Free Friday

Top 10 reasons to celebrate Friday:
10. You get to sleep late tomorrow
9. Pizza day at work or hamburger day at school
8. 4 days of work are behind you
7. Rush hour traffic usually isn’t as bad on Friday
6. It’s family night..crank up the DVD player and watch a movie
5. All the kids will be in a good mood
4. You might get to leave work early today
3. It’s the end of the week, celebrate. Treat yourself to eating out.
2. Only 2 more days and it’s SUNDAY
That’s right! did you catch #1. We’re giving away 10 member books to our Radical Small Group Bible Study. If you missed my post from earlier this week, check out the blog entry from Wednesday.
All you have to do is be one of the first ten ladies to leave a comment and tell us what your favorite bible study has been and we’ll send you this newest LifeWay release.
Don’t hesitate, time’s a wastin!


  1. Diane says

    I have really loved Believing God by Beth Moore. It was so impactful at the time and has really stuck with me.

  2. Julie says

    Several come to mind, however I think that ‘The Patriarchs’ by Beth Moore helped me to understand so much about the early history of faith. ‘Brave’ by Angela Thomas is another one that helped with some personal challenges. LifeWay continues to be the frontrunner in putting materials together for all ages, not just saying that for this promotion. Your hardwork and perseverance is greatly appreciated!

  3. Andrea Tripp says

    Hands Down:
    Discerning The Voice Of God – Pricilla Shirer!!!!!!!
    Love Kelly Minter, Beth Moore and Mary Casian too

  4. Andrea Tripp says

    Hands Down:
    Discerning The Voice Of God – Pricilla Shirer!!!!!!!
    Love Kelly Minter, Beth Moore and Mary Casian too

  5. Connie says

    I started doing Beth Moore Bible Studies in 2008 and have loved every one of them. The Patriarchs is the last one our group completed and I think it is my favorite. Daniel was also wonderful.

  6. To Know Him says

    I am probably too late to be a winner, but I would love to win this study. The first study I did was To Live is Christ by Beth Moore, and that changed the way I viewed Jesus… I love it…

  7. Janae K. says

    Absolutely LOVED James and excitd to do Nehemiah this summer with the Siesta group online. Thank you for always having great studies that keep us in the Word.

  8. Melanie Grace says

    My favorite as of today falls in a tie between Beth Moore’s James Mercy Triumphs and
    Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah. Both excellant. I eencourage others to experience them both.

  9. Meghan B says

    My favorite study is Jesus the One and Only by Beth Moore. It is impossible to delve that deep into scripture about our Lord and Savior and not be changed for ever.

  10. Annette says

    Picking a favorite would be hard but I have to say A Woman’s Heart-God’s Dwelling Place is pretty close. Did it twice and so appreciated what it taught me each time. Really also loved No Other God’s by Kelly Minter.

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