“FREE!” The word reels me in every time. And I’m counting on it reeling you in, too, because we’re giving away a $25 gift card to LifeWay Christian Stores and we want you to have a shot at it.
Shopping at LifeWay Christian Stores is different from other retail experiences. And that’s by design. Stores are staffed by caring associates who will warmly invite you to browse to your heart’s content. But they’ll also readily jump in to help you find the perfect Bible translation such as Life Essentials Study Bible HCSB®, home décor and wall art, DVDs like October Baby, or bestsellers like Tim Tebow’s Through My Eyes.
But perhaps the most important distinction these associates carry is their sincere desire to help you in your spiritual journey. It’s not uncommon to find repeat customers seeking out a familiar associate for an assist with a new Bible study. Or an associate and customer in an aisle engaged in a meaningful conversation. Or a store manager praying with someone who wants to begin a relationship with Jesus.
And yes, LifeWay Christian Stores are in business to do business, but always and only with the ultimate goal of serving people and churches.
Where can you find such a store, you say? LifeWay Christian Stores are located coast to coast, but if you don’t have a store near you, you can also easily purchase online at LifeWay.com.
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So . . . are you ready to enter? Good luck! Now here’s the question:
What’s the last thing you bought at a LifeWay Christian Store?
To enter, post your answer on this blog entry by Tuesday, August 28th at Noon CST. Winner will be chosen at random.
UPDATE: Congratulations to Deidre Lail of North Carolina, our winner chosen at random for this FREE FRIDAY giveaway.


  1. Melanie Grace says:

    I shop at LifeWay Christian Store A LOT!!! The last purchase for the Ladies of Bethlehem was Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah Study. My last personal purchase was Angie Smith’s new book; What Women Fear and I highly recommend it. Thanks LifeWay for all you do.

  2. the Nehemiah Bible Study by Kelly Minter

  3. I got a new Beth Moore Bible study!

  4. Marilyn Williams says:

    For the contest?? The last thing I bought at a Lifeway Christian bookstore-was a gift book for a young person in my family as they graduated-to inspire them to find God’s plan and purpose for their life. Also some tracts.

  5. Well, to be honest, I don’t remember the exact book I last bought at a Lifeway Store because we don’t live near one! However, when we “go to the city”, we almost always visit a Lifeway Store. A store which I could spend hours just looking around in!

  6. The last thing I purchased at Lifeway was the DVD study Nehemiah by Kelly Minter. If I win I could purchase the Law of Love by Beth Moore. This is a great giveaway. I love Lifeway.
    Thank you.

  7. I bought the member book for Beth Moore’s The Patriarchs bible study.

  8. I don’t remember for sure but I bought several books including ‘With’.

  9. Nicky Wheeler says:

    I bought a Beth Moore workbook for a group Bible study. I’ve never been to a physical Lifeway store, but I love shopping online!

  10. I was just there this week to buy 50 bible study books: Kelly Minter’s No Other Gods

  11. I purchased the study book by Kelly Minter – Nehemiah.

  12. If it’s the last thing I bought “AT” a Lifeway store, that’s kind of funny. I bought the book “7”, and the cashier and I laughed about the irony of it. 7 is about the excess in our lives, but I spent about $100 on books. Since then I spent about another $100 on stuff from Lifeway online, but $30 was for 30 Bibles. I like to keep spare Bibles in the back of my car in case I go somewhere where I can leave a Bible or if I talk to someone and I feel like they would be receptive to a Bible as a gift from me. I can’t believe the book “7” is on special. For anyone who hasn’t read it, you need to get it today.

  13. Yesterday, August 24, I bought JESUS CALLING for a friend.

  14. Francis Chan’s Crazy Love

  15. I would have to say stickers for VBS crafts.
    We have moved this summer so we don’t have a store close to us anymore :(

  16. Leslie Wood says:

    Beth Moore’s Bible study “James!”

  17. Penny Blanks says:

    the last thing I bought was Missing Pieces Member Book & Leader Kit. I also bought boxes of cards. Whenever I plan to go to Lifeway Store I allow my self a least an hour because I need to touch everything and some things multiple times. I love shopping at Lifeway.

  18. Last thing I bought was Beth’s James Study but I am getting ready to buy a ticket to the Long Beach LPL and also the Simulcast!!! Thank you so much!

  19. Elizabeth SS says:

    I’ve never shopped at a Lifeway store, however, I saw one in Rocky Mount (NC) where my son is a freshman at NC Wesleyan, and would love to experience it!

  20. I bought a gift magazine subscription for a friend:) – Homelife

  21. Jessica Ables says:

    I bought 2 of Beth Moore’s Bible studies. If I win, I’ll purchase her new study, The Law of Love, or the new Missing Pieces study by Jennifer Rothschild.

  22. Bonnie Wallace says:

    I was at a LifeWay store this past Saturday. I purchased Travis Cottrell’s new CD, and I purchased a Bible Commentary.

  23. I bought Beth Moore Bible studies on David and John for kids.

  24. Sadly…I have not purchased anything at a Lifeway store as there is not one even close by. I will have to watch for them when we go on holidays:)

  25. Charlotte says:

    LifeWay is my favorite store!!! My friends joke about me being on a first name basis with the associates at two different stores. I bought a sack full of stuff, including Law of Love set, Irene Hannon’s new book, Matt Redman CD and a Vertical Church CD.

  26. I love going to Lifeway. I believe the last thing I bought was Beth Moore- the Patriarchs.

  27. Oh my Gosh! I love shopping at Lifway stores. I go in there so much that the employess staff know me and my son by face. I always enjoy my shoppin experience there and my son feels very comfortable asking questions for what he is looking for. The last purchase I did at lifeway was for school shopping and I bought the CD that was on special for $5! I’m also excited to see the new fall decor, its my favorite season.

  28. I love Lifeway! I would definitely start buying some Christmas presents for my kids. I find that their books and Bibles are wonderful for children!

  29. I love my local Lifeway store (Owensboro, KY)!!! The staff is so friendly and helpful…makes me happy just to go in there. The last thing I bought was a t-shirt on clearance for $3.99!!!! I love me a bargin :)

  30. “Stuck” workbook. Working on getting “unstuck”! :)

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