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So, here’s what we want YOU to do. Leave a comment answering the following questions:

– What was the FIRST Beth Moore Bible study you completed?
– What was ONE MAJOR TRUTH you took away from that study?

Keep your replies to 3-4 sentences max. You have until this Friday, Sept. 14 to respond!
Oh, and ONE more thing! If you haven’t had a chance to read Beth’s blog today, we encourage you to take a moment now and do so. She is asking for husbands and men everywhere to pray us through the simulcast event this Saturday, Sept. 15.
Stop for one second and imagine what Christ could do through the Church if men everywhere were praying fervently for the lives of hundreds of thousands of women at the same…exact…moment. Ladies, this could be huge… and we invite both you and your husband to be a part of what the Lord will do!


  1. Charlotte Hall says

    My first one was When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. It helped me to have more mercy on others (and myself) and more determined to live a godly life.

  2. aussie monica says

    A HEART LIKE HIS. I learned that my God is who He days He is. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

  3. Jacquelyn Smith says

    The first study of Beth Moore I went through was her Fruit of the Spirit study. It really spoke to my soul that God put me in that study at that particular time in my life.
    That he desires my whole heart and whole attention.

  4. says

    1st study was A Heart Like His
    Learned so much!! But one idea that stands out to me was this, “God is greater than our hearts! Don’t just do what you feel, do what you know is true!”

  5. Pam Branch says

    The first Bible study of Beth’s that I did was “A Heart Like His” and the one thing that stuck like glue was that there is only one God with a capital “G”. We don’t need to be “little gods” to anyone or have any “little gods” in our life- only one big “G” GOD. He alone is worthy!

  6. says

    My first Beth Moore Bible Study was actually a book study with So Long Insecurity. It wasn’t just me, we all had our own securities and the reasons behind them, and I wasn’t any less of a Christian because of them. He never called me to be insecure or afraid. He doesn’t want me to be controlled by those insecurites He wants me to break through them.

  7. Theresa Haskins says

    First study was Jesus, One and Only. Major truth, God’s Word is POWERFUL, but you have to read it! Thank you Beth for your passion!

  8. Sally says

    My first study was Breaking Free. A major truth I learned was that my past, that of my ancestors may have influence, but it does not have power over me. God has power over my past.

  9. Nicole W. says

    The first Beth Moore study I did was ‘Stepping Up’. One major truth I took away from that study is that we can trust God because He loves us and cares about us.

  10. Sara Simbro says

    The first Beth study I did was the Esther study.
    I took away the fact that God is in every detail, every struggle and every triumph. It was something I had never realized or thought about before I did that study. It was life-changing.

  11. says

    My first Beth Moore Study was Esther. I learned so much about Jewish culture and was really challenged to go deeper in His Word! I am so thankful for all of her studies and the way God works through her to impact so many women!

  12. Renee Meaux says

    First study I COMPLETED was Breaking Free. And one of the many truths I took away from it was that I did not have to live in captivity and that God wanted me to live in Freedom – HIS Freedom!!

  13. Lindsay says

    I think the first Bible study I did was the Daniel one, and I liked that it was jam-packed with history. One thing stood out to me that I’ll never, ever forget. Beth said that God delivers us either around the fire, through the fire, or by the fire (paraphrase). Wow! So true! So good!

  14. Becky Phillips says

    My first study was Breaking Free and I remember being scared of the way Beth talked fast, loud and southern. But what I learned is that God is slow to anger and drawing me close. BTW, I have come to love Beth’s intensity :-)

  15. Joleen Hatcher says

    My first study was To Live is Christ. I learned so much from the life of Paul and from His faithfullness and how He served the Lord and from His faith. It challanged me to have more faith and to be faithfull. I would love to win the simulcast even this weekend. I

  16. Leah says

    My first Beth Moore study was Breaking Free. What a life-changer! The most important truth I took away from that study was that God’s Word is real and it can heal.

  17. Missie says

    Oh my gosh! I love Beth Moore and have done several of her Bible studies. I would love to see her but would also love to win all this!

  18. Laura Nichols says

    “Loving Well”, the womens retreat study, actually. I learned so much, but the biggest takeaway was that God has set the highest example of how to love well, and through His grace and mercy I’ve worked on sharing His love.

  19. Andrea Stricklen says

    The first study of Beth Moore’s I completed was Breaking Free. I found that although I was secure in my salvation, I had areas of bondage that I had not understood.

  20. says

    Living Beyond Yourself was my first Beth Moore study. “There is nothing new under the sun”, from Ecclesiastes has stuck with me and helped me to understand so many things.

  21. Dana says

    My first study was The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. With this study, I learned that God can still use you to further his plan, flaws and all. It reinforced my knowledge of covenants between man and God.

  22. Alisha Baughn says

    My first Beth Moore study was Revelations. I loved every part of that study! She brought this book of the bible to life. I’m not scared of this book of the bible anymore.

