Linda’s talked all week about LifeWay Women’s Events. If you haven’t been to one yet, now is the time. We’re hosting more events in more locations than we ever have before, and we’re rounding out our 2012 schedule. But don’t think we’re not looking forward to 2013. We invited all of the LifeWay Women Event City Coordinators to Nashville this week to prepare them, prep them, and pray for them as they get the word out across the country about events hosting Beth, Priscilla, Vicki, Jen, Angie, and more!
Priscilla with City Coordinators.JPG
Priscilla also happens to be in Nashville for the taping of a series of tv shows. One of her special guests is Sean Lowe, second runner up from this past season’s The Bachelorette. Let’s just say that all of us single gals over at LifeWay were a bit flustered by his presence, and some who won’t be named stalked him around the building all day yesterday.
Priscilla with Sean.JPG
LifeWay with Sean.JPG
Speaking of Priscilla, who feels like a FREE Friday?
Priscilla created this really awesome video explaining the Five P’s of Bible Study. It’s based on her unique video series called SEED.

SEED, author Priscilla Shirer: A Message to Leaders from LifeWay Women on Vimeo.

SEED is compiled of six individual kits featuring short video devotionals and includes a Bible study guide that are perfect for small group discussion. You can also pick up Member Books for each of the kits for delving deeper into personal study. Priscilla addresses topics such as control, armor and glory.
To one lucky person, we’re giving away SEED Pack 1 & SEED Pack 2 which includes all six individual leader kits.
So, check out the LifeWay Women Event page on and tell us—- Which event are you planning to attend (or would like to attend)?
To enter, leave your answer on this post between now and Monday, August 20 at Noon CST. We’ll choose the winner by random drawing.
Happy weekend!


  1. says

    I am taking a group of ladies to Beth Moore simulcast in quincy il. Then will be traveling to 2012 National Womens Leadership Forum in Nashville with our Missouri state WM team. THis is my 6th year attending and i cant wait!!!! it is ALWAYS a great time of meeting other leaders and gathering tools to pass on to other women.

  2. Lisa says

    I will be attending the Living Proof Live Simulcast…. I wish that I could attend the Going Beyond with Priscilla!!

  3. Kim A says

    I help with teen Moms, Single Moms and lead some womens small groups….
    I love what Lifeway Women is doing!
    LOVE the video that is above by Priscilla!!
    I would love to attend Living Proof LIVE with Beth Moore and/or dot.MOM events!!

  4. andrea t. says

    YEEHAA – Going to simulcast on 9/15/12
    in Ocala, Florida!
    Wanna, wanna, wanna
    light a fire under some hungry gals!
    Tks, Lifeway!!!!!

  5. says

    I’m super-excited about Priscilla’s new event! I would love to attend the one in Michigan next summer. I’ve been wanting to attend on the of the events with Priscilla, Kay and Beth for several years but wasn’t able to make it because of distance and scheduling conflicts. I’ve done the studies from the events, and I love Priscilla. So excited about these new events!

  6. Melanie Hall says

    I will definitely be watching the Living Proof simulcast and world like to attend one of the Womens Ministries trainings.

  7. Kellie Shulruff says

    I would love to be with Priscilla this week!!
    Also, would so enjoy this SEED study for me and my girls at Church.
    Thank you so much for ALL you do!
    Kellie Shulruff

  8. Christie Nader says

    Hi there!
    I’m actually coordinating a ladies group at my church ( to register & watch the Beth Moore simulcast Sept 15th.
    I live in the DC area and don’t see events on the calendar for this area – it would be great if you held some here! :-)

  9. Rebecca Dorton says

    The Women’s Leadership Forum in Nashville, TN. Thank you for offering all these wonderful seminars for women. It is so wonderful. Many blessings to all of you for this ministry.

  10. Niki says

    Since there are no events in Nashville at this time, I would love to watch the Living Proof Simulcast with Beth and Travis.

  11. says

    Pricilla Shirer has blessed me though the Bible Studies we have done, so I would love to attend any event. I have also been blessed by Beth Moore and will be attending the CA event. I am unexpectedly in a leadership position and I really need and would really love receiving SEED 1 & 2 so that I may better serve the grown-ups and children that GOD has me helping as well as those who are faithfully serving with me.
    Blessing to all of sweet sisters at LifeWay.

