Ministers’ Wives…Guard Unity!

Guest blogger, Jennifer Landrith is the wife of David  who serves as the senior pastor at Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, Tennessee, where they have been for 13 years.  She shares with ministry wives the essential need for unity in the body of Christ.

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Ephesians 4:3 – “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

I have been a pastor’s wife for over 20 years.  The first church we went to had gone through a split prior to us going.  After a time of healing, they were excited to see young children running around and new life in the place.  The second church we went to had been through a “split” or “friendly separation” depending upon whom you ask.  After a year of healing, they too were healthy and ready to grow.  All of the previous staff had left and started a new congregation so feelings of betrayal and fears were present in trusting leadership again. 

I didn’t go through the times of disunity but I saw the “after affects” and they were not pretty.  There were always those that seemed to never recover from these difficult times.  Riding down the road with a church member, I was told,  “That is where Mr. White lives and he hasn’t gone to church since the business meeting” or” Mrs. Denney lives there and she left very bitter.” Over time, I saw some came back, some went other places and still others never attended. The way people acted during these times had to affect people’s view of God and God’s people.  They are accountable for themselves but I wonder how some might have turned out if they had not witnessed such a time of disharmony with the church?  Disunity always leaves scars.

Unity is precious!!  The gold at Fort Knox is guarded by many soldiers and in a deep vault and it would take layers of people and security systems to get through to get to it.  It should be this way at church and in the Christian community.   It should take layers to go through before unity can be broken.  We need to guard against disunity. Unity is a hill to die on because when we don’t have it, we are showing the world an inaccurate picture of a loving God who has transformed lives.

Dear sisters, let us make every effort to bring peace whether that is in our marriages, our parenting, our church or our workplace. Unity is precious so guard it and fight for it because it is worth it to present an accurate portrayal of Christ to a lost and dying world!

Jennifer and  David  have three children, Rachel, Sam and Josh.  Jennifer serves on the Women’s Leadership team and teaches Bible studies for women in her church.  She is a LifeWay Ministry Multiplier, conference leader helping ministers’ wives and co-authored the Bible study for ministers’ wives, In Our Shoes: Real Life Issue for Ministers’ Wives by Ministers’ Wives.  She has been a minister’s wife for over 20 years and has a passion for encouraging other wives in ministry as they serve.

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