  23. Eileen Rogers Mullins says

    The first Beth Moore study I went through was Jesus the One and Only. Although I always knew it, the study confirmed that He is the only one I need or will ever need.

  24. Tabitha says

    My first Beth Moore study was So Long Insecurity. This changed my perception for ever. I walked away from this study loving myself not because I have too, but because God first loved me.

  25. Shelley Faulkner says

    Breaking Free (the 1st version)
    That I wanted to fall more in love with Jesus everyday. I want to long for Him and long to spend time with Him.

  26. DeNise Cason says

    The first Beth Moore study I enjoyed was Esther. I learned that while it is indeed hard being a woman, I know God has me right where I am for such a time as this. I strive daily to follow where He leads me and live my life for His glory.

  27. Janet Terris says

    My first Beth Moore BIble Study was Living Beyond Yourself-The Fruit of the Spirit.
    I LOVED it…and am now hooked..I remember Beth saying “Hard isn’t bad”..and I remind myself and others of that truth often!

  28. says

    My 1st Beth Moore study was “Living Beyond Yourself”. This study was the 1st Bible study that challenged me to learn the Greek meaning of key words in Bible Study and it taught me how important that is in our personal studies. The way she teaches and uses that in her studies is amazing and life-changing.

  29. Pattie Griffin says

    Breaking Free was my first . . . I learned what TRUE idolatry is — that it is ANYTHING that takes my focus off God. This caused my heart (and my mind) to turn around and I haven’t been the same since!

  30. Michelle says

    First Beth Bible Study I did was Believing God. It revolutionized my faith. For the first time I no longer believed what had been passed to me but had studied, evaluated and believed the truth and person of Jesus Christ for myself. HE IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS. HE CAN DO WHAT HE SAYS HE CAN DO. I AM WHO HE SAYS I AM. I CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST. GOD’S WORD IS ALIVE AND ACTIVE IN ME.

  31. says

    The first study I did was Believing God
    I learned the five statement pledge of faith.How to raise my shield of faith.

  32. Michelle P. says

    My first study was Esther. The truth that stood out for me was “It’s tough being a woman…But trust reverses the detours of adversity into the highways of destiny”

  33. Sherry Wright says

    Patriarchs! I learned that God’s Word was the most important meal of the day! I have done most of Beth’s studies, and being in the Word has changed my essence.

  34. Audrey says

    Patriarchs…so good!
    Two quick lessons~you are blessed to be a blessing and FEAR-False Evidence Appearing Real
    I’ve not had an opportunity to study James, yet, so this would be awesome!

  35. Carla Slayden says

    Jesus, The One and Only was such a blessing. The Lord became human so one day I could be with God!! What a wonderful Savior!!

  36. Lori says

    The FIRST Beth Moore Bible study I completed was “Jesus The One and Only.”
    The ONE MAJOR TRUTH I took away from the study is that we are to remember the death of Christ every time we observe the Lord’s Supper. We are not to take the Lord’s Supper lightly. If we do, we are guilty of sinning against the Body and Blood of the Lord.

  37. Denise Cragg says

    My first study was To Live is Christ. I learned about God’s love for me and that I could grow in my personal relationship and know God better- it began my love for bible study and fellowship with other women.

  38. Cassie Thompson says

    My first study was A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place. It reminded me the importance of what I allowed in my mind and body. Because the Holy Spirit lives in me.

  39. says

    Esther was the first Beth Moore Bible study in which I participated. The study opened my eyes to the Word of God in a way I had never experienced! God gives us life in “seasons”. Seasons change, but “for such a time as this”, I will strive to do the calling God has put upon my life.

  40. Dee Carver says

    My first study was Breaking Free. One thing I learned was that every generation has the opportunity to be a positive, Godly influence.

  41. says

    The first study I did with a group was “Daniel.” (It was fascinating to learn about the land that is now Iraq, where my husband walked as a soldier!) The great truth that was impressed on me was that faithful prayer – no matter what the intimidation – leads to God’s protection. We may not come away physically unscathed like Daniel did, but we will be safe in God’s arms, whatever happens.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  42. Suzette Babcock says

    My first study was A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling place. I learned that no matter where I go God is there AND He has prepared the way before I got there.

  43. megan lyons says

    Breaking Free was the first Beth Moore study I did. I was a reluctant participant at the time. But WOW-o-WOW !!! did God do a work on me during it. To say that it was life changing and pivotal is an understatement. The one phrase that I still have stuck on the side of my fridge after all these years is — Take Captive Every Thought and Make It Obediant To Christ!

  44. Mandy Eley says

    When Godly People Do Ungodly Things…God works in spite of us & there is nothing I can ever do to cause Him to love me less or turn His back on me.

  45. Joy W says

    I loved digging into the history and prophecy. Learning about prophecy that has already been fulfilled strengthened my faith.
    The best gift was Daniel 10:12 “Since that time God has listened to you, and I have come because of your prayers.” I had read that before but didn’t recognize that God starts the process of answering prayer even as I pray it. It has given me a more mature faith when I pray and patience to wait to see His answer.

