give money to children’s ministries. Hurting women such as addicts, prison inmates and ex-offenders are not always excepted by the church. We need more women coming forward to mentor, disciple or coach these women!

  2. Chris Adams says

    It is a hard ministry isn’t it? But sometimes one reason God allows us to experience those issues is for this very reason!

  3. Chris Adams says

    Great idea Heidi. That is a huge hurt for women. Great way to encourage and support those who have had a loss of a pregnancy or newborn.

  4. says

    My husband and I have begun a ministry for parents who have lost babies during pregnancy or early infancy. It is called Naomi’s Circle, and one of the documents on our site is specifically for churches and how they can help couples going through this difficult time. The link is: (first article on the page). An excellent, excellent online Christian ministry to women dealing with fertility issues (infertility, pregnancy loss, or infant death) is the forums at Hannah’s Prayer Ministries ( They prayed me back to a walk of faith after the death of our daughter Naomi four years ago and stood with me through two more losses and, eventually, a healthy pregnancy and the birth of our son. Women helping women…it is SO vital!!

  5. says

    I have a page on facebook called “HELP FOR HURTING WOMEN” I also will be expanding this ministry to Nashville’s Women Mission. I am a victim of child molestation, I was a batter wife for10 years, I smoked cocaine for 8 years; I am called on often to help women . I have not set up a website as of yet but my email address is

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