Women’s Ministry Q/A #32: How Many Women’s Events Should You Have?

Recently at a YOU Lead women’s leadership training, we had a panel of leaders answering questions submitted by attendees. Several past and upcoming posts address those and try to help answer them. 


Today’s question:  How many women’s events should a church have each year?

There is not an easy one size fits all answer for this question. First of all we need to address the issue of why you have events? Is it just because you always have had them? Is it because you need to fill a calendar with activities for women? Or is it because there is a need that you can meet through this event?

SO, before you plan any event at any time, decide: What is the purpose of this event? And does it support our women’s  ministry purpose (which also support the churches mission overall). If you don’t know the answers, DO NOT plan an event!

Do these things instead:
·    Pray and ask God why you would need an event.
·    Look at your women to discover the needs that aren’t being met by ongoing ministry and small groups.
·    Ask God which of those unmet needs you should consider meeting through an event.
·    Seek women who have a passion for meeting this need.
·    Then progress into the other steps of planning an event. Check out this post for more details on planning an event, or this post or see Women Reaching Women.

Stop planning events that do not meet a need, reach the lost or have eternal impact. Make sure the events you do plan (one, two, three, or zero a year) are Holy Spirit inspired and planned only as God directs.

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