  46. Christy Slatton says

    Breaking Free (on VHS) My take away was: Activity feels like I am moving the process along to conclusion. Yet, God wants to move the mountains for me and doesn’t need my help. I cannot work my way into God’s blessings, they are given freely by grace.

  47. Carolyn Tuttle says

    My first Beth Moore study was “Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit” which was sponsored by our Church, the First Baptist Church in Rocksprings, TX. Although every page seemed to burst forth with blessed truths striking my very soul, the one which I want to share today was the role of the Holy Spirit, our Father’s spirit, which dwells in me. Ep 4:30 (“And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.”) and Romans 8:26 (“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” spoke loudly and richly to me at that season in my life when I was facing some challenging physical issues. These verses were so comforting to me then and are still to this day. This study opened my heart and soul to God’s love and personal interest in me, God’s joy and desire for me to be joyful, some very important truths that, somehow, were missed in my early Church experience as a youth. I refer to this study’s workbook frequently, a wonderful reminder to how God directed me into that study at that particular point in my life.

  48. Cathi says

    My first Beth Moore study was Esther. I loved when she pointed out that while God wasn’t IN the book, He was ALL OVER it. Helps to remember that when I can’t see His hand in my situation…

  49. Cara says

    The first Beth Moore study I did was Daniel. While i learned many things, one truth that stayed with me is that the Bible is one story. That from Genesis to Revelation it is all connected and not a book of many stories as I had always seen it.

  50. Jen Clark says

    My first study was Believing God. What I took away from it:
    God is who He says He is. God can do what He say He can do. I am who He says I am. I can do all things through Christ. God’s word is alive and active in me.

  51. Lesa Stewart says

    I’ve never really had enough “me” time to devote to an actual study, although I have seen Beth live on 2 occasions and 2 simulcasts. The most impactful occasion was when she taught on Habakkuh 3:19.
    The one major truth that I took away from that is when I feel stuck with fear like a deer in the headlights, God is my personal bravery and WILL make me to walk and not stand still in terror–but will also give me spiritual progress through it!

  52. Jennifer Stroud says

    My first Beth Moore Bible study was actually James: Mercy Triumphs. It was such a blessing to me. I am no longer going through the motions but I can truly say I have a life of action. James 2:17 “faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

  53. andrea t. says

    John: The Beloved Disciple was my first study.
    I have NEVER forgotten that I had straight access
    to THE Throne Room of Heaven.
    I love remembering the picture we drew in that study iwhen I am flat on my face in worship/prayer!!!

  54. Caroline says

    My first Beth Moore study was Stepping Up. I learned if I am in Christ I can’t get rid of him. He surrounds me even with all my brokenness.

  55. Connie Best says

    My first Beth Moore study (maybe my first study ever!) was the original Breaking Free. The biggest thing I learned was not so much from the study itself, but from Beth…I wanted to know God like she knew Him! I will start the redone Breaking Free in October. So excited!

  56. Anonymous says

    A heart like His…it has been so long and many Bible Studies in between, I would love to do the revised version.. What I remember is David messed up and sinned, but God still forgave him.

  57. Diane says

    The first Beth Moore study I completed was Believing God. I think the truth that stuck with me the most was God is who he says he is. I also have always remembered her story about the ducks in the puddle instead of the pond.

  58. Sandra H. says

    My first Beth Moore study was Believing God. And the five statements pledge of faith are still with me today…1) God is who he says he is! 2) God can do what he says he can do. 3) I am who God says I am. 4) I can do all things through Christ 5) God’s word is alive and active in me!

  59. Cindy Mulder says

    My first bible study I completed was Breaking Free and the major truth that impacted me most was the fact that some habits/traits that appeared to be generational were nothing more than serious yokes of bondage passed on and that we, with God’s help, recognize and break those cycles of bondage. Great study!

  60. Missy Eury says

    My first study was Believing God. I will never forget and I used it often… “It is not enough to believe IN God, you must BELIEVE GOD!!!”

  61. Michelle Gamblin says

    The first Beth Moore study I completed was Breaking Free. The Holy Spirit had me experience Him through Beth at precisely the right time in my life and each chapter was a personal epiphany about myself – some not always good. But the truth I learned and cling to every day is that God forgives and God loves and God doesn’t have issues that makes Him back away and disappear into His own mind. He loves endlessly and extravagantly. Thank you Beth and Thank you God! :)

  62. Lori says

    1st Beth Moore bible study was Esther. It was also my first bible study ever! I learned that God can’t turn a table that wasn’t set against you in the first place. The next time you find yourself in a bad situation, remember God can turn that table around!

  63. Sabrina Swann says

    My first completed bible study by Beth Moore was “Loving Well”. And I learned that to love anyone in my life “well” I had to stop trying to love from my own flesh and dip into His ” living well” first.

