The Art & Science of Marriage

Let’s face it… Marriage gets pretty complicated after the honeymoon is over. To be successful, it takes a little bit of heart, and a little bit of head. A little bit of right brain, a little bit of left brain. A little bit of art, and a little bit of science.
That’s why we’re tickled to tell you about two new marriage resources that address both the art and science of marriage.
First up…
The Art of Marriage: Getting to the Heart of God’s Design
art of marriage.jpgWhether you’re just about to begin your marriage or have been working on your “art” for decades, this study helps you create a masterpiece of a relationship by providing a place to process life and capture thoughts while you learn more about marriage. The study includes small-group discussion questions, mini projects for completion during group meetings, date-night suggestions for couples, articles and tips on improving marriage, and more.
And now for the science…

Biblical Marriage:
Building a Relationship That Will Go The Distance

In a secular culture that seeks to unravel the threads of Christian values and family life, married couples can flourish. All it takes is doing a few things right. Biblical Marriage presents clear plan for building a satisfying relationship that will go the distance, specifically focusing on the roles that husbands and wives in building a fulfilling marriage. This insightful, entertaining, and practical resource is ideal for marriage/family workshops, retreats, weekday studies, individual counseling resource, and couples of all ages.
Now you tell us. How do you use art and science to keep your marriage strong?

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