Next Generation Women’s Ministry Leaders

As leaders we are constantly seeking how to raise up leaders. I hear this at most of our conferences and we address this at all of our YOU Lead training events. I read a great blog this past week by Cheryl Lee Davis entitled  Next Generation Leaders  so why don’t you pop over there to read her thoughts.

Now, evaluate the women’s ministry team  you currently lead. How are you doing on the issues Cheryl mentioned?

Team: are you bending to the younger women? Are you listening to them and engaging them in serving alongside you?

Social: are you connected socially? If not, you are missing out on MANY connections with this generation. Ask them to show you how to get involved in social media.

Real: Are you showing young women who you REALLY are?  Scars and all? Fears and failures along with successes?

Flexible: Are you offering various ways to serve in addition to long term commitment? Short term, perhaps only one project at a time that lasts a few weeks? Perhaps only a day?  What would God want you to change to open more doors for serving?

Work Hard, Play Harder: Do you invest in playing with your team? We need time for recreation and fun, and doing it with your leadership team truly does bond you all!

Family: Family is highly valued in this young generation. They are not willing to sacrifice family for jobs, church, or many other commitments. Many will always put family first. Are you offering some opportunities for children to be included (not always, just sometimes) or even the entire family?

Work Has Meaning: Are you showing them how this investment truly is Kingdom focused and eternal in nature? Do they see it as something that they cannot do alone, but together they can leave the world a better place then they came into?

Well, how did your team do? What changes do you need to make in your ministry to make sure it’s relevant and available for this younger generation.

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