  64. Tina Hill says

    The first Beth Moore bible study I did was A Womans Heart. That was over 10 years ago and I have never been the same since. The major truth that I was left with was the depth of Gods love for me.

  65. Joyce Smalley says

    My 1st study was Believing God….
    I have always believed God, however this study reinforced not only believing God but live your life like you truly believe God. I’ve always lived my life in the background…not wanting to be noticed or thinking no one noticed me. I’ve learned to now live my life loud and proud of my God! Thanks Beth for your incredible bible studies. I will be at Fox River Christian Church in Waukesha WI attending/volunteering your simulcast…can’t wait!
    Prayers for Sept 15th…Joyce Smalley

  66. Rose R says

    I’m actually doing my first Beth Moore study starting tomorrow called “Faithful Abundant and True”. I am excited to lead this group and as I’ve watched the videos to prepare, when she speaks about our need to be significant and we need to find that significances in being a child of God.

  67. sara says

    The first Beth Moore study that I completed was A woman;s heart God’s dwelling place. I don’t have to nor should I stand on the sidelines. I can boldly approach the throne! I can meet WITH Christ! When I meet with Him in that innermost place, I will never be the same and neither will anyone around me! God is Good all the time!

  68. Patricia Martin says

    My first Beth Moore study was A Heart Like His – Feb. 1999. I was going through a difficult time and these 2statements meant a lot to me: Take God’s Word over the opinions of others and measure the size of your obstacle against the size of your God.

  69. laurie e says

    A “Womens Heart, Gods Dwelling Place” was my first Beth Moore study. The truth I took away is how God is the ultimate architect and engineer. Everything is planned and intentional. Nothing is a mistake. He is always in control.

  70. Karyn loy says

    “Esther” was the first study I completed after being sober for just over a year. The MAJOR TRUTH I took away from it was that “I was born for such a time as this!” That was 2 years ago and since that study I’ve had the honor of bringing “Breaking Free” to the ladies at my church and will be bringing “James” this next semester. If not for your obedience in writing “Esther”, I would not have even known that God’s timing is perfect, in my obedience.

  71. Dawn Grieco says

    My first study was Esther in 2009. The biggest truth I learned from that study was that despite God’s name not being written at all in the book of Esther – his hands were ALL OVER the details of her life. How true that was of my own life too! His hands were all over the details of my life in the dark days of my youth after my father passed, even if I couldn’t see it then! I am so excited to be coming with my mom to see Beth Moore live for the first time this weekend in Reading!!!

  72. Denise says

    My 1st Bible study was “Breaking Free”. I learned that my past didn’t define who I was, God’s word defines who I am – His child – loved – forgiven.

  73. Carolyn says

    The first study I did was the Patriarchs. What I took from it was God says what He thinks, & does what He says always; athough I believed it then & still do… it took a longer time to believe it fully in my heart & to live it.
    It was “A Heart like David” that helped me live that.

  74. Stacey Norris says

    Breaking Free was my first Beth Moore study. I was able to break free from bondage of being abused after 17 years. God’s miracle and I am so thankful for what God has done since then, nearly 6 years ago.

  75. Debbie says

    My first Beth Moore study was “A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place” back in 2001. I was impacted in a major way as I learned to desire a much greater intimacy with God in the holy of holies! Praise God!

  76. Sarah Marion says

    Esther was my first Beth Moore study. The message that stuck with me like super glue – It’s tough being a woman in a mean world BUT remember Romans 12:17-21. …Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Also helpful, when around some serious “meaness,” tell God about your fury.

  77. Leslie Harshbarger says

    First study was Daniel…my major truth was finding out God begins answering prayers immediately, as witnessed by the angel Gabriel telling Daniel “As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given…” (Daniel 9:23) Believed so heavily in the study that I took it back to my home church.

  78. Laura Harris says

    Oh my….I cannot even remember which of Beth’s studies I did first, but she is one of my all time favorites. Daniel is one that I truly learned so much from. I realize how I should be my different as I travel through my own Babylon.

  79. Tina Harlow says

    A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place was my first study! It was my first indepth study and started me on a path of Bible study that has lead me to become a Bible study leader. Almost 20 years of indepth study has transformed my mind!

  80. Adele says

    The first study I completed was Believing God.
    At Gilgal God rolled away the stone of my reproach but I live as if I am still wearing it.

  81. Sue in Grapevine says

    I don’t remember which study I did first, but the thing I took away from it was that my present, very happy life is my God-given plunder from the battle that was my growing-up years.

  82. Cassie says

    My first Beth Moore study was a book study on So Long Insecurity. I learned that God is the one who gives us our security and our dignity, not people.

  83. Laura Long says

    The first Beth Moore study I completed was DANIEL. Thru this study I learned toTRUST GOD no matter what!
    I have never been so amazed at God’s power, mercy and love. Thru this study HE became the lover of my soul and I fell in love with Beth.

