September Can’t Come Soon Enough!

If your part of the country has been in the death grip of this scorching summer like Nashville has been, you’re probably like us–you can’t wait for that first tease of fall weather. Ahhh! Remember what a breeze feels like?
And by September, kids’ll also be back in school, you’ll have reminisced over that last hand-full of sand you found in the crevices of your luggage, and hey–you may even be stockpiling Christmas presents.
Another reason September can’t come soon enough is that fall Bible study season will be gearing back up. And if you’re looking for a great way to rev up your women’s ministry, start with a Living Proof Live simulcast on September 15th. Hosting a simulcast not only jumpstarts your ministry, but also gives many women–maybe some new to your church–their first experience hearing Beth Moore teach. It can be like what happened in the women’s ministry at Trinity Baptist Church in Keowna, British Columbia:
“The women came and were inspired! There are lots of broken and wounded women and it was our privilege to invite them to come and be inspired in a safe, welcoming environment. We were lead well from the moment the simulcast started. Some women had never heard Beth Moore and were grateful to be part of God’s amazing ministry through her. Thank you!”

It’s easy and fun to host a simulcast in a home or in your church. Prices are tiered so you only pay for your group size.
And make it even more fun by including some kind dessert (of course there has to be food, are you kidding?):
• Build-your-own-sundae
• Cobbler and coffee
• Easy-as-Pies
• Chocoholics Anonymous
• Sweets for the Sweet
And, when the simulcast’s fun and feast is over, you can immediately plunge into one of Beth’s nearly 20 studies, like the recent James: Mercy Triumphs or the popular Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman.
And it all starts by just jumping online for a quick and user-friendly registration. Go ahead. Do it right now!

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