Malachi Sneak Peek

malachi cover low res.jpgEarlier this month, Lisa Harper’s Malachi: A Love that Never Lets Go released. The title for her first session is “When Your Tara’s Trashed and Your Dog Is Dead.” With a title like that, you know it’s going to be good. Here’s an excerpt from the first session in the member book:
July 4, 2004, was a very bad day. I had just experienced a breakup in a serious dating relationship, so I went over to my friend Kim’s house to help her with some household projects and take my mind off my romantic disaster. However, when I was in her garage installing shelves, the ladder I was perched precariously on slipped and crashed, taking me with it to the unyielding cement floor 12 feet below.
I knocked myself out for a few seconds and, when I came to, immediately began interviewing myself mentally: “Can I move my arms and legs?” Yes. “Do I have any bones poking through skin?” No. “Am I bleeding?” Yes. “Am I bleeding a lot?” Yes. “Is
anything beginning to swell?” Yes. “Am I thinking clearly?” Sort of.
About that time…

To read the rest of the story, click HERE, scroll down to “samples” and click on the “Product Sample” PDF download.
Tune in on Friday to see a hi-larious blooper reel from the Malachi taping, and for FREE Friday!

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