  84. Debbie M says

    My first Beth Moore study was To Live Is Christ. It was an encouragement to my faith and challenged me to be faithful even in difficult circumstances because God will use them to draw me to Himself. “Hardships are inevitable because of the glorious nature of God and the heinous nature of satan”

  85. Natalie Harrison says

    My first study was BELIEVING GOD. From my first week I was so excited for the homework and could hardly wait to get back week after week to hear Beth teach the next session. I was soo hungry…This study helped me through a very difficult time. One of the main take homes from this study for me was “Believing GOD is Who HE Says HE IS”. This first study began my journey of doing many more studies of Beth’s and sharing them with my now adult daughters and with other women throughout the years.

  86. says

    To Live Is Christ was my first study…I was in college at UGA! First time I really was in a Bible study that reeeally studied. Loved learning in-depth about Paul and his faith and servanthood.

  87. Julie Reynolds says

    My first Bible Study with Beth was “Breaking Free” and the biggest take-away from that study besides being free of the bondage from my past was the thirst and hunger for more of His Word, to have a relationship with Jesus like that – I went home every week from that study asking God to “give me a love like that Lord, give me a passionate relationship with you like that.” and you know what? 13 years and many many studies later – He has given me the desire of my heart! Oh I love Him so!!

  88. Janice says

    My first was A Women’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place in 1998. I learned a passion for God and His Word like I had never known before. How to develop a daily relationship (daily bread, our manna)through the study of His Word and fellowshipping with Him daily. I am still hooked. Thank you Beth.

  89. Cathy DeGraffenreid says

    My first study was A WOMAN’S HEART. I was struck by how detailed God’s plan was for building the tabernacle. Also, that’s when I first realized everything pointed toward Christ.

  90. Michelle Johnson says

    My first Beth Moore study was Daniel. I loved it and learned so much. I just solidified even more that my God is faithful and what He says will come to fruition.

  91. Kim Sexton says

    Breaking Free was my first Beth Moore study. The truth I learned is that my past is past & doesn’t have to hold me down! Thank you Lord!

  92. Shelley says

    “Jesus the One and Only” was my first study. I remember thinking “Lord please let me love Jesus the way this woman does”. It more than anything else gave me a hunger for the word of God. It has not stopped since!

  93. Carla says

    The first study I did was Living Beyond Yourself on the Fruit of the Spirit. These are gifts that will empower us to live our daily lives to the fullest and in the way God would have us live.

  94. Judy Woodward says

    My first Beth Moore study was Esther. The truth I learned was that God will fulfill Christ’s destiny with or without you, but, He will not fulfill your destiny without you.

  95. says

    My first was Living Beyond Yourself (no DVDs). It was through that study I learned the importance of a quiet time and the very real work the Holy Spirit does in my life.

  96. Melanie Grace says

    The first Beth Moore Bible Study I completed was “A Heart Like His”. This set a fire in me to dig deeper into God’s active Word & promises He has for me. His Word is alive!

  97. says

    My first study was Living Beyond Yourself. I took away from it several “spiritual kicks in the behind” as well as the importance of studying God’s word daily.

  98. Kerri Mullins says

    Believing God. This study made me realize how little faith I had in who God is and who He is as it pertained to me and my walk. This study changed my entire relationship with Christ and I long and seek for others to know personal relationship with Christ now. I have taught this study a couple of times now.

  99. Melinda Clarke says

    First Bible study was ‘John the Beloved’. One simple question in the study so transformed my life and spurred me on in my faith…”You believe in God, but do you believe Him?” WOW! Since that first Bible study, I am now Women’s ministry director and have seen first hand that God is who He says HE is!

  100. Rebecca Anderson says

    My first Beth Moore study was Esther – and my biggest takeaway was “If ______ then God”! It challenged me to let go of my fear, and allowed God to be the One and Only for my peace in the midst of difficulty. Big (ongoing) lesson for me:D

  101. Keisha Corn says

    My first study was Fruit of the spirit. It taught me more about myself and who I am and should strive to be in Christ. I am currently doing Beth Moore’s study on David.

  102. Regina Quimby says

    My First study was “Revelation; Then & Now” That study changed me is profound ways; a dying friend started the group, made up of women from around the county, all denominations, all levels of belief. I burst out of a “hold my faith in my heart” to “Give it away to any and all” due to this group and the awesome study. I now FREELY share the word and am looking forward to Eternity.

  103. Kim A says

    I can’t remember the first one I did but my favorite was Esther! The truths were numerous and I learned so much from it. The takeaway ‘for such a time as this’ stuck with me but I could say so much more about it too!

  104. nan postel says

    Breaking Free (old edition..back in early 2000’s) – it has stayed with me and I think back on those principals daily – it really changed my life! When the enemy throws his lies at me I grab them and throw them away before they get ahold of me. He was sent to set the captives free!!! :-)

  105. Geneice says

    Jesus The One and Only- was my VERY first Bible study ever. I came Into a personal relationship with Jesus during that study and started attending the specific church that was hosting. I will NEVER forget how powerful it was in my life. That’s when I became a new creation. 2Tim 5:17.

