Women’s Bible Teachers Wonder…”Will They Ever Get It?”

If you teach the Word, you have probably asked this question. We so desperately want the women we teach to understand the truths and live them out in their lives. First of all, let yourself off the hook. It’s not your job to make them “get it”. Only the Holy Spirit can help women grasp and experience the Bible truths. Our job as teachers is to pray, study, share personal stories, and teach as God leads. The results are totally up to God. 

Now, we do have a responsibility to be growing in the Lord continually, staying in His Word daily (and not just preparing to teach), praying for the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment into my own life, and seeking to follow God obediently each day. If I am doing that, then I can trust Him to use me as He sees fit in teaching His principles to others.


I read this great blog post by Lina Abujamra recently and it was a great list of reminders that I copied it and shared it with my Sunday AM small group teacher, Sheri. I want to keep this handy to read occasionally when I take on more than my responsibility in the teaching God allows me to do.

3 Reminders for Leaders and Teachers

Perhaps you might want to print this list of reminders off and keep with your Bible teaching tools and read it each time you prepare to teach women.  Check out the upcoming Teach the Bible for Life Conference at LifeWay. Hope you can come!


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