Leading Young Women and Connecting the Generations Part 2

This is the second in a series of posts from a mee4ting we recently we with a  group of women’s ministry leaders and some young women/young women’s leaders together for dialogue.  Read part 1 first!

·    Young women want to hear the “stories’ of older women’s lives.

·    Younger women want older women to seek them out and initiate a relationship with them. “If an older woman would come along beside me and hold my hand (not in front or behind me), you will encourage me to write a better story.

·    Help older women understand they have something to offer just by being there with young women!

·    Find the “core” where we connect. At that point, age doesn’t matter!

·    Just begin a dialogue between your generations!  The women in the room with us these days for the meeting indicated that our communication and open honest discussions were not the norm in the church! Let’s make them the norm.

Watch for more posts with excerpts from our meeting!

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