  106. Elizabeth Braden says

    David: A Heart Like His
    I learned so very much. One thing that spoke to me was that God is greater than our hearts.
    We are not to do what we feel — we are to do what we know is true!

  107. Lyndsey says

    My first was the original David study. It was the first time I really knew/grasped that God wanted me to really know and study His Word in depth so that I would know truth and hold on to it.

  108. Juanita says

    Living Beyond Yourself….studied this with a few friends…deeped our friendship as we learned to lean on the Lord in our daily lives…we have continued on doing one study after another…adding more women with each study…started James this week..

  109. Niki says

    My first Beth Moore study was Esther. Being my first bible study, one major truth for me would be that Jesus completely breaths life into fellowship and is relentlessly faithful.

  110. Debbie Raley says

    It might not have been a ‘study’ per se, but it did have the most profound impact on me, setting me free to understand that ‘pits’ were not made for those who dwell in the shadow of the Most High.
    Get Out of That Pit, and the study questions moved me out of the pit, and into a victorious living outside of them. I have come to realize you often can see them coming, and avoid them by claiming scripture. Breaking Free would have also been in that same thought process. We NO LONGER have to live in bondage, period!

  111. amy w says

    My first Beth Moore study was Believing God. It made me realize that I was making God small in my life. It was truly life changing. It also helped me meet ladies in our new church and create friendships that have lasted for years since.

  112. Lindsay Pitts says

    The first Beth Moore I completed was the Esther study. The takeaway that sticks with me today was how incredibly in the moment God is. It was conveyed in the comparison of the timing of the Passover and the timing of God again preserving the Jews through Esther- who was born “for a time such as this”. The first time I read that- it gave me chills! :)

  113. Kathy Martinez says

    To Live As Christ
    I remember listening to Beth and telling myself, I want that passion, that love for Jesus. And then I heard the Lord tell me “Then Ask For It”.

  114. Cheryl says

    Daniel was my first Beth Moore Bible study. The one thing that stands out most for me from the study is that God is the Ancient of Days (He is the Judge who we all have to stand before). Also, we are to live in this world and not of this world and not give in to worldly ways no matter how much we are tempted. Trusting God is the only way.

  115. Tricia Ann Augeri says

    I have done so many; but the first on I think was Jesus the One and Only (currently doing it again). I found out through this study how much God loves me and what how he meets our needs.

  116. Susie Schroeder says

    Esther was my first study. The trugh I learned was that God has a plan for my life. I was also thrilled to dig into Gods word more and learn the history. Up to that point the Veggies Tale version of Esther was my understanding. Learning the actual time table and the different characters was so exciting! I have done several more since then. Right now I am doing James!

  117. Amy says

    Here and Now – There and Then the study of the book of Revelation!!! I never understood how anyone could say they weren’t afraid leaving our earthly home, but now I’m there…I am not afraid!!! I am excited for my time in eternity (my heavenly home) and can only imagine what’s awaiting!

  118. Susie Schroeder says

    Esther was my first introduction to Beth Moores bible studies! I was fascinated by the history and in depth study. Up to that point the Veggie Tail interpretation of Esther was my go to. I loved digging deeper and understanding the culture and time tables! The truth I got out of it was that God does have a plan for my life! I remember being struck also by their fasting. Not being able even to drink water! Since then I have done several of the studies and am always so blessed and excited to dig into the Word!

  119. Cindi Wrye says

    My first completed Beth Moore study was ESTHER. From Cyrus to Mordecai to Esther to Haman, God displayed that HE is in control, not us! (1 Cor. 1:18-25) I was humbled and awe-stricken and jubliant as I watched the sovreign power of God manipulate people and circumstances throughout the book of ESTHER to stop the genocide of the Jews.

  120. Whitney L says

    My first Beth Moore study was David. I learned that David made a lot of mistakes but he loved God and wanted to please God.

  121. Shelley Walker says

    My first Beth Moore study was “A Woman’s Heart – God’s Dwelling Place.” I learned so much, but one of the things that really struck me was how important EVERY SINGLE word is in the bible! Every little detail is there for a reason. Makes me pay attention a whole lot more!

  122. Nikki K. says

    I am a newbie to Beth’s studies and instantly fell in love!! My first study was James and it was such an awesome and memorable experience! As Christians, we know that we will face many trials. But when you are In Christ, you know that will God ultimately make things work out for you and for HIS glory!

  123. says

    My first Bible study with Beth was Patriarchs. What God really impressed upon me during that study was His persistence in our lives…that and the RICHNESS of His Word. Thank you, Lord, for your Word.

  124. Paula Joy Obery says

    A Woman’s Heart God’s dwelling place (first taping with those big hairstyles)8 years ago now. Sometimes when you can’t see God at work in a situation it’s because He has you hidden in the cleft of the rock. Got me through my parent’s divorce – I couldn’t see Him in it but once He removed His hand I realised he’d kept me protected.

