10 Ways to Grow Your Ministry After the Simulcast

Once 4:15 on Saturday afternoon rolls around, then what?
The simulcast is over. The cleaning staff is ready to turn the church around for Sunday morning. The media guy is powering down the sound system for the night. And ladies are on their way home to reenter the demands of life.
And, just like that, the event you planned for months gets put away in the archives somewhere at church.
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But is that how is has to be? Why not use the simulcast event to capture the energy of the ladies in your ministry? It could be a catalytic experience that the Lord uses to position your women’s ministry for dynamic life-change and growth.
Here are 10 ideas we came up with to help you capture that energy and launch into a strong Fall season of ministry.
1. Launch into Fall. Use the simulcast as a kick-off to get ladies plugged into your Fall Bible studies.
2. Connect with new believers. Have ladies who trusted Christ for the first time fill out a decision card. Follow up with and help get them plugged into a local church family.
3. Facilitate a debrief immediately following the simulcast. You could do this in small groups or all together, depending on the size. Have ladies share how Beth’s message impacted them.
4. Start a prayer group to pray for the lost women in your community and for those already active in your ministry.
5. Serve locally. Give the ladies in your church more opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Find one ministry project that your women’s ministry could adopt.
6. Mentor! Pair younger women and older women together in your church through a mentor program. This is invaluable for the growth of your ministry.
7. Start a leadership team, and encourage new leaders that might have emerged from the simulcast event.
8. Stay connected with LifeWay through this blog, Facebook and Twitter.
9. Continue communication with visitors by capturing their contact information on your Host Church Evaluation form.
10. Have coffee! Connect with other women’s ministry leaders in your city to continue developing and building a community among the churches.
QUESTION: What is something your women’s ministry has done after the simulcast in the past to keep ladies connected?


  1. Kathy Thompson says

    The first class that I took was ”
    get Out of the Pit”. I had just gotten out of a facility because I attempted to kill myself. Ilster lead a class for women is the same position. I learned and am still learning (5 yrs.)that God has a purpose and helping others is it.

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