Leading Young Women and Connecting the Generations Part 5

This is fifth in a series of posts from a meeting we recently we with a  group of women’s ministry leaders and some young women/young women’s leaders together for dialogue.  Read previous posts in this category first!

Let’s talk Bible study. Here are some thoughts from our meeting between older and younger leaders:

·    They desire open ended questions.

·    Often they just want you to take the Bible and nothing else and study it together.

·    It absolutely MUST be applicable, relevant…something they can take out of the room and use right away.

·    Perhaps they want a more inductive study such as the kind Anne Graham Lotz has written (God’s Story, Vision of His Glory, Pursuing More of Jesus)

·    Don’t give up on hard issues. Be willing to address those things even if you do not know the answers. The young women are not expecting the older women to know it all, just to be willing to help them search to find the answers.

·    Really teach what we believe, and why!  (Watch for Mary Jo Sharp’s study to release in October 2012 called, “Why Do You Believe That”.

Watch for more posts with excerpts from our meeting!


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