  125. Smirna Evans says

    My first Beth Moore Bible study was Breaking Free in 2002. I laughed, I cried and I began my journey of being authentic before the Lord and others. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us.

  126. Brenda Rockstroh says

    First Bible studay was “Living Free” I was a very young Christan at the time and it helped me learn a lot about my relationship with Christ and how to get deeper into that relationship through prayer.

  127. Miranda Marsh says

    Believing God was one of many I have done and I still remember the five truths from that study: God is who He says He is, God can do what He says He can do, His word is alive and active in me, I can do all things through Christ, I’m believing God!!
    LOVE it I still repeat these to myself almost daily!

  128. Christie Nader says

    My first study was Believing God. It was very uplifting. I recite the pledge to myself during trying times – hand motions and all! :-)

  129. Denise Pressley says

    Daniel was my first study by Beth! I learned how not to compromise my faith even though I live in a culture that no longer values God. Great study!

  130. Patricia says

    Which Beth Moore study I did first is hard to recall. Even though the title escapes me, it is easy to recall what was taken away from that study. God can use me even though I have flaws. Many of the people used in Scripture lessons had significant flaws God still greatly used them and God can use me also. That take-away made a difference in my life. It’s wonderful knowing that God can use even me.

  131. Anonymous says

    I am sorry to say i havent been through a study, being a 12 hr shft worker didnt give me the freedom to attend studies or do one on my own. I love Beths teaching and her love of the Lord, His Word and His people.

  132. Jackie says

    Breaking Free. We are no longer under the bondage of sin because Christ came to set us free. There is freedom living as a slave to Christ and not to sin.

  133. Rene Sandifer says

    My first Beth Moore study was the Patriarchs. I drank in the entire study as God had just moved us from everyone and everything we had ever known for a new ministry. I learned God always has a bigger plan than I can ever possibly see.

  134. Joanne says

    The first Beth study I completed was “A Heart Like His”. I think the one truth that I walked away from that study was that God truly does love me. The fact that I fail Him at times will never change His great love for me. I was so grateful to have that truth nailed down in my life.

  135. Laura Hamby says

    I think it was A Heart Like His. I have done so many it is hard to keep track. We need to love as He loves us is the basic message. She has taught me so much and helped me through so many difficult times including the loss of my son. Thank you Beth!

  136. says

    Revelation was my first Beth Moore study. I had read it a hundred times, but through this study Romans 8:18-23 truly struck me on how the earth longs for the return of Jesus, it’s creator! Even the earth knows how truly awesome our Savior is and how wonderful His redemption is!!

  137. Heather Spegal says

    The first Beth Moore Bible study I took and completed was Esther. I learned so much from that study, but the one truth I took away was that I have a part in HIS-story. That truth challenged me to grow deeper in my faith and not to be afraid.

  138. Jennifer says

    Living Beyond Youself was my first Beth Moore Bible study, IT ROCKED MY WORLD! Every week it was exactly what I needed. Being a peace giver vs. a peace keeper was a huge epiphany. I have since shared it with many women.

  139. says

    – What was the FIRST Beth Moore Bible study you completed? BELIEVING GOD
    – What was ONE MAJOR TRUTH you took away from that study? I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM.
    and…memorizing Scripture is key!

  140. Nicole Smith says

    The first Beth Moore study I ever did was Esther and it was AMAZING! A truth I took away from it: even when my life feels like it’s on pause, God is still in the midst of DOING SOMETHING to lead me further towards His will for my life. “For such a time as this.”

  141. Mary Beth Hammond says

    A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place was my first Beth Moore study. I loved it! That is where my heart for womens ministry began. Her studies have truly blessed my life. As a Pastor’s wife they have been a great tool for my ministry to women.

  142. Kristina says

    The first Beth Moore bible study I did was The Patriarchs. I loved learning about the relationship God and Abraham had! I had never studied Genesis like that before.

  143. Brenda Clark says

    Breaking Free was my first study and the truth that hit me was “Obedience is the mark of authentic surrender to God’s authority in any matter”!

  144. alisha says

    Believig God was transforming for me. It saved me from mediocre faith. Instead of reading the Bible I am activating it in my life. I still wear my blue yarn bracelet as a reminder that I BELIEVE GOD…PERIOD :)

  145. L. Lanford says

    My first Beth Moore study was Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit. I think it was during that study that I began to learn to actually have a real relationship with the Holy Spirit. Before He lived inside me, but I did not let Him have control. Through this study I learned about the fruits that grow when He is in control.

  146. Kimberly says

    Believing God, I realized for the first time that I could hear God for myself. It wasn’t just for my pastor or someone more spiritual. It was for me!

  147. taylor says

    My first full study was Daniel. I loved the message of God’s faithfulness to us and why we can rest assured in an uncompromising faith. Fascinating study.

  148. Michele says

    I don’t remember the name of the study I did but it was about the tabernacle. I was amazed how meaningful it was and saw it from a new and different perspective and the foreshadowing of Christ. God’s Word became alive to me!

