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A few weeks ago, we asked small groups studying Beth Moore’s James to send us photos and let us know how it’s going. Here are a few we received.
Liz Stephan of Sebring, FL, sent us this photo of her group. Some of these ladies have been in Bible study together for 24 years!
Liz shares, “One of the greatest blessings for me happened at the end of the James study. Beth helped us see how very hard it must have been for James to experience Jesus’ ministry, thinking He was out of His mind, not believing in Him as Messiah, and then going through his brother’s arrest and execution very suddenly. Beth made us think about how very difficult it must have been for James to have things end so ‘messy.’ But then after the resurrection, Jesus appeared to James, and what a difference that reunion made in the life of James! The week the study ended, my husband’s estranged sister died in another state. Cleaning up after a sudden death in another state wasn’t all that easy, but it was a great comfort to me to realize that even Jesus’ own family had some messy, loose ends. James really came alive to me as a person during the course of the study, and I really enjoyed both Beth and Melissa’s lessons.”
Our second photo is from Carrie Allen of Liberty Lake, WA.
Carrie says, “Happy to share! Here’s a picture of our small group that met on Tuesday nights at a local coffee shop, Twisp, in Liberty Lake, WA, to study James with Beth Moore.” The study was hosted by Liberty Lake Community Church where Carrie’s husband is assistant pastor.
And last, but not least, Chelsea Via from Wingo, KY, sent this pic:
Wingo Baptist James Bible Study 2012.jpg
Chelsea shares, “God did a mighty work in all of our lives through this study! Praise the Lord!! One of our Bible study gals, named Valerie, has already memorized and quoted the entire Book of James! Valerie first blessed me by quoting the entire Book of James to me personally, and then she blessed many people as she quoted the entire Book of James before the congregation at our church. She quoted it completely from her heart. It gave me glorious God bumps hearing her quote it. I could totally feel the presence of the Lord as she quoted it. God showed up in a mighty way, and many women testified to how the Lord worked in their own lives through this Bible study. All praise and glory to the Lord!”
Wow! We love hearing about these amazing things happening all over the country. And Valerie, we are very impressed with you! While we weren’t holding a contest, out of all of our submissions Valerie is the only one who memorized the entire Book of James. Because of that, we are going to send her small group a special LifeWay Women surprise.
Thanks everyone for participating!!


  1. Chelsea Via says

    Bless your hearts! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to share this with all my Bible study gals at church tomorrow!

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