Back to School Memories

Going back to school after a fabulous 3-month vacation continues to hold special memories for me.
-Home-made ice-cream at the end of the summer neighborhood picnic.
-Shopping with my mom in search of the most “perfect” new purse.
-Labeling the tabs in my brand-new notebook.
-Excitement over seeing friends not seen over the summer.
-The dreaded walk down the street to catch the big yellow bus.
-Hoping my new locker was near the popular kids.
…and oh how those memories change as we grow into adults, get married and have kids of our own. As a mom, my back-to-school memories are:
-Cutting peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into stars.
-Walking the mall in search of the perfect back-pack and lunch-box.
-Taking that 1st day of school picture
-Holding that sweet little hand as we walk to their new classrooms.
-Peeking in that kindergarten window making sure my precious baby was ok.
-Returning home to an empty, quiet house.
Here’s a picture of my daughter Shelby. She’s now 21 years old and heading off to college for her Senior year. I’m not sure that this was a first day of school, but I am sure that she looks happy.
back to school 2JPG.JPG
For kids, back to school is like Christmas…..make it special. They’ll hold those memories in their hearts forever.
As a kid or a parent, do you have special back-to-school memories? We’d love to hear from you. Share those pictures too.

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