Women’s Ministry Q/A #33: Childcare and Women’s Ministry


Recently at a YOU Lead women’s leadership training, we had a panel of leaders answering questions submitted by attendees. Several past and upcoming posts address those and try to help answer them. 
Today’s question:  We want to reach younger women and we know that would require providing childcare. What are some creative ways to handle childcare?

Childcare is never an easy issue. When it comes to providing childcare, either you have the funds but not the people or the people and not the funds, or neither one!

We deal with issue and make several suggestions in the appendix of the revised edition of Transformed Lives.   Here are some quick tips:

·    Charge a minimal amount to all attendees whether they have children or not. That will keep moms from having to cover all nursery costs.
·    Provide childcare only with a reservation so that you have the appropriate workers in place.
·    Share with all the women that you have childcare needs. Other members might be willing to help provide funds or the workers to allow moms to attend.
·    Ask for volunteers rather than paid workers to provide the care.
·    Provide childcare scholarships for those in need.
·    Plan an activity when your church would normally be providing childcare. Or schedule during a children’s event so that they are already being taken care of.
·    Swap childcare with a sister church. Provide for their event in exchange for them providing for yours.
·    Use youth who are raising money for camp or missions trips. (You will also have to have adults working with the teens.)
·    Check with local colleges for students needing community service hours.
·    Know your church policies and state laws regarding childcare and strictly follow them.

See more ideas in Transformed Lives.   How do you handle the issue of childcare?

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