Leading Young Women and Connecting the Generations Part 7

This is seventh in a series of posts from a meeting we recently we with a group of women’s ministry leaders and some young women/young women’s leaders together for dialogue.  Read previous posts in this category first!

Other ideas from our group:
·    Encourage your older women to just ask young women, “what are your dreams?” Encourage younger to ask older women the same thing!
·    Encourage younger women to “mentor without commission”.  They don’t need a title or position to minister!  
·    Ask younger women…”what kind of leader do you want to hear from?”
·    Young women need cheerleaders.
·    Ask their opinion and then LISTEN!

It was asked if there is a perception from older women about younger women, that the younger want to start out at the top.   Some thoughts regarding that question:

·    Encourage women to be faithful in small things.  That’s God’s way!  One time I saw a quote that said something like, “what makes you think God will make you a beacon somewhere else if you aren’t willing to be a candle where you are?”  That’s true of all ages of women!
·    Encourage this generation of young women not to give up easily but to move towards perseverance in situations that are tough.  Our culture has taught them they should expect the best, start at the top and that they deserve it all now. Show them what walking in faith daily looks like in contrast to the culture’s influence.

Watch for more posts with excerpts from our meeting!

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