  12. Joy Schildroth says

    I would like to attend the Living Proof Live Simulcast: Small Group (8-14) on Sept. 15 in our own church. We just got a new learning center with the capability to do a simulcast and our Ladies Bible study group would love this!

  13. Lisa G says

    I would LOVE to attend Beth Moore’s event in Reading, PA. This is the closest Miss Beth will be coming to where I live. Just not possible with my financial situation, though. The dotMOM event looks wonderful, also. I learned about it at their twitter party. I would love to see some Lifeway events closer to Pittsburgh, PA!! :)

  14. Madelin Butler says

    I love that Lifeway Women’s Event is offering a variety of speakers and ways to access events. I am attending & serving at the LPL in Long Beach, CA in October. Wooo Hoot!! Can’t wait.

  15. Lyndsey says

    I’m attending the Beth Moore Simulcast, yay! I’d love to attend one of Priscilla’s GB Conferences some time too, just starting to get to know her bible studies… would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get the SEED ones! 😀

  16. Kim Tudor says

    I would like to attend any of Beth Moore or Priscilla Schirer’s events. Love both of them. Watching for one a little closer to home:)

  17. Andrea R says

    I am attending and on our church leadership team that is hosting the Beth Moore Simulcast in Sept. and I’m going to Priscilla Shirer Live in April 2013 here in Richmond VA! I was sooooo excited to see she was coming to VA!!! I also lead Women’s Bible Study at our church and would LOVE to get the Seed because I’m trying to branch out and maybe do an in home study for my co-workers.

  18. Ashley Phelps says

    We are trying {our hardest} to get a small group together for Mrs. Beth Moore’s Simlucast on September 15th! I think ithe idea of hosting in our living room will be amazing! :)
    There are MANY more events I’s LOVE to attend as well though…Lifeway works with SUCH AMAZING women who are both humble servants and women who know how to BRING the Word!

  19. Nicole W. says

    I am definitely doing the Beth Moore live simulcast from PA in September.
    I would love to see Priscilla Shirer live.

  20. Heather Williams says

    I just went to my first Living Proof Live with Beth Moore in Knoxville TN. It was amazing!!!! I would like to go to the one in Duluth GA. I would also like to go to DotMom in Chattanooga TN.

  21. Jodi says

    It is so nice to be back in the US and get to enjoy solid Bible teaching in person. I am pumped about attending the Living Proof Live — North Charleston, SC. It will be the first time to see Beth Moore in person having be been blessed by her ministry for years!

  22. Stephanie Cline says

    Thank you for the opportunity to see the Simulcast at our homes. Churches in my area don’t usually offer the opportunity to see her. So I will participate at home.

  23. Catherine Barnett says

    Just got through attending Living Proof Live in Knoxville and the You Lead Conference — AWESOME by the way. I am now looking toward the Living Proof Simulcasts and the Women’s Forum this fall.

  24. Diane says

    I really want to do the Simulcast in my home. I was so blessed by the Going Beyond simulcast I want to go to the Living Proof as well!

  25. Carrie says

    Me and my “girls” just got back from a Living Proof Live event in Knoxville. We travel for a girls weekend every year to hear the wisdom God has imparted to Beth. I would love to see Priscilla again (we attended the last Deeper Still in Louisville, KY) but so far she hasn’t came close enough. Love what you’re doing @ Lifeway for women! Keep up the Awesome work!

  26. Jessica Ables says

    I would love to view the next Going Beyond Simulcast in my home. I wanted to see Priscilla in Lewisville but it’s a bit too far from where I live and no churches in my area are going. Her Jonah study was amazing!

  27. Michele Griesinger says

    so excited to be with Beth Live in Phoenix March 2013. Getting a group of us together from South Mountain Church right here in the Valley. We have done many studies with Beth…can’t wait. And it would be so very incredible to share seed with our women s ministry. Thank you so much

  28. Lita says

    I am so excited to do the bible study SEED with my bible study group. We are finishing the Resolution for Women right now. Thank you so much for your candor Priscilla!

