Leading Young Women and Connecting the Generations Part 3

This is third in a series of posts from a meeting we recently we with a  group of women’s ministry leaders and some young women/young women’s leaders together for dialogue.  Read previous posts in this category first!

Young adults today desire to make a difference in their world and are investing in all kinds of non-profit humanitarian groups.  Here are some thoughts to keep in mind:

·    Young women are tithing to these social justice organizations because these groups are doing what they want their churches to do.

·    Social justice is an open door to reaching the lost.

·    “We want to sustain people, we want to give them water, but we need to also give them the living water.”  The big difference in social justice that is done through the church is that it doesn’t stop as meeting physical needs. We must help young women connect the two.

·    People don’t follow a vision, they follow people with a vision. Dream big and allow young women to help you dream it!  As leaders, we must cast a vision that God has given us an act as a catalyst for others.

Watch for more posts with excerpts from our meeting!

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    This is so true. I had a women’s ministry leadership team meeting just last week and my one 20-something gal was expressing these same sentiments in very personal terms. She encouraged us to plan events with purpose. She wanted to do something at every event to help others. One great way to do this, is to at least have a collection of some sort at every event. For instance, at our Breakfast & Books event where we all meet to discuss the various books we read this summer, we’ll collect school supplies for an elementary teacher’s classroom. Or you could collect coffee and supplies for your crisis pregnancy center when your group hosts a coffee house type of event. Of course, we can’t just get into the habit of collecting things and not DOING something. But it’s a start and a step in the right direction for reaching and including these younger women.

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