Helping Older Women Connect

Often we talk about how to engage the younger woman in ministry, but we need to address that issue from the other side as well.  What about when older women do not see the need to connect, or they just say, “been there, done that and it’s time for someone else to do it.”

Nowhere in scripture do we find a basis for retiring from serving Christ or ministering to others. In fact, Titus 2:3-5 indicates that older women pouring into the lives of younger women is ongoing no matter the age!  So, what can we do to keep them engaged?

1.    Younger women can approach the older woman they want to connect with and ask her if they can meet for coffee just to hear about her life (or some other specific issue the younger woman has seen in her life that she wants to know about.) Young women, be bold!  I do not know of many older women who wouldn’t be honored to know you want to know about them personally.

2.    Plan a time to honor the “seasoned” women in your church. Include pre-recorded testimonies of life experiences from these older women that will be played at the event. Ask several to be on a panel to answer the younger women’s questions about life, faith, work, family.

3.    Help older women discover God’s purpose for their second half of life. A place they can invest in things of importance and eternal value. Do a spiritual gifts inventory. Also help them discover other skills and talents that match their passions. Then connect them to ministry that needs those gifts and skills. Pair them with a younger woman who has a similar passion to do ministry together.

What else are you doing to engage your older women in growth and in serving?

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