Devotional Thought: Feelin’ Emotions

“Now this is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you: God is light, and there is absolutely no darkness in Him.” 1 John 1:5
God’s feelings stem from the purest motivations and the most perfect intentions. Because God is always good (1 John 1:5), His emotions flow out of the goodness of who He is.
Sometimes our emotions are off track because we don’t have the right perspective about a situation. For instance, we may become jealous for no reason. But since God knows everything completely, His emotions are always spot-on.
In our culture, emotions are often considered a sign of weakness. For instance, there may be a negative response when men cry. But God, the Creator of the universe, cried. Allowing yourself to feel is often a more courageous response than shutting down your heart and detaching from a situation. Scripture invites us to step into the appropriate emotions of various situation (Romans 12:15).
Scripture also tells us how to feel about good and evil (Romans 12:9). There’s something very powerful about loving goodness and hating evil. God is never apathetic about good or evil, and we are to be like our Father.
God can also feel several different emotions about the same situation–even conflicting emotions. For instance, when we sin, He is angry because we disobeyed. He’s also sad for us because He knows what we’ve chosen will hurt us and leads to consequences. He’s also grieved when we turn from His ways, because it means that we want something more than we want Him or we don’t trust Him to fulfill us. In the midst of it all, He still loves us because He is love, and He will never stop loving us.
Look to God and not to culture for the appropriate way to feel. He is goodness, truth, and beauty, and we should pattern our hearts after His. As you read through Scripture, pay attention to God’s feelings in situations. Let His heart come alive to you through His Word.
This devotional first appeared in Journey daily devotional magazine. For more information on Journey, or to order for you or your church click HERE.

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