  29. Merlene says

    I will be attending, along with friends, the Beth Moore simulcast on September 15.The SEED packet sounds like a great way to get into God’s word and hear from him. Would love to have this resource from Priscilla Shirer.

  30. Joy Hicks says

    I will be attending the Beth Moore simulcast in Charleston WV on Sept. 15. Get to see Anita Renfroe on the 14th too. Several women from church going with me!! Can’t wait.

  31. DeNise Cason says

    I’m attending the Beth Moore Simulcast in Alexander City, Alabama. I had plans to attend her conference in Pensacola, FL last December but had to go to Colorado for work. THEN I was going to her conference in Colorado in June but had to go to Washington state for work. It would be so awesome if one day our schedules would mesh and I can attend in person.

  32. Sheri says

    I am fairly new to Lifeway and just completed the Bible Study Jonah through our church. I live in Hawaii so there are no events close by so no attending an actual event any time soon. I will be looking into possible simulcast from my home. Thank you so much for all you do! I am loving the studies offered through Lifeway, even if it’s just me personally doing them.

  33. Sarah Whyte says

    i would love to attend any events near me… but i prob. will only be able to attend the free online ones like the reaching women everywhere.. some churches in my area are thinking about doing the simulcasts but to my knowledge none have so far

  34. robyn crippen says

    I would love to attend the living proo simulcast. I have not been able to do anything from Beth in a few years. Life changed drastically for me in Nov. of 2010 and I am now a single parent with two teenagers living with her parents because i can’t make ends meet. I am looking so forward to seeing how God is going to use me and all that I have been through in the last two years to His Glory.

  35. Elizabeth says

    I would like to bring the Living Proof Live event simulcast by Beth Moore to my ladies at our church. Thank you for providing such wonderful seminars for us. LifeWay is awesome.

  36. Judy G says

    I was at the Beth Moore event in Knoxville, and what a wonderful blessings. If Priscilla ever gets close…I do not not want miss this event. You are such an inspiration to me. I watch a simulcast a bout a yr ago at my church. Since, then, I have lead 3 of Pricilla and Beth’s Bible Studies and would love to start another. You ladies are a total blessing!

  37. Jessica Barron says

    I would love to have this!! I also would love to attend the Dot Mom Conference in Frisco, TX in February!!

  38. Leah Lively says

    I am starting a new Women’s Ministry Group in our church. I would love to attend any Women’s leadership event to help prepare me for this new path God is leading me on!

  39. Pam Chase says

    Looking forward to leaving Eastern Canada and driving to Lewiston Me to enjoy a weekend of praise and worship and teaching with Beth Moore. We girls did it 2 yrs ago and we were wonderfully blessed, can’t wait to do it again!

  40. Angelia says

    Having been to several of the other events I would LOVE to go to the .mom conference. Sounds great and would love to be able to minister to our moms more.

  41. Cindy Mulder says

    I really like the Seeds packet and enjoy that they are stand alone lessons! So thankful for the products LifeWay makes available for us and so thankful for the conferences we are able to attend and participate in, i.e., Beth Moore Simulcast. Thank you for all you do!

  42. Kathy says

    Would LOVE, LOVE to attend the 2012 Women’s Leadership Forum in Nashville with my 4 small group facilitators of my Wednesday Women’s Bible Study Ministry :) How awesome would that be!!

  43. Annette Burke says

    I am so excited as I am attending Living Proof Live with Beth Moore this coming weekend in Charleston, SC Have had my ticket for over a year and cannot wait to see what God is going to do.

  44. says

    I’d love to attend the Going Beyond event, and also the Living Proof Live event (Love those!). Actually, probably any of them. God uses those events in such huge ways! Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  45. pat says

    There are 3 I would like to try to attend; Beth Moore live in either Greensboro Nc or Daytona FL & Priscilla Shirer in Richmond Va. I have just reconnected with some of my cousins in Va and I will have to she which one works for them.

  46. pat says

    There are 3 I would like to try to attend; Beth Moore live in either Greensboro Nc or Daytona FL & Priscilla Shirer in Richmond Va. I have just reconnected with some of my cousins in Va and I will have to she which one works for them.

  47. Melanie Grace says

    I’ve planned to go to the Women’s Leadership Forum for the past several years, maybe this is the year! Thanks for all you do Lifeway Women.

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