Women’s Ministry and October Baby

How many of you have faced women in your ministry who have had an abortion or who have experienced some situation that caused much pain and bitterness? Forgiveness of self and others is not easy. We must seek ways to help women heal and to experience restored relationships between them and God and them and others.

Did you get the opportunity to see the movie October Baby? If you missed it in the theatre, it’s coming out this Fall on DVD, but your church can get it now here! What a great way for your church to reach out to the local community by hosting a movie event. Many churches do not know they cannot show a movie legally without a license. It’s true, however, reaching out to the local church and community with a movie night is a great way to reach the unchurched, offer date nights, family nights, support local missions, and build families through biblical truths.

If you are not familiar with is, October Baby is about a college student who is about to take the stage in her first theater production, but before she can utter her first line, she collapses in front of the stunned audience. After countless medical tests, all signs point to one underlying factor: Hannah’s difficult birth. This revelation, however, is nothing compared to what she learns from her parents: she was actually adopted after a failed abortion attempt. Angered and confused, Hannah turns to her friends for support and joins them on a Spring Break road trip, embarking on a journey to discover her hidden past . . . and find hope for her unknown future.


What’s great about hosting a movie night with October Baby, your church or small group can follow up with the four week Bible studies, Every Life Is Beautiful for adults and students. Each study will dig deeper into the issues of the power of secrets, forgiveness, your identity in Christ, and restoration.   You might also want to consider using Surrendering the Secret, by Pat Layton for a study to specifically help women who are post abortive to find healing in a small group setting.

As you seek to reach hurting women, watch for resources that will help you minister more effectively.


Women Reaching Women In Crisis (print or pdf)

Transformed Lives

Surrendering the Secret

Shepherding Hurting Women by Bev Hislop

October Baby study for students & adults

A Trusted Friend When It Matters Most


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