Leading Young Women and Connecting the Generations Part 4

This is fourth in a series of posts from a meeting we recently we with a  group of women’s ministry leaders and some young women/young women’s leaders together for dialogue.  Read previous posts in this category first!

In regards to special events, we must re-think how and why we do them.  Here are some comments from the young women in our group:

·    We don’t really want events; we want worship experiences for women.

·    Coffee shop style works great. (coffee, chat & chocolate is a great combination!)

·    One had an event called Girl Friend Rendezvous to discuss real life issues.

·    It was suggested to have leader retreats a couple of times a year to plan for young women’s activities.

·    They aren’t really impressed necessarily with big name speakers as they are with more intimate access to the speakers you DO have. Many don’t just want to sit in a huge venue with lots of women unless they also can get more “up close and personal”.

·    They love having men speak to women as well, sharing what is going on in the heads of the men.

·    Worship is not really personality driven for them, but what draws is whether or not it’s authentic worship.

·    The topic for the event is very important in making a decision whether or not to attend.

·    They are looking from fresh teaching, not a “canned” message.

·    They are also drawn in when the speaker or worship leader brings a missional element to the platform. I.E. human trafficking ministry, setting slaves free around the world, etc.

·    They are looking for opportunities to “sit and share” instead of “sit and soak”.

Watch for more posts with excerpts from our meeting!


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    Thanks for the good info on what young women are thinking! I have found lots of interest in henna parties, up close and personal story sharing with a prayer element for lost and trafficked women. Selah also has the latest music video on line @ our website with the story of a young woman in Central Asia who became a sister in Christ in spite of her mother’s treat to cut her off if she followed Jesus. This is the real world for many young women!

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