Opportunity for Leaders to Refresh

I think about leadership every day. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about you who are diligently planning, praying, and leading women in your churches and communities. We focus so much on this blog on how to lead and how to do it well. I know that women expect much of you. They expect you to provide biblical counsel, to serve constantly, to make things fun and lead them into a more intimate relationship with Christ. I know each of you spend countless hours studying for your next Sunday school lesson, planning your upcoming event and meeting with women who are broken & need a friend. 

So my question is: How are you feeding your spirit? If we are only pouring out, and never allowing others to pour into us and challenge OUR faith, we can’t possibly lead women the way we desire to.
There are a million ways you can recharge yourself spiritually, but today I wanted to make sure you know about an opportunity for you to do so this weekend!

beth_12simulcast.jpgOn Saturday, September 15th, women from literally all over the WORLD will join together for a simulcast event with a beloved Bible teacher & friend, Beth Moore. Women will set aside their responsibilities, stress and busy calendars to dive in deep into God’s Word and allow Him to transform their hearts and minds into His likeness.

So if you don’t have plans on Saturday, won’t you join us? Take a load off? Sit down on the couch and refresh? You can join us from the privacy of your own home, with a small group or join a church that is hosting in your area.

If you can’t be with us tomorrow, I hope you’ll find a place of solitude that will allow you to spend time with your Creator so he can refresh you before you jump into a busy Fall leading women.
What do you do to be refreshed so you can continue to effectively lead women?


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    We are so excited about the simulcast! Our ministry is partnering with our local university to provide the simulcast to our community. We do it up big! Breakfast, lunch, cupcakes, and IPAD giveaway.
    I will come get my rest in November at the Leadership forum :)
    Something else I did for refreshment…I downloaded Beth Moore’s “Fulfilling Your Ministry”. It is not very advertised but a great 3 session series for those of us ministering.
    Thanks for the blog!

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