As a Mimi myself, and a women’s small group teacher on Sunday mornings, I so resonate with Margaret Kennedy’s post today. I know it will touch your heart as well as a leader of women.


“Mimi, why do you have on that pretty blue dress?” came the backseat voice of my 4 year old granddaughter.  “Well, I am going to teach the Word of God to some ladies after I take you home.”  Silence. “Are you going to talk in a microphone?”  “Yes, I think so sweet girl.” Another longer silence. Suddenly there came this innocent yet self proclaimed announcement:  “One day when I get to be a big ole Mimi like you, I am going to talk in a microphone and teach the Word of God just like you.” 

Stunned silence.  What a moment.  You see, from that moment on, I have poured the Word into that little girl who is now 17 years old.  For years, she would stand on a stool in my sunroom so that she could see over the top of a podium I purposely put before her, and I would be her audience to sit and listen to the Bible verses she was learning.  Some of them foreign to me!

Know why?  Because that’s how the teacher within me responds when God shows me a learner, another woman who loves His Word, some possible potential in another woman.  The teacher within me grabs the opportunity to pour into that woman so that she will have the courage and believability in herself to pour out His Word. 

Several years ago, I searched for a Bible with a wide margin so that I can record things from the Word that will one day be a rich source of study for my granddaughter.  I am pouring on those pages because already I see that self-prophecy being fulfilled as she is studying the Word and pouring it into young children. 

Though God has raised up and sent at least 3 women from the ladies class I teach to begin classes of their own, it has been way too long since that had happened.  After praying for a year over this, God placed 2 young women before me instructing me to believe in them, provide them the opportunity to “substitute teach” for me.  But God revealed to me that His plans were bigger for these two.  Last week, I invited the girls over to my home, offering them the opportunity to “team teach” alongside of me, assuring them that I was willing to pour into them out of my 36 years of experience. 
Know why?  Because that’s how the teacher within me responds when God shows me a learner and one who loves His Word.  One with whom I can share what God has put within me.  We sat at my kitchen table for 4 hours as gave them the opportunity to tell me what they wanted me to teach them, allowing them to ask me questions, assuring them individually the potential that I saw in them.
Some of you may be thinking:  but I am not a teacher.  I ask you this:  what gifts are within you?  When we pour into the lives of others, stirring up the gifts of others, scripture promises that we ourselves will also be refreshed.                        

Who is that “riding in your backseat?”

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Margaret Kennedy is a Biblical retreat and conference speaker, who also has a call for mentoring young women on her life.  She teaches a ladies class in her local church, which has been aired on a secular station for several years.  She has also had a daily radio program called “Threads of Hope” on a local Christian station.  She has been married to Ross for 18 years, and has 2 grown sons and 5 grandchildren.   She served many years as a LifeWay Ministry Multiplier and co-authored of Heart Friends: Beginning and Maintaining a Small Accountability Group.



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  1. says

    I met Margaret years ago when she spoke at our women’s retreat in VA. We’ve run across each other a few times at LifeWay events. I’ve been teaching Bible study for a number of years now. But, lately I’ve been feeling I’m supposed to pour into young women who want to teach. This blog post was just what I needed to read. I’m encouraged and challenged. I believe God used Margaret to confirm what He wants me to do.

  2. Chris Adams says

    I love me some Margaret too! So good to hear from you, Elaine and to see how God continues to use you to impact the lives of women!

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