  149. says

    By far To Live Is Christ, The life and ministry of Paul was my most memorable of them all. Being that I lived in Ankara, Turkey with my father when I was a teen and later I eventually married a man named Paul. The travels of the Apostle Paul simply intrigued me and just the thought of knowing that he had been to places that I had traveled to as a child excited me. At the time of the study God had been preparing my heart for the eventual death of my father. I’d have to say that 2 Corinthians 4:17 had a great impact on me. My father was unsaved at the time of the study and although I had struggled with my father having to lose his life, his eternal salvation became the greater focus. I had to endure through the struggles to see God bring
    about a heart change in my father.

  150. Crystal Robinson says

    The first Beth Moore study I did was Believing God. What I took away from the study He will do what He says He will do! that point hit me right where I was and I so desperately needed to hear!

  151. Kelly says

    I have never attended a Beth Moore study before but would LoVe this opportunity! There’s a group of us at work that have been talking about doing one for the past several years but we have never gotten our act together :)

  152. Rachel says

    I have not had the opportunity to participate in a Beth Moore Study. Hoping to be in the right place at the right time to be a part. Would love too!

  153. Kirsten Lascano says

    “Daniel” was my first Beth Moore study. It left me with a clearer understanding of who we are to be in this world and that our tests/trials can be designed to free us from the chains/bondage we carry.

  154. Rachel DiAntonio says

    My first Beth Moore study was Stepping Up. I learned that the Lord is always with me and protecting me! It was incredible! I can’t wait to see her simulcast on Saturday!!

  155. Yvonne Martinez says

    DAVID, Seeking a Heart Like His. I was lucky enough to go through this study with my Mom and sister..I learned that no matter what I am going through, HE IS ALWAYS THERE, HE WILL NEVER LET ME GO!!

  156. Rachel says

    My first Beth Moore study was Living Free. One thing I learned that has stuck with me is that we should not tell God how big our storm is, but tell our storm how big our God is!

  157. Helen says

    The first study I did was the original “A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place” and it’s been such a long time but what I remember is how related the Tabernacle is to our hearts and how much God loves me!

  158. Nancy Aguiar says

    My first study with Mrs. Moore was her Tabernacle study… God’s Dwelling Place! Absolutely blew me away! Her amazing attention to detail of the O.T. Tabernacle! I had never been taught on that deepest level before! Especially THE LAMPSTAND, which is without measurement, as who can ever measure the Light of the World????? That first study SOLD me on her and her whole ministry! LOVE THAT LADY!

  159. Michelle Baylerian says

    First study: Breaking Free. Truth: The ancient ruins from our past can be torn down. I want to tear them down for my daughters!!

  160. Mandy Lantz says

    I don’t remember the first one I did- But what i’ve learned from all her books- is to Trust God, wait on HIS timing and Keep loving him!

  161. Amber says

    Daniel was my introduction to Beth and my introduction to the greatest book ever written–the Word.
    The lessons I soaked up were many, but the truth God spoke in my heart was a desire in ministry. I had never read the Bible before, and without any warning, He planted a seed to teach his Word. And I am taking Him up on His promises, believing He can do what He says He can do!!

  162. Jenny H says

    Esther was my first Beth Moore study. The biggest lesson I walked away with is learning that God is working all the time, in the big things and the small things. His providence.

  163. says

    To Live as Christ was my first. A Woman’s Heart:God’s Dwelling Place is my favorite. Best thing I learned from any/all of them is that studying God’s Word gets better and better the more you do it.

  164. Jenifer says

    Esther was my first Beth Moore study.
    I learned there is no such thing as coincidence, everything happens for a reason. God controls the occurrences that I used to believe were a coincidence.

  165. Brenda says

    First Bible study was Breaking Free. I learned that no matter what happened in the past, God’s love is so much greater for me than I can imagine. I learned to break from the bondage and to hold onto Christ instead.

  166. Shawn says

    It was so long ago. I think it was her study on the old testament tabernacle. It was the beginning of many studies with Beth for me. I have been changed because of her obedience to God and His work in my life through her.

  167. Deborah Pinnell says

    My first Bible study ever was “A woman’s heart God’s dwelling place” I was a new Christian and felt overwhelmed by all I learned each week. I fell in love with God’s word and have never been the same. I loved how she tied the old testament tabernacle with Jesus, I loved how you could see God revealing our blessed Savior through each detail in the tabernacle. I could never thank Beth enough for writing so many studies that I could glean from.

  168. Kim Morgan says

    My first introduction to Beth was through Beloved Disciple. I learned many truths and was moved by her powerful speaking/teaching. One truth that I still hold dear is that I am and will always be a Beloved child of God!

  169. Janet B says

    I have not completed a Beth Moore study in years but the simulcasts have been a blessing in current years! Thank you to Beth, Travis and the Lifeway Team for a wonderful day on Saturday. It was truly a wonderful blessing and a great revival for many, I am sure.

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